November 10, 2010

Italy Gate Loot for Sale in Marketplace

If you find yourself in need of additional Gate Loot in Italy (Cooked Books, Hidden Charges, Smart Phones, Rail Tickets, and Severed Pinkies), you have two options:

1. Go back in time and follow the advice from two weeks ago on the posts about Palermo, Milano, and Napoli, and stay at Bronze or Silver level in those Regions, to amass lots of Gate Loot at low Energy or Stamina costs...

...or, if you don't have access to a time machine...

2. You can now buy Italy Gate Loot in the Mafia Wars Marketplace with Reward Points. You get 10 for 15 Reward Points.

Seems odd that a Hidden Charge costs the same as a Severed Pinky, given the significantly different costs in obtaining each one: you can get a Severed Pinky for 4 Energy points in Roma (Region 1) at Bronze level (and a mere 32 points even at Ruby level).

By contrast, to get ONE Hidden Charge, you first need to spend Energy or Stamina in Milano (Region 4) to get a Cooked Book, and then head to Napoli and spend more Energy (121 at Ruby level) to get the Hidden Charge.

However you get your hands on these essential items, use this visual Italy Gate Loot flowchart so you don't pull your hair our keeping track of where to acquire and use the Cooked Books, Smart Phones, and Hidden Charges.

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  1. armory parts started dropping for me in italy since tonite.

  2. TerraCotta and Column trick no longer work