November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Free Reward Points

Mafia Wars is repeating last weekend's 3 days of free Reward Points -1 per day per player

I'll try to update each day. This works as of Thursday night/Friday AM. Happy Thanksgiving!


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November 23, 2010

Mafia Wars - Atlantic City

Back in September, I wrote about Mafia Wars: Atlantic City when it first became available on mobile devices.

Now you can access Atlantic City from most mobile devices... and from your desktop or laptop ... by clicking Go to Atlantic City or pasting into your browser. You'll see this welcome screen:

The best thing about Atlantic City is the ability to collect from properties in all 6 cities at once, rather than going city by city within Mafia Wars. Under 'Properties', you'll see a screen like this:

If a City has a green 'Collect' button under, you can click it to collect from the 'ready' properties in that City. The money and parts you collect will not go into your bank or vault, but it won't be left in your properties to be robbed either.

That may be the only redeeming feature of Atlantic City. The rest of the city is divided into two "mission", entitled Atlantic City Chapter 1 and Atlantic City Chapter 2.

Both Chapters have 6 jobs. each with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ruby levels. The jobs do not form a cohesive pattern, as in Italy's Regions. Rather, they have generic names like "Gun Down a Rival Outfit" and "Meet With Local Crime Lords." Having grown up in Philadelphia and spent literally hundreds of weekends in the real Atlantic City, I can assure you that there are far more colorful things going on there.

While you complete the jobs, the graphics look like this... and ONLY this:

You yellow meter tracks your progress towards completion. You earn Vegas dollars and the occasional low-level Vegas loot item - the highest being the Femme Fatale. The XP:Energy ratio is pretty low - topping out at 1.46 XP per Energy point - so Atlantic City is hardly the place to level up. You get 6% mastery each time you do a job, meaning you will need to do 102 jobs to complete Bronze level.

After you complete all 6 jobs at Bronze level, you will see some eye-popping graphics (for Atlantic City):

Then you do the same 6 jobs at Silver and Gold levels. You get one Skill Point for completing each job to 100% Mastery, but nothing at the end of each level... except the chance to go to the next level.

Silver level gets you 5% mastery each time you do a job (total: 120 jobs), while Gold gets you 4% mastery (total: 150 jobs). And the jobs are not cheap, in terms of Energy required to do each one.

Ruby level is a complete drain on your Energy. You get 2% mastery each time you do part of the 6 jobs, which range from 54 to 171 Energy points per click - and you'll have to click on each job 50 times to complete it (total: 300 jobs). It takes 35,550 Energy to complete Ruby level alone. I'd like to see the Energy account that can quickly conquer that.

When you finish the 6 jobs at Ruby level, you receive the Automatic .22 (105A/99D). This is certainly a nice Weapon, but hardly worth the tens of thousands of Energy points used earning it.

Atlantic City - Chapter 2 offers an even nicer reward (the Bullet 44 OET, a Vehicle with 99A/116D stats). Even with my high-level OCD, I just can't see spending the better part of 100,000 Energy points to get through the 4 levels of 6 jobs just for one car.

The ability to collect from all your Properties at once - whether you're at a computer or not - is the real genius of Mafia Wars: Atlantic City.

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November 21, 2010

Top 4 Mission Loot Items...and How to Get MORE

With everyone going crazy doing Mission after Mission to collect the extremely-difficult Mission Collection items... may notice four outstanding Mission Rewards coming up - one apiece in the Weapon, Armor, Animal, and Vehicle categories. Let's think of these as "Mission Loot" in the same vein as Fight Loot and Italy Village Port Loot

The top 4 Mission Loot pieces have stats superior to top Fight Loot and Vegas Loot. Unlike Italy Loot and Port Loot, these Mission Loot pieces can (currently) be traded, making them even more valuable. While Port Loot offers better stats, you can only get one per day without spending RPs.

Get these Mission Loot items on your Wishlist now, with the links below.

Remember - top Vegas Loot was originally able to be added to your Wishlist (and traded). Mafia Wars suddenly removed that feature, so if you didn't already have Foo Fighters and Bighorns on your Wishlist, you had to wait over a month before they became tradeable again. Don't let that happen with the Mission Loot.

As to the top four Mission Loot items:

*Grim Reaper* (Vehicle)
67A/51D = 118 total

The Grim Reaper edges out the Ballista Missile Launcher (62A) as the top Attack Vehicle that can be added to your Wishlist. It also ties the Phantasm (67A, Fight Loot) in Attack stats... but you can't trade/gift/Wishlist a Phantasm yet.

*Z17 Micro* (Weapon)
69A/45D = 114 total

Currently, the Arcturion Assault Rifle (59A) is the best Attack Weapon you can get on your Wishlist. The Z17 Micro beats it by 10 points... and beats the non-Wishlist-able M45 Overcast (66A, Fight Loot) by 3 points.

*Coyote* (Animal)
37A/64D = 101 total

The Coyote equals the Bighorn (64D) as the best Defense Animal on your Wishlist.

*Grip Gloves* (Armor)
41A/66D = 107 total

So long to the Cooling Vest (61D) as your best Defense Armor for trade/gift/Wishlist purposes.

**How to get Mission Loot on your Wishlist**

First, make sure you have a space free on your Wishlist, which can only hold 3 items. The Wishlist below has one space open:

Second, if you have any of these items, find one on your Inventory/Loot list and simply click Add To Wishlist. (Use the CTRL-F feature to type in the item's name and locate it within the 1,000+ items).

It will then be on your Wishlist:

Third - If you DON'T have one of the items above (you can see I don't have a Coyote), you can add them to your Wishlist with the links below. Remember - you must have a free spot, and you can only put 3 of these 4 items on your Wishlist at most.

Why have these Mission Loot items on your Wishlist? After all, no one is going to GIVE these to you - it's not like putting an Untraceable Cell Phone on your Wishlist. But here are two reasons:

--IF Mafia Wars removes the 'Add to Wishlist' button next to these, you'll still be able to gift, receive, and trade these valuable items. If they're not on your Wishlist at that time, you won't.

--These items drop from Red Mystery Bags, and perhaps from Mystery Shipments and Secret Drops once you're over your daily limit. You can gain a nice trickle of high-stat items.

Once Serial Assassins is over, you can use your Free Gift list to firebomb your Mafia with Red Mystery Bags and wait for them to return. And you can always get access to more Italy Village upgrade parts here and here.

The job-drop Loot from Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 will likely have better stats than these four Mission Loot items, but we don't know when those Regions will go live, and when those items will be able to be added to your Wishlist. So these are your best Mafia Wars tradeable Loot items, in each category (in terms of highest single Attack or Defense stat), right now.

Thanks to JS and LP for the info and JP for the Coyote/Grip Gloves screen shots.

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November 20, 2010

Mission *Collection* - Which Missions Have Which Items?

Mafia Wars unveiled a new Collection today. You'll find it under a new menu in your Collections page, on the right, entitled "Mission":

There are 7 items to collect.

The reward for vaulting is among the nicest I've seen for any Collection: a total of 40 upgrade points and a nice Armor piece:

Where are the Mission Collection items? I found the Stick Shift Grip available as a Rare Reward in the 6-person, Hard level Mission 'Transport the Uranium'

When you click on 'See the Rewards', you'll see the Stick Shift Grip. Going to be tough to get any one of these, much less all seven.

The Fake Identity Collection piece... an Uncommon Reward in this 7-person Mission.

Other Collection items are found in these Missions:

Blasting Caps - Truck Hijacking (Uncommon Reward - EASY Mission)

Code Breaker - Bank Robbery (Uncommon Reward - MEDIUM Mission)

Earbud Shade - Steal a Dockyard Shipment (Uncommon Reward)

Mook Jong - Bribe the Government (Rare reward)

Sniper Scope - Bribe a Contact (Rare reward - EASY Mission)

The Collection will be a true challenge to round up, as many pieces are long-shot Rewards in the more difficult-to-complete 6- and 7-member Missions. So Mission leaders - make sure you get your Missions complete once you post them!

So now you have a reason to do certain Easy and Medium Missions, which were being passed over regularly beforehand. I haven't yet located the Collection items as Rewards in the drop-dead useless Holiday Traffic Missions.

These Collection items are *HARD* to find. I've led or participated in about 20 Missions since the Collection started and have not once gotten a Collection piece. I have gotten a lot of "Mission Loot" items with great stats AND the ability to Wishlist them.

The first Mission Collection piece I got - as pointed out by a reader below - was through the Daily Take. I'm happy for the charity, given my .000 batting average in Missions this weekend.

The second Collection piece I got ALSO didn't come from a Collection - instead, it came from clicking on a GREEN "Claim Prize" links on my Facebook newsfeed. Usually, no matter how fast I click on these, I am told that I am too late to collect a prize. But today I saw this:

I was still batting .000 in getting Mission Collection items after completing about 45 missions... yet was slowly working my way towards vaulting the Collection with these charitable donations. And there are four VERY nice "Mission Loot" items that have top stats AND drop from Mystery Bags if they're on your Wishlist. So I'll keep trying.

Eventually I won a Stick Shift Grip - the easiest of the 7 Collection items to earn (since the most common job is 'Transport Stolen Uranium'. I traded some Weapon Parts for the Mook Jong since I barely ever saw the 'Bribe the Government' job come up. At that point, I had 6 of the 7 Collection items.

The Sniper Scope is the toughest of the seven items to win, judging by the trading boards. I've seen one 'sell' for 850 Weapon Parts and another for 16 Foo Fighters. And - a week after getting my Fake Identity - here's how I got mine:

Don't trade away your kingdom for these items. The Daily Take will fill them out for you if you're patient. Of course, on my very next mission, I won a second pair of Earbud Shades. Duplicates of the Mission Collection items are easy to trade for the remaining items you need, or other Mafia Wars loot.

While you're completing Missions to unearth these 7 items, you'll also pick up four outstanding "Mission Loot" items (click to see separate post). Even if you don't have any of them yet, you can get them in your Wishlist and collect them from Red Mystery Bags.

The new Mission Collection certainly infuses life into the Missions, which were headed towards flickering flame status.

Thanks to JS and MV for the tips.

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1 Free Reward Point Weekend


Want a free Reward Point? Just click the link

This weekend, Mafia Wars will post a new link each day, so watch for the links on your Facebook news feed or on this blog.

Might as well get as many RPs as you can before the release of Italy Region 6, 7, and 8 so you can buy extra Energy refills and plow through to the end!

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November 19, 2010

Holiday Traffic (Accident) Missions

The Holiday Traffic Missions are live tonight, but completely underwhelming. A peek at the two top items tells you all you need to know: a Vehicle with 62 Defense...

...and an Animal with 63 Attack.

Those are decent numbers, but those are the TOP Mission rewards. Wait until you see what the rest of the loot looks like. But first - my prayers from last night were answered: we indeed have THREE separate challenges cluttering up our screens, running at once:

I suspect Mafia Wars is trying to keep us busy (and this FEELS like busy work) until they roll out Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8.

Another thing that would keep us busy is if they just released the new Italy Regions now.

The Holiday Traffic Missions come about from doing jobs. You invite friends the same way as you do in regular Missions (which are - thankfully - still available).

Here's a list of the possible rewards for completing a Holiday Traffic Mission. If you recognize some of them, it's because you were excited when you found them as drop Loot in Moscow and Bangkok in 2009.

The posted rules make the Holiday Traffic Missions sound much more rewarding than they are:

Nevertheless, I asked my unwary Mafia to join me in one. An hour later, no one has signed up. Maybe that's because there are like 300 other requests for people to join Holiday Traffic Missions on my Facebook feed. Nothing like scarcity to drum up excitement.

I joined a Holiday Traffic Mission to see if I could land a top item like the Roaring 20s or Hippopotamus.

I did not land either item:

None of these items make my top 501 on Attack or Defense. The Type-103 Machine Gun, if I recall, is mid-level Moscow Loot. Nice reward! Likely the last Holiday Traffic Mission I'll participate in. These are essentially Medium Level Missions offering largely recycled loot.

You can celebrate obtaining items with stats in the 40s with the Celebrate button, though only three of your Mafia members will be lucky enough to share in this goldmine.

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November 17, 2010

Serial Assassins - LIVE!

The Serial Assassins challenge is live. This is a "collectables" challenge much like Rendezvous at the Pentagon ... from two weeks ago. In fact, I still have some Air Force Uniforms in my unopened Free Gift list. Way to space things out!

Indeed, Serial Assassins goes live while Rumble in Russia is winding down over the next few days - so there are two challenges going on at once, just as the Pentagon Challenge overlapped with Rumble in Russia. Your home screen tells you there's plenty of busy work while we await Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8.

I hope the Holiday Traffic challenge starts TOMORROW so we can work on three things at once and totally clog up our Facebook pages with requests for Serial Assassin collectibles, Boss Fight Help, and whatever is next.

Serial Assassins will roll out three collectibles with three tiers each... oh you know the drill already ... (blah blah blah, Grand Prize = Gun Powdered Milk with 134A/105D stats). The collectibles and related rewards and stats are below:

Sadly, the Reward Point Quicksand pit is widening - with the option to waste more of you hard earned RPs buying your way into completing the Serial Assassins challenge. Be patient and collect the items by sending them to your Mafia and using the tips below.

The first collectible, the Dead Bee can be sent to your Mafia as a Free Gift.

You're going to need collect more of these than in previous "collection" challenges: 4 for Bronze Mastery, 8 for Silver Mastery, and 16 for Gold Mastery. 32 of each.

The reward associated with the Dead Bee is Bee Sharp (he is the Assassin, and the Dead Bee is his "calling card" - see below). Each assassin is an Armor piece.

With 8 more Dead Bees, you'll get the Silver Level Bee Sharp...

16 more, and you'll have the Gold level Bee Sharp - and be sick of Dead Bees.

Anyway... you need to get more Dead Bees (and the two other items) than in past challenges. To assist you, Mafia Wars offers another way to get the Serial Assassins items: Calling Cards. Each of the three assassins has a calling card - Bee Sharp leaves behind Dead Bees, etc.

You can find these as you go and post them for your Mafia to accept - and when you get a Calling Card from the Facebook board (they go fast!), you'll receive an additional Dead Bee or whatever item you're working on.

The second calling card, released Friday night/Saturday morning, is the Golden Tiger.

The assassin here is Tony Tigress:

The final Calling Card, released on Sunday night/Monday morning, is the Dried Clover:

The Serial Assassin leaving these is known simply as... Unlucky... as in, you'd be unlucky to meet him and have a dried clover left next to your body when he's done with you.

Once you obtain the 28 Dried Clovers needed for Unlucky - Gold level, you also get the Grand Prize: the Gun Powdered Milk (134A/105D) - a very nice addition to your arsenal.

And then you can brag to your Mafia...

Best yet - you can replay the event and get another round of Bee Sharp, Toni Tigress, and Unlucky - and presumably the Grand Prize. Hope you've been saving up your extra calling cards!


Many readers are reporting that the Double Free Gift Trick is not working. I am sorry to hear that. Many people on the Mafia Wars Forum are reporting the problem too. It's still working for me - I use Google Chrome, if the browser makes any difference.

This Dead Bee (and numerous Golden Tigers and Dead Clovers) came right from the Facebook/Applications/Games list after I collected a the same Calling Card from the same person in my Mafia Wars Free Gift Envelope minutes earlier:

Another way to collect the Dead Bees and Golden Tigers is to look out for these increasingly-common posts from your Mafia members. These links work... but you can only choose ONE item.

This is done through a helpful (but unsanctioned) Mafia Wars "helper" program called Link-a-Nator. From the Comments sections, I can tell many readers are familiar with this application, but I will explain it in detail in a future series on this blog highlighting 5 Mafia Wars "tools" that will speed up your game.

Marble Slabs have been removed from the Free Gift window to make room for the Dead Bees - and once the other two collectibles go live over the next few days, Italian Hardwood will likely be removed again.

Remember - whether Mafia Wars makes them available or not, all 4 basic Italy upgrade parts - Marble Slabs & Italian Hardwood and Terracotta Tiles & Stone Columns - are ALWAYS available to you by clicking on the links in this sentence and following the instructions and links in those posts.

There's another new item in the Free Gifts window now, next to the Dead Bee:

Wow - free Game Cards! I mean, they must be free, right? They're in the Free Gifts window, after all.

Yet when you click on the Game Cards gift -- which is already preventing us from readily sending a needed upgrade part - you are redirected to Zynga's website -- with options that are decidedly NOT free:

As if Zynga doesn't already take up enough room in Mafia Wars trying to get us to buy Reward Points and Limited Edition items... and tricking you into spending RPs with boxes that pop up out of nowhere on top of a "Do Job" button so you click it before you see it... but this is the FINAL STRAW now that Zynga has resorted to the lowest of low tactics... the dreaded Free Gift bait 'n' switch... I need a Xanax.

Some people complain that these "collectibles" challenges require no skill other than begging for Free Gifts. I'm not sure that pressing "Fight" or "Do Job" requires much skill either. Think of this challenge as one that tests your tenacity, and is easier to accomplish with a larger Mafia. Plus, the 4 rewards will be in your top 501 for a long time - and that's nothing to complain about.

Happy collecting!

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