October 2, 2010

Zynga Poker Challenge Returns...Sort Of

Zynga has added a new cross-promotion between Mafia Wars and Poker. It's a bit different - and more challenging - than the previous Poker promotion.

10 hired guns are a great way to add to your Mafia if you aren't at 501 yet. And either way, 5 attack points are always welcome - like leveling once for free. But the rewards pale in comparison to the old Zynga Poker promotion.

Previously, Mafia Wars players who played Zynga Poker could earn - on a daily basis - a full stamina refill or 5 Reward Points - just for winning 3 hands in a poker game. That promotion made leveling even easier, since a stamina refill could earn you thousands of experience points when timed correctly. Zynga ended that promotion in September. Oh, how I wept.

If the new promotion indeed requires you to level up three times in Poker, it will get harder and harder to get the bonus. Like Mafia Wars, leveling up in Zynga Poker requires more accomplishments (winning poker hands) as you obtain each new level.

Unlike Mafia Wars, however, winning a poker hand gets you the same amount of points at each level - so leveling up take a LOT longer as you go. For beginners, 3 levels (or 5) will go quickly... but if you've played for a while, 3 levels can take a week.


As part of the old Poker promotion, and apparently in the renewed promotion, you can also earn two exclusive weapons...

...as well as two achievments.

You can also access the promotion by clicking on the "exploding aces" when they appear in your Home Screen top bar. In the graphic below, the promotion icon is between the Lucky Stash slot machine and the Mafia Wars Live update icon.

When you click on the promotion, you will be taken to Zynga Poker in a new browser. Like Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker is free... with plently of opportunities to buy things. You'll see the screen below when you get to Poker.


When you've earned a Mafia Wars reward in Zynga Poker, I suggest you accept it immediately, rather than choosing the option of "Collect Later." When I selected the latter option under the old promotion, I often had search for a long time to find the Poker icon in Mafia Wars to do claim my reward.


Even if the rewards are lower and the achievement is harder than in the prior Poker promotion, this is good news - because I've really missed those nights with one browser open to Mafia Wars and the other to Zynga Poker... with my wife's divorce lawyer banging on our door.

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  1. Well, 10 Mafia Members == 9 reward points => better reward :P

  2. impossible...i'm at level 14 due to me mining for stamina refills. Level 3 times!!!?? That's about 1500 experience and at 3 experience per winning hand....that's about 500 hands that I would have to play at the minimum.

  3. You should keep copy of promotion link for any other game which gives daily bonus in mafia wars. Link works for any other account as well.

  4. There was a link circulated where you could get this reward on a click. I used it and it worked. Don't know if Zynga has fixed this bug yet...