November 8, 2010

2 FREE Reward Points!

Mafia Wars is giving 2 free Reward Points to players who watch a short video for Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, answer several questions while the video plays, and "Like" Tom's of Maine on Facebook at the end.

Unless you get caught up in the majestic video images of Americana, this can be done in under two minutes. Most importantly, IT WORKS.

Step 1: Look for this icon on your Home Screen, and click it:

Step 2: In a new window, you'll see a video screen. Once you start the video, questions will appear on the right for you to answer while the video plays:

Step 3: Answer the questions. You can't blaze through the video by answering the questions instantly - you have to wait 8 seconds after answering a question to move on.

The video - which will make you ashamed to use mouthwash or deodorant - plays the entire time. (I'm all for socially conscious corporations, but I like it best when those corporations produce something like Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream).

Step 4: Once the video ends, you'll see a Facebook screen again. Click LIKE on Tom's of Maine...

...and you'll see THIS screen open in a different window.

Step 5: *RESTART* Mafia Wars (go to a new tab and go into the game) you will have 2 more Reward Points. Not bad for 90 seconds of work. And the environmentally conscious, employee friendly message is a nice way to start a Monday... as you trudge to your employer's salt mines...

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  1. DOn't actually have to Like Tom's of Maine ... I skipped that and still got the 2RP!

  2. Confirmed no need to Like.

  3. I dont see that icon :(

  4. There are apparently a few different options on this. I got a link to an 80's Music quiz sponsored by the show Psych on USA. But same 2 reward points for taking it. I got all of them right, though I imagine not too hard with Google. Not sure if you have to get them all right to get the RPs.

  5. You don't have to get them all correct on the Psych thing, as long as you complete the quiz. There's also an AT&T survey you can do for 2 RP. Same deal: Watch a video, answer the question, done. No need to "like" any of them.

  6. i didnt see that all day at all :(

  7. rumble in russia event starts nov 11