November 3, 2010

How to DOUBLE Your Mafia Wars Free Gifts

Nearly *500* readers have left positive feedback on Facebook last week's post on how to gift (and get back) Terracotta Tiles and Stone Columns for your Italy Village. I really appreciate when readers hit "Like" on the Facebook icon next to a post, or comment on a post (or both, if appropriate) - the feedback helps either way.

And before we get started on tonight's trick - one that will skyrocket you ahead in Mafia Wars - let me encourage you one more time: if you haven't read - and been using - the Terracotta Tiles/Stone Column trick, you're missing out!.

TONIGHT's post will show you how to DOUBLE the free gifts that your Mafia members send you. You're shaking your head thinking, "Do I have to do one of those stupid surveys? Is this a Reward Point scam?"

A little faith here! There was initial skepticism when I said you could gift Tiles and Columns... but it worked for hundreds of this blog's readers. And so does this trick - I've used it for months.

You can DOUBLE how many Marble Slabs you get. DOUBLE the number of Red Mystery Bags you receive. Use the Terracotta Tile/Stone Column trick AND this trick, and you'll DOUBLE your intake on those tough parts too. You'll DOUBLE your Secret Drops, Mystery Shipments, Pignatas, Armory Parts, etc.

Anything that a Mafia member sends to you as a Free Gift, you can now get TWO of almost every time. Anything that you can send from the Free Gift screen (there are always 15 items to choose from) - or anything your Mafia can send to you (they have different Armory parts usually) - you can now double.

The trick to DOUBLING the free gifts you get in Mafia Wars starts with the Free Gift icon that is at the top right of your Mafia Wars screen - the open envelope with the number in it (the number tells you how many free gifts/crime spree requests/mission requests await you.

Step 1: Click on the Envelope Icon. You will see a screen like the one below, showing what Free Gifts your Mafia sent you.

(This list does NOT include Wishlist gifts, which appear on your Home screen... and this trick does not work on those gifts).

Step 2: Click on the 'Accept Gift' icon to the right of each Free Gift you received. You'll receive whatever Free Gift you were sent - or a substitute gift if you're over your daily limit on Mystery Shipments or Secret Drops. Be a good sport - send gifts back when prompted. It won't affect this trick, but it's good karma.

Now here's where the fun starts. Make sure you've accepted ALL of the Free Gifts using Steps 1 and 2 above before you proceed.

Step 3: Find the Facebook 'Games' Application icon. On my Mafia Wars screen, I can see it in the upper right corner - just to the right of the Free Gift Envelope icon - it's circled in red below:

IF you don't see that list on your screen while you're playing Mafia Wars, click the Facebook icon on the top of your screen to go back to your main Facebook page/newsfeed. On the left hand column of your Facebook home page (you're out of Mafia Wars now), you should see some application icons - with 'Games' as one of them, circled in red below.

If you don't see the Facebook Games Application icon in EITHER of these locations, go into your Settings and choose 'Games' as one of the Applications to display on your Facebook home page.

Step 4: Click on the Facebook 'Games' Icon. Notice how my Games Icon had a '32' next to it. Now look at the screen below, which will appear after you click on 'Games'. It shows... 32 Requests (circled in green):

You will keep coming back to this screen and repeating Step 4 but let's pony up some proof that this much-hyped doubling trick works.

Step 5: Click on 'Accept and Play' to the right of the first "request" on the list above. It will take you back into Mafia Wars, and you'll see a screen like this.

By the way... you just got a **second Marble Slab** ... from the same Mafia member who you collected a Marble Slab from in Step 2. Why? Because in Step 2, you were inside Mafia Wars, using Zynga's envelope. In Step 5, you are starting from Facebook's Games Application icon, which sends you back INTO Mafia Wars. More on this below... but first, a warning

WARNING: If you reverse this sequence, and collect your gifts from the Facebook Games icon, the same gifts will NOT be awaiting you when you go to Mafia Wars... your Free Gift Envelope will be reduced each time you go in reverse sequence.

So... follow the steps in order, the last two being:

Step 6: Click on 'Accept More Pending Gifts' - this is outlined in blue and red, with a yellow arrow, in the screenshot above. Click on this and you will go back to your full list of "requests" from the Facebook Games Application list.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 and accept all "requests" to double your Free Gift intake.

This trick is a GREAT way to race through the challenges like Prized Pigs and Robbery Masks because you can get two of each needed item every time a Mafia member sends you one. (And it looks like we have another challenge of this type coming up this weekend - so you can try this trick out and see if it speeds you through).

This is simply a Facebook/Zynga quirk. Back in September, in one of my first posts on this blog, I gave an all-text (BOR-ING!) explanation of this trick and predicted it wouldn't last long. But two months later, it still works.

The Fine Print:

-When you go through the Facebook Games "request" list, never accept two gifts from the same Mafia Member in one session. Leave it on that list and collect it another time. My experience is that when you go for the second gift from the same Mafia Member, you get an error screen in Mafia Wars (the screen under Step 5) and lose the request/second gift.

-You are still subject to Mafia Wars' daily limits on Mystery Shipments, Secret Drops, Pignatas, Loyalty Points, etc. But for all of those categories (except Crime Spree), Mafia Wars will give you a Mystery Bag or a replacement item. Sometimes the replacement item for a Mystery Shipment - once I'm past my limit - is an item from my Wishlist. So instead of a second Stone Column, you might get a Foo Fighter!

-Your Mission Requests are repeated in the Facebook Games Icon/request list. If you joined or ignored them on the Mafia Wars Free Gift envelope, just hit Ignore on the Facebook request list. You can't join them twice anyway.

-Your Crime Spree requests are also repeated in the Facebook list, and you can't do two for the same person in one day. So leave an extra one in your "doubling list" and you can get the 50 energy or 40 stamina points tomorrow.

-The Gift Application Icon seems to max out at 100 requests - so clear it out regularly.

-I can't find a precise time in which you can go back and collect the "second" round of gifts from the same person within the Facebook list, but it's shorter than a full day. Just space out collecting the "double-doubles" (the multiple gifts from the same person on your Facebook request list) and you'll be fine. Note that in your Mafia Wars Free Gift envelope, if the same person sends you two gifts, you can collect both. Not so with the Facebook list.

-Gifts from other Zynga games will be in this list, so I suspect the doubling trick works for Farmville, Treasure Isle, Poker, etc. As if this wasn't taking enough of our time...

-There are other quirks, but play with it and you'll get a feel for the temperament of this trick - how often it works (for me, almost every time, if I pause a few minutes in between the Mafia Wars envelope collection and the Facebook Games collection.)

-I use Google Chrome to play Mafia Wars, and am not sure if results are different on IE or other browsers - but I think this is a Facebook/Zynga mismatch that will work for all of us.

Good luck and let us know if it works for you! If so, you'll be collecting Italy Village parts, Armory Parts, and lots of other free loot at double the rate of other players...
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  1. I've been doing this for a long time, lol. I use Firefox and it works there.

  2. Appears to be a double fight loot this weekend.

  3. I've been doing this for a long time too... you can also get to the second 'accept gift' screen through the crime spree screen by clicking "accept more pending gifts" link.



  5. i know this, too... the direct link for the gift list is
    works damn well

  6. Well, I'm not sure Zynga can fix this bug so easily. It's been a long time we have see those tricks... The problem is, for some accounts, PEOPLE CAN'T OPEN THE FEED FROM THE ENVELOPPE ICON, AND ACCEPT THEIR GIFT THERE. See the screen shot here :

    That's what some of my friends get for example... A pain in the ass for Italy !

  7. Yeah, I've been using this for months. I hope you delete this article. Mafia Wars is watching.

  8. So far, this doesn't seem to be the revelation I'd hoped it was... though when I wrote about this in late September, no one seemed to know how to do this... I agree with Sophie above - I don't think Zynga can or will fix this (it's a Facebook platform problem) nor will Zynga want to remove the gift envelope since it cross-promotes other Zynga games. I also don't think Zynga reads this blog, as much as I wish it were so... I'm inclined to leave the post up in the hopes that it helps even a few readers.

  9. Well, didn't know and I am a fairly regular player, I definitely think this is a lot of help for people out there!

  10. I think they never went thru with the envelope before because they cannot get around that. This isn't the first time they tried in-game accepts of gifts/crap. Two, the in-game envelope is in beta so I don't have it and a lot of people don't. Three, facebook just doesn't show you pass 100. I took a week vacation and spend a few hours clearing out my MW gifts/missions. I decided I was too late for the missions, so I ignored those. Yet, after a few rounds, I kept coming back to find I still had 100 invites/gifts.

    I think facebook stores them past 100 and will only display 100. As to which order, earliest to latest, I can't say. But I eventually opened up 5 tabs and went thru accepting at least 150 gifts. BTW, I use google but for awhile, you couldn't collect properties in chrome.

    Was some weird glitch. I also couldn't post to this blog from chrome under anonymous because it would never show the 'word' you had to type in...I guess to make sure I wasn't a spam bot.

  11. This, unfortunately is a bust for me. I have the "Go To Requests" screen when I open the envelope through MW, using Chrome. No double items for me it seems :(

  12. Same I also have the "Your Requests" popup doesn't work for me!

  13. Does anyone know how to get rid of the "Your request" Page? I have multiple accounts and have this problem only once but i dont know how to link the two.

  14. Sadly, I have the same problem. I don't have this envelope. I have an envelope with a facebook icon in it which just redirects me to the games requests.

  15. This has been working for me as well - I used FF

  16. This isn't the only game it happens in, there are more.

  17. Since a couple of hours not working for me anymore. Anyone else with the same observation?

  18. yes, looks like they fixed it? More confirmations?

  19. Still working for me this morning - though this trick has never had 100% reliability - I find that the later you accept the duplicate gift on the Facebook page, the better - the times I've gotten the error message seem mostly to follow (i) trying to accept a second gift from the same person on the Facebook/Games page and (ii) accepting a gift on the Facebook page just seconds after accepting the same gift from the same person through the Mafia Wars envelope.

  20. it had stopped working for me this morning :-(

  21. It stopped working :0(

  22. This is still working for me... I've collected several duplicate Dead Bees from Serial Assassin and a Stone Column - haven't seen the error screen yet tonight, though it is always a possibility - but the Double Free Gifts is still working normally. I used Google Chrome and Windows XP (relic) if that matters.

  23. Omg! This is so cool! Why didn't I do this for the cake event...

  24. I found this a while back and wondered if it was just me !!!! good info keep it comming !!

  25. i've found that even when getting the error message, i still get the 2nd free gift. check your quantities before you go to the facebook gift page, and most of the time, (not always) you still get it!!

  26. This trick still works! I came across it randomly and have been using it ever since.