November 4, 2010

Infiltrate the Pentagon... LIVE!

Looks like Mafia Wars rolled out the Infiltrate the Pentagon challenge this weekend after all - it is LIVE right now (and - on Saturday - updated with the less threatening name Rendezvous at the Pentagon).

This is an 8-day challenge structured like the Robbery Masks and Prized Pigs events, with the reward stats for the available Loot shown below.

The grand prize - Government Secrets with 103/132 stats - makes this challenge worth doing, and the timing is so spaced out that it would be hard to fail.

There are three branches of the Armed Forces - Army, Navy, and Air Force - represented in the challenge, and three tiers to master in each branch. Bronze Mastery requires you to collect 3 uniforms; Silver requires 6; Gold requires 12.

Fittingly, the Army challenge earns you Ranger Kukri (Weapon); the Navy challenge earns you a Patrol Dolphin; and the Air Force challenge gives a Angel's Grace (Vehicle). The Grand Prize looks to be an Armor piece.

The first branch is Army, and you can send and receive the Army Uniforms as Free Gifts.

Because this challenge requires you to collect Free Gifts, it is the perfect place to use the Double Your Free Gifts trick featured yesterday on this blog - a trick that many of you knew, but gave some readers a new and valuable Mafia Wars edge.

You can also send and request Army Uniforms from your Home Page, where 'Infiltrate the Pentagon' is one of your Daily Checklist menu items

Below is the notification for mastering the Bronze Level of the Army Uniform challenge. With the Doubling trick, you only need to get 11 Uniforms sent to you (each of which you can collect twice...) to get the 21 needed for Gold Mastery.

Impressive that Mafia Wars coupled this challenge with the 2x Fight Loot Weekend - lots of loot to capture out there. Certainly something to occupy us as we tap our feet awaiting Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8.

Good luck!

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