October 1, 2010

Wishlist Gifts & Boosts by E-Mail

About once a day. I get an e-mail indicating that one of my Mafia sent me a gift on my Wishlist.

This feature is active only if you have gone through all 5 stages of Zynga's requested set-up. If you have Mafia Wars e-mails blocked in your Facebook settings, you won't see these e-mails.

While it is easier to get your gifts from within Mafia Wars through the envelope in the upper right corner of your screen, this feature has its benefits:

The bonus varies but is often a mini-boost for Energy or Stamina. This bonus feature also is available if you receive and accept a friend request by e-mail instead of right through Facebook:

While this particular bonus was nothing to break out in song about, accepting gifts and friend requests by e-mail (when you see them there) is worth the roll of the dice - you will always end up with something more than you started with.

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