November 4, 2010

Top Vegas & Italy Loot Drops in 2x Fight Weekend

When I posted on Mafia Wars' 2x Fight Loot Weekend, I had no idea what a bonanza this event would be.

I don't know if this is new, or if I'm just noticing it because I'm fighting a lot for the 2x Loot drops, but top level Loot from Italy and Las Vegas jobs are dropping from fights in most (if not all) cities... two at a time!

I've gotten more Foo Fighters, Reinhardt & Ottos, Bighorns, and Corpo Armaturas (a very rare 63/31 Armor piece from Napoli) in the past 18 hours than I did in the months of jobs in Vegas and two weeks in Italy.

Here's some of the Loot I've received tonight from fights. I could spend 1,000,000 Energy doing jobs in Italy and Las Vegas, and not get this many items:

The two Foo Fighters - which dropped in a fight in Italy - blew me away, since they are so hard to get in Area 51 (Las Vegas District 7). Same with the two Pulcinellas, which rarely drop in Napoli jobs (Italy Region 5).

I've seen Italy and Las Vegas loot drop in Cuba, as well as Italy and Las Vegas, and readers reports seeing these items drop in ALL cities. I also had two Nak Kha Shotguns (Bangkok job Loot) and two Bighorn Rams (Las Vegas item) drop in the same fight, in Las Vegas:

I also received two pair of Loot - with very nice stats - that I had never seen before:

Could these be items that Mafia Wars will debut in jobs when Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 go live? Or are this items exclusive Fight Loot? The Ottoman Krug, with its 64 defense and combined 107 attack/defense stats, is a better defensive Armor piece than the Cooling Vest (61 defense) and as valuable as anything in Las Vegas.

And I am absolutely drooling over this... appropriately titled... Vehicle:

The Phantasm is 5 attack points above the Ballista Missile Launcher. That factor, plus its 112 combined stats, make the Phantasm the best Vehicle that you can collect.

Strategy Tip: Even if these top items are dropping in all cities, I recommend fighting in Italy - both to stock up on Lira, and work your way towards the difficult Bread and Circuses Achievement - icing 1,000 players in Italy.

I plan to spend a lot of Stamina, and a lot of my stored Reward Points getting more Stamina, fighting this weekend, and stocking up on the best available Loot in the game. Were it not for the divorce laws in New York, I could easily sit here all weekend and watch my stats go through the roof. This is like an early Christmas.

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  1. you can get top loot fighting in any city

  2. Hm...The Diavolo SMG I think, drops from Region 4 Italy, I believe, but at EXTREMELY low rates.
    Insanely low, even.

  3. Thanks for the tip on fight loot! Just as an aside I happened to play on the crappy slots of my friends today and the payout rewards sure looked different than I remembered. Only played 5 and got a bark scorpion. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't notice :)

  4. i am getting a 25% drop rate in italy!! i have used over 4,000 stamina points already OMFG

  5. i think fight loot really drops in every city. been doing fight in new york and gets all the drop like r&o and foo and the new loots

  6. its dropping in any city, picked up many new items in moscow, also think everyone may get 2 foo fighters as the first 2x loot, as 2 accounts did

  7. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm not getting anything like this for a loot drop rate. Maybe they changed it, but my loot drops, while they include the occasional Vegas item, are not very frequent nor particularly grand.

  8. I have not received any sort of special drop either- I've tried all of the cities. Any ideas?

  9. I'm barely getting any loot drops, either. Already spent several hundred stamina, and have seen nothing.

  10. I'm get double loot drops while working the hitlist too.

  11. Don Mendes found 2 Nyalas! (40 65): Animal, looks like a damn antilope from hell... anyways, nice piece of loot that I got from this

    BadMotorFinger found 2 Hard Fours! (30 50): Sportive car, grey and black

    Tommy Gun Tunks found 2 Tirapugnis! (38 51): Small pistol

    Don Zagnolo found 2 Skull Caps! (28 51): Ballistic helmet

    Beat the shit out of you! found 2 Bighorns! (26 64): Animal... with horns....

    Oh, and my favorite:

    Grillo found 2 Phantasms! (67 45): they ARE sweet :)

  12. I am calling this the 0 loot event since that is the amount of loot that I have gotten all day.

  13. Those that talk about 0 loot, I'd like to see a screenshot of your brawler!

  14. I've spent 3000 stamina and improved my stats by approx. 3500. I go back and forth constantly pressing the fighters and rivals button to find a mafia size smaller than my 501 who hasn't been iced yet.
    Most of the smaller mafias are iced in seconds, so I have patience to keep on pressing the 2 buttons until I find my prey. My opponent has to have the power attack button. Those who don't most likely have no loot. Some of them will always have loot and others will have almost nothing. So each time I attack an opponent, I remember the mafia size (I can't remember each name). And when I find good results, I remember the mafia by it's size and search for it on the rivals section, patiently going back and forth to find it not iced. Find 2 or 3 of these delicious opponents and it should last a while.

  15. As mentioned above, find 2 or 3 (more if you can) and keep on hitting them in the rivals section. The ones who give out the good loot will most likely continue to do so. On the other hand, some only give out secret stash, weapon parts, etc which are useless. Ignore these. I've started again and improved my stats by approx. 800 using 500 stamina.

  16. ey guys one question: will this good loot remain after loot event or is just for this event only , i mean this vegas and italy loot in fights?? but its so hard to fight last days all opponents are dead in 1 hit very rare power attack button lol

  17. how amazing loot this weekend!! I really hope that it will remain so good!
    New best weapon loot 2 M45 OVERCAST 66/44 and animal NYALA 40/65! cAN U IMAGINE WHAT WOULD IT BE WHEN THESE ITEMS BECOME GIFT ABLE YAY CNT WAIT...:))

  18. Looks like the 2x is done but the fights are still dropping the really nice items. Luckily I have been steadily ramping up stamina since vegas came out. So I've spent like 10k in stamina this weekend and boosted my stats more in the last 2 days than I did in the previous 6 months.

    If these drops remain it will make stamina accounts way more powerful and they will have way more good loot than any energy account could ever hope to get.

  19. sry, im new to the game. why do you all boost stamina now so heavy? hitlist surfing? any answer would be highly appreciated!