November 12, 2010

Defeating Don Enzo in Napoli Ruby Level

*Defeating Don Enzo at Ruby Level*

At Ruby Level, Enzo starts with an intimidating 36,000 Health. You're best served asking for help - or better yet, coordinating with a Mafia member or two when you're about to start this fight, so they can help out. You have 6 hours to defeat the boss, and this one will take a lot of recharging your Health.

How quickly you complete this depends on (i) how many Mafia members you can enlist to help you as you fight; (ii) your Health, Attack, and Defense stats; and (iii) how much Stamina you start the fight with (make sure it is more than 500, to be safe - you use it each time you attack, and each time you return to the fight).

Unless you're Superman, you'll see this screen many times during your fight:

I saw it probably 25 times. No worries. Also - don't do jobs to reload on consumables when you lose. I had a Mafia member help (thank you DF!) and simply followed this pattern to victory, in about 30 minutes:

Step 1. - Get rid of the Henchmen with your Grenades. This took me more than one "life" to do, but they have to go first.

Step 2. - Each time you are crushed, go to New York/Cuba/Moscow to heal. Since you can't heal instantly, do a couple of menial tasks (rob a property, etc.) and heal as soon as you can. DON'T LEAVE MAFIA WARS. Then return to Italy and go right back to the fight with Don Enzo.

Step 3. - Use the best available attack sequences depending on your remaining consumables. With Don Enzo at this level, I found that Health Kits were useless. My attacks were doing about 560 damage apiece, while his did 640. I only have 800 Health, and after the first hit from Don Enzo, I'd have 160 Health and the kit would bring me to maybe 350... still not enough to survive another hit. If you have better Health or Defense, your Health Kits may buy you another round with the Don in one fight.

I used these sequences, in order, going back to Step 2 each time I was beaten:

[1] STUN GUNS: I would get in 4 hits in one "life" by using a Stun Gun/Attack/Attack sequence first, then getting hit by the Boss, then using the same Stun Gun/Attack/Attack sequence. That would take him down about 2,100 Health each time, though I could only do that 5 times with my 10 Stun Guns.

[2] SHIVS: I could get in 2 rounds of Shiv + Attack each "life" once I was out of Stun Guns. That would take him down about 1,800 Health each time, but again, I could only do THIS sequence in 5 "rounds" with the Don.

[3] GRENADES: Same sequence as Shivs, but less damage - and I only had 8 Grenades left after dispatching with the Henchmen - so the Grenade + Attack sequence, twice in each round, did maybe 1,600 damage to the Boss' Health in the 4 times I could do it.

[4] ATTACK! Once the consumables were gone, I just hit Attack, got hit by the Don, hit Attack again, and went back to Step 2. This did about 1,100 Health damage each time and slowly depleted the Boss until....

Enzo's Monocle has 104A/155D at Ruby level... and will replaceBidwell's Suit (from Las Vegas Boss Fight) as your top defensive Armor piece.

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  1. You look very excited after winning this one. :D

  2. Congrats ! :D I'm not sure I will be able to go that far in Italy, even if I'm around level 400.

    But how much damage did your friend to the boss ? Was it roughly equal to yours ?

  3. One note...

    I've realized that at Ruby, the bosses do damage equal to 80% health, at Gold it's 60%, at Silver it's 40%, and at Bronze it's 20%. Defense points make no difference, and having more health just means you take more damage.

    Or, put another way, Zynga has made it so you will always get killed after two hits for Ruby bosses, no matter what.

  4. I disagree with the above (raehl). I have high health and I survive more than 8 direct attacks.

  5. Why does one need so much coorindation to defeat this boss? Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

    The henchmen don't reheal till the end of the timer. Thus, all you are dealing with is 1 big boss - just like the twins of district 4. Just follow the same strategy as in Rumble-Russia or San Juan. Attack - Heal - Attack - Heal - Consumables (if you want).

    Only point readers need to know is

    Total stamina required : which for me was about 480

  6. Hey, with the fight sequence you did with the stun gun, why don't you do Stun Gun/Attack/Shiv/Attack? That way you hurt him three times in one sequence instead of your two times.

  7. Yeah, but how do you keep the sorry son of a bitch from healing??

  8. I am lvl 840, have over 1500 health, 880 stamina, mafia attack and defense over 100k. but as soon as i get the ruby lvl boss down to 11000 health, his health refills back to 20000 health, Tried it many times , now I'm stuck in Italy. when's the glitch gonna go, zynga!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah I got him below 10K and all of a sudden he is back up to 19K. If he heals again I am just not going to try again.

  10. Alright, so I got him down to 1100 health , bought a health refill with RP and then see that his health is back up to 11000. I am not going to try and beat this boss again. I really don't care that much about the stupid item.

  11. I contacted Zynga customer support using the live chat after the boss healed like that twice and they went ahead and defeated the boss for me (since I had done over 48000 damage to it). It says in the FAQ that Italy bosses are not supposed to heal until the time limit is up, so if you are getting frustrated by this glitch just contact support.

  12. Have exactly the same thing with Hill brothers (district 6, Las Vegas, ruby level). Two times I have attacked them to 1.000 healt (from 20.000) and then sudenly they are fully healed...