October 7, 2010

The Wishlist Elite Eight

If the last entry on The Wishlist Police was a downer, focus on the best items you CAN get on your Wishlist... and get as many of them as possible. Put them on your Wishlist and occasionally a Red Mystery Bag will deliver one, or a Mafia member you've helped in a war or mission will throw one your way.

Here are your Wishlist Elite Eight, broken down by category:

WEAPONS: Railgun (Weapons Depot) and Titanium Katar (Bangkok Ep. 7)

VEHICLES: Hunter 'Spy' XS (Chop Shop) and Mugati Sport (Chop Shop)

ARMOR: Ninja (Bangkok Ep. 6) and Royal Thai Marine (Bangkok Ep. 7)

None of the items from the Armory can be on your Wishlist, gifted, or traded. You can purchase better Armor in the Bangkok Faction Store with the Yakuza Assassin (50 attack) and Shaolin Bodyguard (51 defense).

ANIMALS: Chain Viper (Bangkok Ep. 7) and the Forest Scorpion (Bangkok Ep. 4).

You can purchase better Animals on attack and defense in the Bangkok Faction Store, with the Banded Krait (51 attack) and the Xiamen Tiger (52 defense)... and the Rhinoceros (54 defense) drops randomly from fights in Bangkok.

(There had been mention of an Animal Factory, to round out the Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and Armory... but I shudder to think of what PARTS we would be collecting to build these super Animals).


Fittingly enough, five of the Wishlist Elite Eight drop from Bangkok jobs, as the Wishlist Police arrived just as the Las Vegas loot was getting good. Fortunately, as you do jobs in Bangkok to obtain these items, you will earn the millions of Thai Baht (B$) necessary to purchase even better items from the Faction Store.

You should collect as many of these items as possible so that they become your LOWEST ranking loot in your top 501 in each category (especially the 5 that you can obtain from Bangkok jobs). The high end loot from Boss fights, Secret Missions, Declare War, Las Vegas, Dublin, and completed episodes from Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok will be near the top.

Little by little, building the new, higher-level items in your Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and Armory will round out the middle. (You can always check your top 501 attack items in each category by clicking the "Show All Items Used" link at the bottom of the screen after a fight in any city):
While the drop Loot from Vegas Districts 6, 7, and 8 have better stats, and the jobs have a higher XP:Energy ratio, the Bangkok drop Loot has a much better drop rate. If you stayed on Bronze or Silver level in Vegas 6, 7, and/or 8 (as a wise blogger once suggested), you should load up on THOSE items instead of Bangkok items. But if you're done/almost done Vegas, make sure you round out your arsenal with the Bangkok drop loot.

If you have 501 Mafia members (and you should...), a reasonable goal is to get enough of the Elite Eight so that your Mafia's Attack and Defense numbers - without the Skill Point add-on -reaches 100,000.

I suspect once we arrive in Italy later this month, those numbers will get higher...

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  1. Unfortunately, I have noticed in the last few months that the drop rate on Bangkok items has dropped substantially. I have often spent over 5000 energy on a single loot job in Bangkok without a single loot item dropping. The drop rates for Bangkok before Las Vegas was rolled out were much, much higher.

  2. Seeing that Red Mystery bags drop an occasional wishlist item I added the 3 items I am lacking from the Daily Chance Collection. I have always had one or two of them in there but the random wishlist item has always been that other item. Ever since I made all 3 items from that collection I have not received the wishlist bonus. Can I actually complete that collection this way (I did manage to finish the Vegas Matchbooks with this method) or do I need to switch them out for items on this elite 8 list instead?

  3. Should set up a boycott of the game till all those items that should be tradable become tradable.

  4. Can't get Daily Chance collection via wishlist, but should be easy enough to trade for them. Their value has gone down significantly.

  5. so mystery bags can't drop daily chance items or diamonds, but can it drop tournament collection items??

  6. can you tell me why forest scorpions on the wishlist, because they are very weak for me... 37def??????

  7. hello why do we need forest scorpions for???