November 20, 2010

Mission *Collection* - Which Missions Have Which Items?

Mafia Wars unveiled a new Collection today. You'll find it under a new menu in your Collections page, on the right, entitled "Mission":

There are 7 items to collect.

The reward for vaulting is among the nicest I've seen for any Collection: a total of 40 upgrade points and a nice Armor piece:

Where are the Mission Collection items? I found the Stick Shift Grip available as a Rare Reward in the 6-person, Hard level Mission 'Transport the Uranium'

When you click on 'See the Rewards', you'll see the Stick Shift Grip. Going to be tough to get any one of these, much less all seven.

The Fake Identity Collection piece... an Uncommon Reward in this 7-person Mission.

Other Collection items are found in these Missions:

Blasting Caps - Truck Hijacking (Uncommon Reward - EASY Mission)

Code Breaker - Bank Robbery (Uncommon Reward - MEDIUM Mission)

Earbud Shade - Steal a Dockyard Shipment (Uncommon Reward)

Mook Jong - Bribe the Government (Rare reward)

Sniper Scope - Bribe a Contact (Rare reward - EASY Mission)

The Collection will be a true challenge to round up, as many pieces are long-shot Rewards in the more difficult-to-complete 6- and 7-member Missions. So Mission leaders - make sure you get your Missions complete once you post them!

So now you have a reason to do certain Easy and Medium Missions, which were being passed over regularly beforehand. I haven't yet located the Collection items as Rewards in the drop-dead useless Holiday Traffic Missions.

These Collection items are *HARD* to find. I've led or participated in about 20 Missions since the Collection started and have not once gotten a Collection piece. I have gotten a lot of "Mission Loot" items with great stats AND the ability to Wishlist them.

The first Mission Collection piece I got - as pointed out by a reader below - was through the Daily Take. I'm happy for the charity, given my .000 batting average in Missions this weekend.

The second Collection piece I got ALSO didn't come from a Collection - instead, it came from clicking on a GREEN "Claim Prize" links on my Facebook newsfeed. Usually, no matter how fast I click on these, I am told that I am too late to collect a prize. But today I saw this:

I was still batting .000 in getting Mission Collection items after completing about 45 missions... yet was slowly working my way towards vaulting the Collection with these charitable donations. And there are four VERY nice "Mission Loot" items that have top stats AND drop from Mystery Bags if they're on your Wishlist. So I'll keep trying.

Eventually I won a Stick Shift Grip - the easiest of the 7 Collection items to earn (since the most common job is 'Transport Stolen Uranium'. I traded some Weapon Parts for the Mook Jong since I barely ever saw the 'Bribe the Government' job come up. At that point, I had 6 of the 7 Collection items.

The Sniper Scope is the toughest of the seven items to win, judging by the trading boards. I've seen one 'sell' for 850 Weapon Parts and another for 16 Foo Fighters. And - a week after getting my Fake Identity - here's how I got mine:

Don't trade away your kingdom for these items. The Daily Take will fill them out for you if you're patient. Of course, on my very next mission, I won a second pair of Earbud Shades. Duplicates of the Mission Collection items are easy to trade for the remaining items you need, or other Mafia Wars loot.

While you're completing Missions to unearth these 7 items, you'll also pick up four outstanding "Mission Loot" items (click to see separate post). Even if you don't have any of them yet, you can get them in your Wishlist and collect them from Red Mystery Bags.

The new Mission Collection certainly infuses life into the Missions, which were headed towards flickering flame status.

Thanks to JS and MV for the tips.

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  1. where can you collect sniper scoop

  2. I got the sniper scope (my only piece so far) as part of the Daily Take. I want to say it was my reward for playing a fourth day in a row.

  3. reward pt quicksand indeed!!!!
    i believe now u can buy positions in missions using rps....
    they have to be ur missions ofcourse....

  4. i got code breaker on holiday traffic missions, not remember if it was common uncommon rare or whatever lol i hat that clasification,,, i searched on mafia wars wikia and was no info about it. now i know whats the deal.

  5. Zyngadouche. Get rid of the crap and put only 50+ stuff in the missions and people will do them. Also, put multiples of consumables. Nobody is interested in doing a mission, wasting a few hundred on the energy or stamina and possibly lose out on the input because some guy doesn't ask his 600 friends 8 times a day.

    Allow non-friends to join. Or set up a page where you can see which friends have missions available. I only check my game feed for the past 2 hours and give up. I gave up on missions because it's too easy to see a mission fail because no one is interested.

  6. Non friends CAN help complete missions...ask mafia members with larger mafias to share the link on their wall...TRUST ME, it will get done...

  7. i need the sniper scope, mook jong, and fake identity... i will trade.. i have the diamonds, the daily chance items or other high powered items... let me kno!! sry if this isn't suppose to be posted here.

  8. Correction for above: I actually got the sniper scope from my FIFTH day of the Daily Take, not the fourth.

  9. I have seen some of my players posting missions for players in their mafia. I very much respect these players' attitude but unfortunately with a mafia of over 1000 i can't even help many of my own players let alone try to help players outside my mafia but certainly players who have 4000+ friends will certainly be able to help in this way. I haven't post missions in ages and none of the new holiday ones, just relying on the ones i've joined to get the rewards, can't be bothered to monitor the progress. Have joined quite a few of the transport uranium mission and have not gotten any good loots from them, Zynga is really annoying. I posted a few missions in my loot account and don't notice any difference in the rewards compared to if i were joining others. And i certainly don't get the point of the easy missions, new players are better rewarded spending their energy doing jobs in Bkk getting better loots or fighting than doing these.

  10. Well I spent 16 reward points to fill in for 2 job spots and got crap. So this is the last time I'll spend reward points, zynga you idiot. Missions just aren't worth the effort.

  11. I think missions are pretty good for the most part but Zynga screws things up quite a bit on them and needs to readjust many of them. It doesn't make alot of sense that ones that only require 4 people can drop overall better loot than ones that require >4. Consumables (ie special parts) should drop in much higher quantities to put them on par with the other rewards or removed entirely (I'm looking at you bio monitors). The tiers of items could use reworking in general in terms of rare/uncommon/common. The rares on the newest easy mission are better than some of the rares on hard missions, etc. Collection items should be kept out of missions imo. They are one and done deals essentially. Everytime you get a duplicate piece or any piece after vaulting it is aggravating and a waste of a piece of loot.

    Oh and the traffic mission is crap and I'm tired of requests for it clogging up my streamhelper.

  12. gutted, cos ive found a way to eventually get any mission you want to post, it does take a bit of work but in the last 3 days ive had about 20 scopes and traded them for loads including 50 lotto sets, and i havent seen anyone post the method on any forums, sites, groups..anywhere.
    I bet you traders out there would love to know how to do it