November 11, 2010

Rumble in Russia - PREVIEW

Mafia Wars has been touting the Rumble in Russia challenge this week with the banner above. It was supposed to start Thursday but now says "Coming Soon" - look like it will start this weekend at some point.

It is essentially a series of Boss fights, like we saw in Beat the Feds and Showdown in San Juan. Four bosses, three levels apiece, each with a Reward that has better stats at each level.

There is also an "Event Mastery Item" - the Ursa Major (Russian for "giant bear", so presumably an Animal) - stats are 60A/115D at top level.

Here is information direct from Zynga:

Welcome to the Rumble in Russia! In this event, players will need to defeat 4 bosses to earn a reward from each boss fight and an event mastery reward item once all four bosses have been defeated. The event mastery reward and each individual boss reward has three different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold). As higher mastery levels are reached the strength of each reward item will increase. Duplicate reward items cannot be earned once gold mastery has been reached for all bosses. You can request help from your Mafia for each boss fight. Mafia will receive experience points and fight tokens on random occasions.

You must defeat the current boss before the next boss unlocks. Once started, a timer is associated with each boss fight. Each boss needs to be defeated before the timer runs out. When the timer expires, the boss heals. Bosses will not heal if you die during the fight and are forced to leave the fight.

Boss Timers:
Bronze—12 hours
Silver—8 hours
Gold—4 hours


Boss Lenenov – Atlas Torso (Armor)
Bronze (Att/Def): 44/31
Silver (Att/Def): 70/43
Gold (Att/Def): 89/51

Boss Belikov – Crushed Ice (Vehicle)
Bronze (Att/Def): 50/29
Silver (Att/Def): 77/46
Gold (Att/Def): 96/59

Boss Osipov – Big Z (Weapon)
Bronze (Att/Def): 38/54
Silver (Att/Def): 58/82
Gold (Att/Def): 72/108

Boss Bassinov – Civ-4 Carbine (Weapon)
Bronze (Att/Def): 49/59
Silver (Att/Def): 62/87
Gold (Att/Def): 84/113

Event mastery item: Ursa Major
Bronze (Att/Def): 43/65
Silver (Att/Def): 49/92
Gold (Att/Def): 60/115


Here's a Mafia Wars Italy development I noticed this morning - a helpful "calculator" Mafia Wars provides when you accept certain Mystery Shipments, showing you how many more of a particular Italy Village upgrade item you need for a particular Property:

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  1. URSA MAJOR (урса майор) is a group of stars or constellation refering to the female of a bear. i bet the image will be much like this one
    lets wait if zynga does not put zillion health on bosses with 3 or 4 henchman lol, i hope no. and btw ty for your effort put into this blog. have a good day.

  2. "ursa major" is Latin, not Russian.

  3. Rumble in Russia seems to be live now, but when I try to go to the page, I only get the top part of the banner.

  4. Sonya on gold level has 168000 health. Having a rough time fighting her.

  5. gold level is unbelievable. how am i supposed to win this in 7 days?

  6. Finished. I have about 1300 stamina and 330 health. While getting toasted in 2 hits (20 stamina attack button), I went to New York and did the mugging job over and over again which only needs 2 energy and got some stun guns and health, etc. After 5 minutes, I went back to the fight and did this process over and over again.