November 6, 2010

Rendezvous at the Pentagon UPDATE + More Loot

The challenge formerly known as Infiltrate the Pentagon (explained in detail here) has undergone a less-threatening name change:

But more notable than the name change is the fact that you can get MULTIPLE Mastery Rewards from the Army, Navy, and Air Force challenges once you obtain the Grand Prize from the Rendezvous at the Pentagon challenge (Government Secrets)...


If you act now, once you obtain a second set of Gold Mastery items (all 3), you can get a SECOND grand prize - another Government Secrets, with its 103/132 stats!


If you call within the next 15 minutes, we'll throw in a Mafia Wars Achievement for collecting 100 uniforms (collectively from the Army, Navy, and Air Force)

I know, enough with the cheesy infomercial hooks. But this comes straight from Zynga:

"Players who master all the military uniforms during the Rendezvous at the Pentagon event will earn the grand prize Government Secrets armor mastery item. The Grand Prize will only be given to players who master all three levels of all three gifts. For the first time, players will have the incentive to repeat the event after achieving the Gold Mastery Items, so that they can accumulate multiples of items. Collecting 100 military uniform gifts will award a special achievement."

So save up those Army uniforms once you reach Gold Mastery -- at 75 attack each, you'll want as many Gold-level Ranger Kukris as you can get your hands on.

Same goes for the Navy and Air Force uniforms once they go live - don't stop at 21 (needed to get to Gold Mastery) - you will want multiple Patrol Dolphins (77 defense) and Angel's Graces (78 defense).

Also from Zynga comes this helpful Q & A on the multiple rewards and the 100-uniform achievement:

"Q: When does this event end?

A: A deadline hasn't been set yet.

Q: How many multiples can I get?

A: Once you've earned the Grand Prize item, your ability to collect multiples of the 3 Mastery items will unlock.

The current best strategy is to collect just enough uniforms to accomplish the first Gold Mastery item for each uniform and then wait until you've collected the Grand Prize. Then you can resume collecting other uniforms. It is possible to have multiple Gold Mastery Patrol Dolphins, but only 1 either Bronze or Silver Mastery Patrol Dolphin are allowed to exist at a time. Once you have a second set of Gold Mastery items, you will receive a second Grand Prize item.

Q: When will the 100 Uniform achievement become available and how can I track my progress?

A: The 100 Uniform achievement will become available once the Grand Prize is available. Until then, only 21 of each uniform can count towards your total."

Since you need lots and lots of every uniform, this all the more reason to master and use the Mafia Wars Double Free Gift trick.

Saving all these uniforms may clutter up your Free Gift Envelope and Games Application icon for a couple weeks, but the extra Loot will be worth it.

When you finish Gold Mastery on all 3 challenges, you'll see this screen - granting you the Government Secrets prize and allowing you to replay the challenge and collect more Rewards and another set of Government Secrets:

Nov 9 Update: Word on the street is that you can complete the entire challenge THREE times... though one poster said he completed it FIVE times... either way, the more the merrier!

Nov 11 Update - 3x is indeed the maximum number of times you can complete the challenge:

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  1. Is it just me or did they move up the dates and times on the unlocks? from 6-7 days for the last one is now 2days..

  2. Yes, the dates were moved up.

  3. the double loot trick doesn't work this time :(

  4. when does this end?

  5. is there an achievement for this event because i think i saw some one post that they have gotten an achievement

  6. Supposedly, there is an Achievement awarded once you collect 100 uniforms. Since it takes 63 uniforms to finish the first time, you should get this on your second time through.

  7. I seem to be cut off after completing it three times.

  8. sus said...

    the double loot trick doesn't work this time :(

    oops, it DOES in fact work, sorry

  9. You dont get an acheivment for collecting 100 Uniforms. Im now doing the Uniforms for a 3rd time, which is more than 100.