November 21, 2010

Top 4 Mission Loot Items...and How to Get MORE

With everyone going crazy doing Mission after Mission to collect the extremely-difficult Mission Collection items... may notice four outstanding Mission Rewards coming up - one apiece in the Weapon, Armor, Animal, and Vehicle categories. Let's think of these as "Mission Loot" in the same vein as Fight Loot and Italy Village Port Loot

The top 4 Mission Loot pieces have stats superior to top Fight Loot and Vegas Loot. Unlike Italy Loot and Port Loot, these Mission Loot pieces can (currently) be traded, making them even more valuable. While Port Loot offers better stats, you can only get one per day without spending RPs.

Get these Mission Loot items on your Wishlist now, with the links below.

Remember - top Vegas Loot was originally able to be added to your Wishlist (and traded). Mafia Wars suddenly removed that feature, so if you didn't already have Foo Fighters and Bighorns on your Wishlist, you had to wait over a month before they became tradeable again. Don't let that happen with the Mission Loot.

As to the top four Mission Loot items:

*Grim Reaper* (Vehicle)
67A/51D = 118 total

The Grim Reaper edges out the Ballista Missile Launcher (62A) as the top Attack Vehicle that can be added to your Wishlist. It also ties the Phantasm (67A, Fight Loot) in Attack stats... but you can't trade/gift/Wishlist a Phantasm yet.

*Z17 Micro* (Weapon)
69A/45D = 114 total

Currently, the Arcturion Assault Rifle (59A) is the best Attack Weapon you can get on your Wishlist. The Z17 Micro beats it by 10 points... and beats the non-Wishlist-able M45 Overcast (66A, Fight Loot) by 3 points.

*Coyote* (Animal)
37A/64D = 101 total

The Coyote equals the Bighorn (64D) as the best Defense Animal on your Wishlist.

*Grip Gloves* (Armor)
41A/66D = 107 total

So long to the Cooling Vest (61D) as your best Defense Armor for trade/gift/Wishlist purposes.

**How to get Mission Loot on your Wishlist**

First, make sure you have a space free on your Wishlist, which can only hold 3 items. The Wishlist below has one space open:

Second, if you have any of these items, find one on your Inventory/Loot list and simply click Add To Wishlist. (Use the CTRL-F feature to type in the item's name and locate it within the 1,000+ items).

It will then be on your Wishlist:

Third - If you DON'T have one of the items above (you can see I don't have a Coyote), you can add them to your Wishlist with the links below. Remember - you must have a free spot, and you can only put 3 of these 4 items on your Wishlist at most.

Why have these Mission Loot items on your Wishlist? After all, no one is going to GIVE these to you - it's not like putting an Untraceable Cell Phone on your Wishlist. But here are two reasons:

--IF Mafia Wars removes the 'Add to Wishlist' button next to these, you'll still be able to gift, receive, and trade these valuable items. If they're not on your Wishlist at that time, you won't.

--These items drop from Red Mystery Bags, and perhaps from Mystery Shipments and Secret Drops once you're over your daily limit. You can gain a nice trickle of high-stat items.

Once Serial Assassins is over, you can use your Free Gift list to firebomb your Mafia with Red Mystery Bags and wait for them to return. And you can always get access to more Italy Village upgrade parts here and here.

The job-drop Loot from Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 will likely have better stats than these four Mission Loot items, but we don't know when those Regions will go live, and when those items will be able to be added to your Wishlist. So these are your best Mafia Wars tradeable Loot items, in each category (in terms of highest single Attack or Defense stat), right now.

Thanks to JS and LP for the info and JP for the Coyote/Grip Gloves screen shots.

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  1. WOW that's amazing info dude. ty

  2. I can already confirm they drop from mystery bags. Have gotten a Grim Reaper and Grip Gloves. I think they were both from red bags.

  3. Second that....Coyote from a red bag today

  4. Thanks a lot for the wishlist links!

  5. hey, i am wondering if anyone else has this highly annoying daily checklist reward problem: You got...

    Armored Briefcase!
    Limited Edition Item

    Send Mystery Bags to your Mafia to make sure you keep receiving them!

    this has been my reward for the last couple days, and before that i got 1 burner. whats up with that?

  6. How do you clear a spot on your wishlist?

  7. Use the X to remove the item from you wishlist.

  8. yes i followed ur advice Phil , put new mission loot on the wishlist and they dropped today from red mystery bags and secret drops. Dnt know if they drop from blue mystery bags too cause didnt get any yet ( Assassin Event's fault ... lol,)thx for the advice i wasnt even aware of new loot cause i stopped doing missions but now im back in game again :)

  9. the Bighorn is 64 D also ... not 62

  10. I got the Grim Reaper the very same day lol

  11. How do you get the red mystery bag gift box to pop up? Is it just randomly popped up or is it from fighting, jobs or missions? I've seen it a couple times but that's all.

  12. Yea, I wishlist gripgloves, 2nd amendment and Jackal ATV, all drop.