November 17, 2010

Serial Assassins + Holiday Traffic - PREVIEW

Mafia Wars is rolling out two new challenges while we await the release of Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8: Serial Assassins and Holiday Traffic.

Serial Assassins will be first and is "Coming This Week"

No info yet on the Zynga forums, but the Grand Prize (134A/105D) will be a nice addition to your top 501. I hope there's a collection that goes with this one, as we had with the Silence Don Romo challenge.

Holiday Traffic is "Coming Soon" (Thanksgiving?) and refers to a Mission - so hopefully some great loot items like we had with the Halloween Missions.

Commentors on the Zynga Mafia Wars boards are concerned in advance that with the two new challenges, Marble Slabs and Italian Hardwood - which just returned to the Free Gift list - will be off again.

Remember, whether you see the Italy Village upgrades on the Free Gift list or not, you can always send and get dozens of Marble Slabs + Italian Hardwood (click here) - as well as Terracotta Tiles and Stone Columns (click here).

The second link is always helpful since Tiles and Columns have NEVER appeared on the Mafia Wars Free Gift list.

Finally - whether it's for Italy Village upgrade parts, or whatever items we need to collect to master the Serial Assassins or Holiday Traffic challenges, use the Double Your Free Gifts trick!

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  1. The double your free gifts trick isn't working this morning and I'm panic-stricken that they've "fixed the bug". One of my mafia members got Zynga live support and they told him they're working on a "glitch" in the gift system today, so i'm not sure if the double trick will start working again, or if it's gone for good. Also I've noticed the spockholm link-a-nator links have all stopped working today too EXCEPT for an occasional special part gift that squeaks by occasionally, and even that one you can't gift back to the link poster.

    Please share any info you have on this new development when you can, thanks.

  2. The double gift trick and Link-a-Nator are also not working for me this morning

  3. All "accept gifts" on anything sent since last night are coming back as's not just the doubling gifting stuff :(

  4. i got a way to double the gift
    u could try this it requires no installing or downloading
    when someone send u a gift u double it by going to facebook home page, click the 'games' button, right below the applications u use, u find the gift and accept it. next go to mafia wars and click the top left button(only if it does not automatically open) there u could find the gift.doing this could double the gift try it out.
    Tip: If there r more than 1 gift when u open in mafia wars, u click accept and DONT CLICK CLEAR.
    i also dunno why but if u click clear it will clear all the gift u have
    I hope this could help u...