November 16, 2010

Hired Guns, Mission (Not) Accomplished & Reward Point Quicksand

Some odds and ends tonight in advance of the hotly-anticipated sequel to Mafia Wars Port Loot (Part 1).

*Hired Guns*

First, a recent development - it seems Mafia Wars is giving players a Hired Gun addition to their Mafia each time they level up.

My first reaction was THEY BETTER NOT BE TAKING AWAY THAT REWARD POINT (that you get every other level). That seems to be intact.

If you have 501 Mafia members already, the Hired Guns don't do much for you. They can't join Missions, send Free Gifts, or help on that tough Social Job or Boss Fight. If you DON'T have 501 Mafia members, this is a nice addition -- because anyone under 501 is the FIRST target on the Fighting boards.

*Mission (Not) Accomplished*

Now that we're back to regular Missions, after the great Halloween Missions, it's time for a word on Mission manners. If you are leading a mission, and asked people to join it, you SHOULD. NOT. LET. THIS. HAPPPEN.

This Mission - 3 days long - timed out shortly after this screen shot. Yet the Mission leader can ask for help every 30 minutes. What gives?

There's nothing worse than diving into a Mission, spending your Energy or Stamina to get a very low XP ratio, promptly finishing your job, and seeing each day pass with empty spots. Mafia Wars has given players a partial remedy, allowing you to send a notice to the Mission leader to check on the status of the Mission. But if the Mission leader isn't recruiting throughout the countdown, he or she is probably not reading your Wall posts either.

At least when you're running your own Mission and see that some one hasn't finished his or her chosen job in a reasonable period, you can bounce them from the Mission and post a request for a new member. But when you're a member of some one else's Mission, you're fairly powerless. It's so debilitating. So frustrating. You feel so powerless. You're... RAMBO... stranded by your country without the back-up you expected when you patriotically enlisted.

And you know how John Rambo felt about that...

A nice development in Missions: After completing a Mission, you can share some Rewards with members of your Mafia who weren't in the Mission. Gotta be fast when you see this post go up:

It's one thing when some one leaves a Paisley Egg Secret Stash on the board - it might go untouched for hours. But with Mission Loot stats reaching the 70s, this is some of the best material in the game and players are grabbing it fast.

Also on Missions, a reader of our blog offered some great advice on how to always pick up Hard Missions when doing jobs. Let's face it - no one's signing up for Medium or Easy Missions, especially with the fear of being stranded after participating. I stopped recruiting my Mafia for them a few weeks back.

So try this: when you draw a Medium or Easy Mission, don't invite anybody. Let the time run out. And when it does, DON'T CLOSE THE MISSION. Don't click the white CLOSE button below:

Seems to work - if you leave a few Easy or Medium missions in your My Missions queue, you'll pick up Hard Missions going forward - the ones with the best loot - and the ones people still join. Hats off to the reader for that tip.


Here's a screen I haven't seen in awhile:

You know why? Because every time since then, when I cash in 6 Daily Chance tickets for my "Up to 20 Loyalty Points" I've gotten... 5 Loyalty Points.

Five. Cinco. Cinque. Funf. Cinci. No matter what language I say it in, it translates into the same Mafia Wars drain as the old prize of "Up to 5 Reward Points".... which meant ONLY ONE. That one RP is looking mighty good now.

Another thing that's looking mighty good is the Phantasm, a Fight Loot Vehicle with 67A/45D stats. What's not looking good is the Mafia Wars banner this week suggesting the Phantasm is new.

Calling the Phantasm a "new" item is like referring to Nancy Pelosi's wipeout at the polls "breaking news"... because they both happened at the same time, about two weeks ago, when Mafia Wars had 2x Fight Loot Weekend.

In a game with daily developments - and two full promotions SINCE the debut of the Phantasm (Rendezvous at the Pentagon and the Rumble in Russia) - "new" means "this morning" or "coming soon" ... and not "here's something we forgot to post earlier this month."

*Reward Point Quicksand*

I'm hoping that no one is spending 3 Reward Points to take their chance on a replacement prize from a Secret Drop...

...or a Red Mystery Bag...

...or a regular Mystery Bag...

What exactly can you get from these items that is worth 3 Reward Points? I *might* pay 3 Reward Points for a 2x Secret Drop and hope for 2 keys to open Golden Chests... but that's a long shot. As for Red Mystery Bags and the regular version, you can get dozens each day... so don't swap out.

Mafia Wars gives you the same offer with Mystery Shipments - letting you pay 3 Reward Points to get a different Property upgrade. Or, you can keep the upgrade you get in your Mystery Shipment, and buy the desired upgrade for ONE Reward Point (in Italy) or some Fight Club coins (for Chop Shop and Weapons Depot items).

It's already hard enough to earn Reward Points. And even harder not to accidentally click something and realize you just spent 15 of them on 10 Smart Phones because you were turbo clicking through a Milano job to generate Smart Phones. (I was a happy camper that night!) Don't jump into the quicksand with these new "offers."

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  1. Two things:

    The "share the prize money" mission reward posts are not going fast, they're just bugged. About half of them just give you that message for no reason. Tested with a few friends, the first one to click on the wall post will get no loot with the message of "You were not fast enough", but then the second one WILL get loot.

    Chalk this up in the same realm as the secret stash loot that still only works half the time.

    Two, you *CAN* do something about missions that are not completed by others - because you do NOT have to be friends with or in someone's mob to help on their missions!

    Just go to the mission leader's wall, and find the wall post for the mission that isn't finished. Copy the link, and send it to ANY of your friends playing mafia wars, and they can jump in on the mission and finish.

    Still can't do anything about the schmucks who sign up for the mission but don't actually complete it though.

  2. They've added some new missions. And new positions in the missions. I just joined one, not sure if they pop of from doing jobs in different cities.

    Bribe a Government Official. Medium. Bodyguard 10S. Capaign Manager 11E 3S. Union Leader 8E 4S 3000V. Bodyguard 12S. Bagman 14E. Lobbyist 10E 5000V.

    So now some positions take both Energy and Stamina. AND VEGAS MONEY!! I hope the rewards are contingent on which position you take

    Rare: Field Vest 42/70, Infighter 71/44
    Uncommon: Hammer 760, Demolition Kit, Pair of Twin AKs
    Common: Ninja, Charriot, Lonely Heart, Lamang, Set of Twin ARs, Deadly Prototype Jetpack.

    Interesting to know if any other new missions are up.

  3. I was correct. There are multiple new jobs, with new top Tier items, and several hybrid positions that take energy and stamina. Just joined another now. And I have none of the rare items.

  4. I’ll agree that OVERALL (including the uncommon Rogue CIA agent and the Turkey Vulture) the Hard missions are totally worth doing, but the medium Bribe a Government Official (the six man mission) is nothing to sneeze at either. Like Lex said, the rares are the awesome Field Vest 42/70 and Infighter 71/44, and while the uncommon loot sucks, the top prizes are numerically superior to the seven-man Hard mission Take Out a Rival Operation’s rares ( Alpine 35/57, Sumatra Tiger 60/30). Frankly, the Alpine sucks as a rare, and while the Tiger is pretty, the Turkey Vulture kicks its ass at 62/50.

    Bottom line, the Dockyard (with the Special Part as the third uncommon prize, only needing FOUR guys to complete AND the common Reef Sharks and Death Dealer Mini-guns STILL solidifying my 501) is still king with Bribe a solid, if unspectacular, second. I’d still do the Take Out mission (so-so rares, CIA and Turkey chance, but NO Special Part in the uncommons, replaced instead by the laughably easy to come by Micro-fission cell) and, if I have the stamina available, the medium Fight a Rival six-man job (so-so rares, bleh everything else) and the Bank job (Barracudas still worthy, but not for long).

    The Highjacking sucks, period. Once you have the rares as collector items, always leave this and a Bank job expired on your mission page. You will get the Dockyard every time. Leave a Dockyard unclaimed or expired, the next one up is the Fight a Rival; leave that on the list and the Take Out a Rival will appear. Leave THAT one and the Bribe job will appear. 16 hours in between seems to be the time needed between triggers.

  5. The time between seeing a certain mission again is 8 hours.

  6. no more hired guns awarded for me

  7. Whats the deal with not being able to choose who joins in the mission now thats just lame.