November 4, 2010

2x Fight Loot Weekend Event... LIVE!

I had seen promotions for an "Infiltrate the Pentagon" challenge this weekend, which looked like a Robbery Masks/Prized Pigs-style challenge. I'm not seeing that promo today, though I am seeing this one:

The event is billed for "this weekend only" but when you're in the Mafia, the weekend starts on Thursday morning. This event is LIVE now:

2x Fight Loot is a nice way to ratchet up your Fight Club level and stash of Victory Coins while getting some of the harder-to-find drop items and plenty of other loot.

The frequency of the Loot drops in fighting is still pretty low, and some of the Loot may have stats that no longer help you (like the Armored Briefcase above) - but two of anything is better than one.

The Power Attack feature in fighting - letting you fight certain opponents 5x in one click after your initial attack - speeds things along.

I do my fighting in Bangkok hoping to also pick up extra Baht to buy more of my prized Xiamen Tigers. I've never been certain if Fight Loot is city-specific, but I've found good Animals in Bangkok (the Rhinoceres and Cougar included).

NOTE ****See my update to this post, and why the preceding statement is completely ridiculous*** Some insane loot is dropping from fights in ITALY and LAS VEGAS for this event.

Wherever you fight, take advantage of this one.

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  1. looks like the payout rate has dropped by about 40%.. thus I'm netting about 20% more than I typically would (60% * 2 = 120%)

  2. Any new loots or just same old ones?

  3. forget about bangkok and xiamens it only increase +4 on defense better do LV7 to obtain pronghorn antelope +5 buy on fight club red back spider +5, fight to obtain rhinoceros +6, do missions (easy are a waste of time) to obtain barracuda +11 or what about LV8 bighorn +16 or even better buy BOLLAS on italy port +40 on combined +22 attack and +7defense, honestly bangkok is old story forget about it.

  4. new loot droping from fights
    (52 38) Ruby Reds
    (60 37) Foo Fighters
    (56 44) Avanti Tutta
    (51 27) Luxury Sailboats
    (50 45) Cinghiali
    (50 30) Hard Fours
    (48 36) Gila Monsters
    (46 32) Eagle Owls
    (42 37) Bighorn Rams
    attack based
    (59 27) Arcturion Assault Rifles
    (58 24) Amphiquads
    (56 28) Diavolo Piccolo SMGs
    (50 32) Bark Scorpions
    at least thats what i've had drop so far today