November 7, 2010

Mafia Wars Fight Loot: Best of the Best

If there's one thing I learned during Mafia Wars 2x Fight Loot Weekend, it's that the best job Loot from Las Vegas and Italy (to date) is NOT the best collectible Loot in Mafia Wars.

Now, there's Fight Club Loot and Loyalty Program Loot, plus some impressive Italy Village Port Loot to discuss in an upcoming post this week. And there's always some "limited-edition" high-stat items you can buy in the Marketplace or obtain through a game card.

But for *one* Stamina point - the cost of one fight - you might get your hands on some of the Fight Loot shown below, and boost your stats in a hurry. At this time, the Fight Loot below cannot be traded, gifted, or added to your Wish List.

(I also saw every high-end piece of Italy and Las Vegas job Loot drop in fights this weekend, with one exception: the Ballista Missile Launcher. But it was a pleasure to stock up on Meadow Vipers, Corpo Armatura, Foo Fighters, and Bighorns... two at a time.)

The four standout Fight Loot pieces - one in each Loot category - are presented in order of total points, a useful metric in Las Vegas Tournament fighting. These four pieces also have higher Attack or Defense stats than any Mafia Wars repeat-collectible item that you don't "purchase."

*Phantasm* (Vehicle)
112 points

The Phantasm dethrones the difficult Las Vegas/Hoover Dam Ballista Missile Launcher (62 Attack) as the best collectible Attack-stats Vehicle. I found 22 of them this weekend.

*M45 Overcast* (Weapon)
110 points

Goodbye, Arcturian Assault Rifle (59 Attack, from Hoover Dam). Goodbye, Un Tuono (60 Attack, from Italy Port). However, of the top four items, the M45 was the hardest Fight Loot to find this weekend for me - I found 4 of them... meaning it dropped in TWO fights out of probably a couple thousand fights.

*Ottoman Krug* (Armor)
107 points

No need to spend thousands of Energy points in Hoover Dam looking for the Cooling Vest (61 Defense). The Ottoman Krug was a fairly frequent drop among the top 4 Fight Loot for me, as I collected 15 of them - one from a Las Vegas Fight Tournament.

*Nyala* (Animal)
105 points

The Nyala beats out the Bighorn (64 Defense, Las Vegas/Hoover Dam) by one point in Defense stats, and edges out the Diamondback (Las Vegas Districts 6 & 7) by one point as well, in total stat points. Got 10 of them this weekend.

FYI - a nyala is Southern African antelope. As the female species lacks horns, the Fight Loot is a male nyala. So much for Title VII in Mafia Wars...


The top 4 pieces of Fight Loot were complemented by at least 10 other notable Fight Loot items this weekend, some of which have been around for awhile:

Honorable Mention Fight Loot
(81 - 91 points)

The Tasmanian Devil is exceedingly rare - I only got them in ONE fight all weekend - but an impressive addition to a top-501 collection of Animals with 53 Attack.

The Cougar and Condor have been around, but they dropped frequently this weekend and build up your Animal stats nicely on each side of the coin.

Also seen this weekend as Fight Loot:

---Segmented Body Plates (Armor) - 50/31

---Skull Caps (Armor) - 28/51

These three items may round out your top-501 in their respective categories.

Notably MISSING as Fight Loot this weekend was a favorite Animal of mine: the Rhinoceres - maybe I didn't fight in Bangkok enough.

While Fight Loot drops on maybe 15% of fights, and can drop Loot from Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Italy as well (some of which might not help your stats anymore), you CAN often do 5 fights at once... and a fight only costs you 1 Stamina point.

Compare that to the low drop rate of items in Napoli, Hoover Dam, Area 51, and The Upper Strip - the four Regions/Districts where the best job Loot is - with jobs that cost up to 160 Energy per click.

Fighting will get you not only the attractive Fight Loot above, but also more Italy and Las Vegas Loot... plus higher Fight Club levels (also giving you access to better Loot). Once you are done Ruby Mastery in Italy, this seems like the way to go while we await Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8.

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  1. hy!
    you dnt have to fight in Bangkok for Rhinoceros. i got it fighting in Moscow and other cities. all loot drop in every city as i saw so far :))

  2. found 96 M45 Overcast, 83 Ottoman Krug, 66 Phantasm & 88 Nyala, all is Fight 3 loot item.
    Woodsman, Domestic Defense, Buzzard Combat Chopper & Tasmanian Devil is Fight 2 loot item and only drop when win the fight again 501 mafia size.
    others is fight 1 loot item.
    i don't how many stamina i have use for the weekend, maybe 20,000?

  3. I used around 3000 stamina but only found a couple of the top loot... None of the Phantasms. I think there must have been different drop rates for players. And probably still are.

  4. I used about 6000 stamina over the weekend and got 36 M45, 21 Phantasm, 28 Ottoman Krug and 32 Nyala. Although the double loot has ended, these items are still dropping. I choose my top 3 rivals (remember them by their mafia size) and keep on attacking them with the power button.

  5. What tools do you guys recommend to spend all this Stamina? Mine is ~700 per fill but from the fight page by the time I click on someone it only allows one fight and says they were already iced (they appear grayed out when the fight screen refreshes).
    It's a pain because I have to spend each stam 1 click at a time. I know there's a fight toolbar but it only selects the same person you are already fighting... which I thought didn't drop loots if they are already iced.
    Clarification please?

  6. I think you mean Title IX.

  7. to gam0vr: brawler. mw is completely unplayable for me if not for this tool, fighting is way too tedious.

  8. I use brawler, have over 1200 stamina and game is unplayable also if not for brawler. I finished fight club levels so get 3-4 energy packs/day now. I must have increased defense and attack by 4000+ points each over the weekend. 117k in attack now and 115k in defense.

  9. WOW, thanks 2x Anon's.

    Wish I knew about Brawler beforehand, I would only spend maybe 30 pts on fighting and the rest on robbing for weapons/car/armor parts just to get rid of it quickly. Even though the drop rate is significantly lower from what I remember (~3%)and the xp is crap (1.8/stam?), at this point in the game it's not a bad way to spend stamina.

  10. Considering I hardly get any good loot out of tournament fighting, once in a while only, and the fight club loot is only once each few hours, and the LP loot is only if we have credit cards, otherwise it also is just one item a day or every two or four days as the LP adds up to anything substantial, I fail to see the reason for the snub to Vegas and upcoming high end Italy job loot. It's numbers that count. Skill points, and lots of good equipment. One item a day made in the Italy port is great.. but it's just 30 items after 30 days. Hardly enough for a mafia of 501, so, sniff all you want, I'm happy with my exceptional Vegas loot, thank you.