November 2, 2010

Italy Village Robbing and XP Ratio Strategy

Robbing Italy Village Properties went live last week and gives you an opportunity to collect extra Lira when the situation demands. The XP:Stamina ratio (the number of XP you get for each Stamina point you spend robbing) does NOT make Italy Village robbing a lucrative venture for leveling up... yet...

Here's what your typical 9-property "Robbing Board" might look like in Mafia Wars Italy:

The Villa is the most common property you'll see on a robbing board in Mafia Wars Italy. For your 4 Stamina points, you'll get 6 XP and L$450 if your robbery is successful. The Villa XP ratio is 1.5 (6 XP/4 Stamina). This is NOT a desirable XP ratio in Mafia Wars as you need to hit a 2+ XP:Stamina and XP:Energy ratio consistently if you want to level up frequently.

The Winery gives you a slightly better XP ratio - 14 XP for your 8 Stamina (1.75 XP ratio). Still not enough to level you up if you do this robbery over and over. You'll get L$600 - L$900 here.

The Fishery yields 17 points and up to L$1,500 for a successful robbery. A low 1.7 XP ratio here (lower than the Winery even)..

Robbing the Auto Boutique will get you 31 or 32 XP, averaging out to a 2.1 ratio. This property will net you L$2,400 - L$4,000 if you win. We are starting to see a worthwhile XP ratio here, but your robbing board will typically have several Villas than anything, with maybe one or two Fisheries.

The Football Stadium finally provides an XP:Stamina ratio worth fighting for - 41 XP and a 2.28 ratio, with a nice haul of L$6,000 or more. The problem is, you will rarely see Football Stadiums on the robbing boards, and if you flip from board to board to find them, you are wasting stamina and lowering that ratio.

If you could find board full of Auto Boutiques and Football Stadiums, you could get a decent XP ratio (and possible Stolen Diamond Collection items for clearing boards) to make robbing in Mafia Wars Italy a worthwhile venture. For now, however, it isn't.

Instead - for now - spend your Stamina points either (i) piling up more Cooked Books in Venezia or (2) doing normal Fight jobs where you can get decent drop loot, Victory Coins, Fight Club increases, and a consistent 2+ XP ratio.

Until we see the new property (or properties) in Italy Region 6, Region 7, and Region 8, my recommendation is that you only spend time robbing Italy Village properties when you are in dire need of Lira.

I still find Mafia Wars New York robbing to be the most useful - both on entire boards and for Targetted Robbing. Remember - if you try Targeted Robbing in Italy (or any Mafia Wars city, your XP ratio AND your money intake will be lower than they are on the opening robbing board).

Robbing in Mafia Wars Bangkok still holds second place to me, mostly to allow you to build up enough Baht to purchase the still-valuable Xiamen Tigers (52 defense) through Targetted Robbing.

When you complete robbing a property, it turns a tepia/brown - nice artwork, giving a classic Roman look to the properties:

You can earn the Rome is Burning achievement for going 9-0 on 100 robbing boards in Italy. Beyond that - unless you really need the Lira - robbing properties in the Italy Village is not yet a worthwhile venture. Again, this may change when Mafia Wars releases Regions 6, 7, and 8 in Italy.

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  1. "Instead - for now - spend your Stamina points either (i) piling up more Cooked Books in Venezia"... what job in Venezia gives cooked books? I know the fight job "Interrogate a Lackey" in Milano drops cooked books, but would love it if there was another job with less stamina that did so...

  2. There is an Infiltrate the Pentagon "Pig Type" gift this weekend.

  3. So is Phil the original creator of MW Guide? I thought the guy said he was giving up playing the "not fun anymore" MW and was going to stop updating this site? Is Phil another guy who has taken over?

  4. Colin is the creator and mastermind of this blog and the Mafia Wars Strategy and Leveling Guide. Phil (that's me) has been posting since mid-September with Colin's tutelage.

  5. did anyone noticed that fighting in Italy is very hard?? I mean when i hit i can hit in most times only 1 time , no power attack at all. I dnt know whats that. I'm fighting now for 30 mins and i think it happened 100 times, i hit and thats all. No icing no power attack! so im really interested how can i ice some1 with only 1 hit.

  6. Right now I am trying to ice 10 in Italy for the latest Whack Robby Vance mission. I fought off and on all day--got a few pieces of nice loot but only iced 5 people. I'd appreciate any help if you have an "icing" strategy you use! I've tried just hitting once, then power attacking if it comes up, and also hitting over and over up to 15 hits or so. Suggestions?

    Thanks! Linda

  7. I'm also having issues with the Whack Robby Vance mission.. Icing opponents in Italy is really hard. I have 6 of the 10 and that's after 3-4 long sessions fighting.
    Maybe it's easier for ppl with 501 mafia, but for us lower down... (I have 347 mafia and I have even been trying attacking 501s as these players offer the 5x attacks more often, however I don't know if you can ice someone if you lose all the time..)
    Lower ranked players get iced really fast. Usually before I get to click on them!