October 20, 2010

Wishlist Loot: The Final Four

Once Las Vegas loot could go to your Wishlist, 8 drop items - known as the Wishlist Elite Eight - were elevated to the top of the class in terms of attack and defense stats, as reviewed in this recent post.

A long standing debate involves whether the better strategy in collecting loot is:

[1] Build up your overall attack and defense stats, into the 110,000+ range by getting 501 of every item on the Elite Eight (or a few less, since some boss and challenge items from each category have higher stats)...

[2] ...or building up your "core" stats by getting 501 of the four items (one Weapon, one Armor, one Vehicle, and one Animal) that have the most COMBINED attack and defense stats. Colin did an excellent analysis of what it takes to win the Vegas tournaments in this post.

If you subscribe to theory [2], then this post's for you. The Wishlist Final Four are the best COMBINED-STAT items in each category, which are:


Honorable Mention: Goldsmobile (95), Day Rider 2K (95)


Honorable Mention: Ripper Assault Rifle (87), Plasma Rifle (87), Arcturion Assault Rifle (86)


Honorable Mention: Cooling Vest (92), Ares Power Armor (91)


Honorable Mention: Bighorn (90), Gila Monster (84)


Given that the Wishlist Final Four are all part of the Elite Eight, it's not like you have to choose one set of items of the other. It's a question of which items you are trying to get the most of, if you trade or put on your Wishlist.

And the answer, truly depends on whether you are a fighter or a boxer - that is, whether you use your stats in the fights available in each city, to collect Victory Coins, Fight Club levels, and drop loot, or whether you use your stats in the Vegas fighting tournaments every four hours to collect belts, rings, trophies, drop loot - and the best available Stamina:XP ratio in the game (more on this in a future post).

Of course, you can do both. But if you are focused on winning the Vegas fight tournaments, especially the Heavyweight tournament, then loading up on Ballista Missile Launchers at the expense of other vehicles - is actually going to hold you back. Why? Because the 62 attack is coupled with a paltry 17 defense, for 79 points.

For combined stats, the Ballista - which is the least frequent drop in District 8 - is actually the WORST vehicle in high-level Vegas. You're better off with the Foo Fighter (96), Goldsmobile (95), X-22 Peregrine (87) Performance Sports Car (85), or Amphiquad (82). None of these Vehicles have the most attack or defense points - but all have better combined stats than the Vehicle with the best attack stat.

Food for thought...
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  1. Spot on analysis as usual. I, however, just can't bring myself to tailor my game to tournaments until they become more predictable. I am past the point of bewilderment when I go into a tourney 1:1 and lose to some 10:1 in the second round of reginals. I know how it works, but it's just too random for my tastes…and now that I have all the trophs, rings and belts, it is an afterthought, not a priority.

    That being said, as of now, all of the items you have listed are, I believe, also the highest-rated job loot drop in their respective areas (defensive vehicle, defensive weapon, offensive armor, offensive animal) so you cannot go wrong with any of them. For now, I have the Ballista (along with the Foo and the R&O) on my wishlist because it is SO rare (I've dropped maybe 5 while the wishlist has brought me an equal number in FAR fewer tries).

    Of course, all of this goes out the window with Italy, but it never hurts to have a strong base going in and a good pool of tradable strength…

  2. I agree with the above response. I don't think it is worthwhile to pursue tournaments because Italy requires so much resources just to progress.

    I've noticed that the loots in Italy are just a bit better than Vegas, but on par with mission jobs. Italy just presents another opportunity to improve to the 60+ loot stats with a potential of 140k att/def stats at a minimum target versus 130k with Vegas and mission jobs. These are just rough estimates only.

  3. Italy region 1 Ruby Di Rossi's Shotgun stat:
    107 att / 69 def

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  5. So.. I should hazard to guess that the two posters talking about Italy drop loot are at Platinum loyalty and therefore have access to Italy?

  6. Although Platinum and Diamond players get automatic access to beta releases, Zynga allows Gold and others beta access as well. Italy is not exclusive to those that spend real money.

  7. Could you please post on how would you get those top items?

  8. Please can you tell me how I see a list of my top items used in attack and defense?