October 16, 2010

A Worthy Cause: HDSA Team Hope Walk

You've probably seen this banner on Mafia Wars lately:

To help raise funds for research into the cure for Huntington's Disease, Zynga has teamed up with Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) in support of its Team Hope Walk event.

Mafia Wars is giving players the War Wagon, a 77/43 vehicle, for 35 Reward Points.

While I've previously picked at the *game-playing* value of the Marketplace's Featured Items on this blog, Zynga's fundraising efforts for research to cure Huntington's Disease is commendable and deserves consideration. This was my first Marketplace purchase in over a year of playing Mafia Wars.

Your purchase also triggers a warm thank you from HDSA:

If you've got a stash of RPs, or just want to help a great cause and get a better vehicle than anything available in Vegas or your Chop Shop - consider supporting the HDSA/Team Hope effort. You can buy 35 RPs for about $6 or $7 on Mafia Wars. Last March, Zynga raised $100,000 for HDSA in a 5-day fundraiser like the one going on this weekend.

For more information on HDSA and Huntington's disease, please see HDSA's website, http://www.hdsa.org/ - which features a story on the Mafia Wars fundraising drive. Learn a little about Huntington's Disease - a degenerative brain disorder - and you may be persuaded to pick up a War Wagon and help a worthy cause.

Kudos to Zynga for this effort. I am always impressed to see charitable efforts from profitable companies. Even in the context of Mafia Wars - a fun game where we team up with others for our collective benefit - the HDSA drive is a reminder that there are bigger things out there that truly make us a community.

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  1. Sorry for being the eternal pessimist, but note how it says "100% of _net_ proceeds". This means that there will be a deduction for "administrative fees" or "maintenance". Given my impression of them, that's at least half the $.

    I got one anyway, because 1) I had a ton of RP 2) it was a great item 3) it was for a good cause, however little it was