November 19, 2010

Holiday Traffic (Accident) Missions

The Holiday Traffic Missions are live tonight, but completely underwhelming. A peek at the two top items tells you all you need to know: a Vehicle with 62 Defense...

...and an Animal with 63 Attack.

Those are decent numbers, but those are the TOP Mission rewards. Wait until you see what the rest of the loot looks like. But first - my prayers from last night were answered: we indeed have THREE separate challenges cluttering up our screens, running at once:

I suspect Mafia Wars is trying to keep us busy (and this FEELS like busy work) until they roll out Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8.

Another thing that would keep us busy is if they just released the new Italy Regions now.

The Holiday Traffic Missions come about from doing jobs. You invite friends the same way as you do in regular Missions (which are - thankfully - still available).

Here's a list of the possible rewards for completing a Holiday Traffic Mission. If you recognize some of them, it's because you were excited when you found them as drop Loot in Moscow and Bangkok in 2009.

The posted rules make the Holiday Traffic Missions sound much more rewarding than they are:

Nevertheless, I asked my unwary Mafia to join me in one. An hour later, no one has signed up. Maybe that's because there are like 300 other requests for people to join Holiday Traffic Missions on my Facebook feed. Nothing like scarcity to drum up excitement.

I joined a Holiday Traffic Mission to see if I could land a top item like the Roaring 20s or Hippopotamus.

I did not land either item:

None of these items make my top 501 on Attack or Defense. The Type-103 Machine Gun, if I recall, is mid-level Moscow Loot. Nice reward! Likely the last Holiday Traffic Mission I'll participate in. These are essentially Medium Level Missions offering largely recycled loot.

You can celebrate obtaining items with stats in the 40s with the Celebrate button, though only three of your Mafia members will be lucky enough to share in this goldmine.

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  1. i've gotten three rare items from one mission, fwiw. probably not worth the terrible energy-xp ratio to keep trying for these though.

  2. I didn't get any rare items, and I did about 15 mission :(

  3. Hell, the new easy mission has better stuff for a lot less effort, and BOTH the rares (glove and coyote) are currently wishlistable...

  4. They just do retarded stuff over and over. Missions were kicking ass in the beginning, dropping loot above 50. I would get 3 items above 50, then they nerfed it by adding consumables for chop shop items. I guess they figured the highly selective daily players wouldn't notice. Dumb. We all notice when you shank us.

    Casual players have all left so they can dig up entire islands or plant corn or fry chicken. You cannot develop a game like this and expect regular joes to jump in and stay in. I'm just taking advantage of this time, finishing up Bangkok and Vegas as I wait for the final 3 missions of Italy to open up.

    Why? Because I know they will screw me by asking for 400 more Cooked Books, which will require 300 more Smart phones or whozawazit's. They can never balance this game to save their lives and the players win and they nerf it to hell just to fuck themselves. Now, I've looted enough gate loot for Italy but refuse to screw myself when they eventually decide to raise the gate loot totals by insane amounts. You can bet on it. I'd rather loot stuff from Bangkok and Vegas instead of finishing Italy early just for the ability to screw myself.

    Fuck off Zynga.

  5. I'm pretty sure the machine gun's from bangkok.
    Also, why couldn't they have left the missions alone and left them with standard player requests, instead of feed posts? I used to get these things done in a day, and now I have 10 missions sitting around (easy and hard ones, mind you) gathering dust.
    I honestly don't mind whether or not the items get on my top 501, but I do like the sense of accomplishment and acquiring new items that I haven't seen before, unless, they're like 20/20 items, which are just plain bad jokes.