November 6, 2010

Updated Daily Chance Lotto Prizes

Mafia Wars has updated its Daily Chance prizes. In case you happen to have already finished New York (say, 18 months ago), you'll be pleased with the updated Loot/prizes. This week, mine included Italy Village Parts, Weapons Depot Parts... and the very elusive Armory Parts.

Note that I got 10 total loot items for 5 winning tickets. I am not sure whether the 2x for each item is because of the 2x Fighting Loot Weekend (do you consider playing the lottery a form of fighting?) or if it's a permanent feature. Let's hope it's the latter.

While I'm happy with this development, I am still griping about another aspect of Daily Chance: I have yet to get more than 5 Loyalty Points when I claim my prize for 6 tickets, even though the available prize is UP TO 20 LOYALTY POINTS. Reminds me of when we were getting 1 Reward Point each week when the prize claimed to be "up to 5 Reward Points."

Still, the opportunity to get Loot items you actually need in November 2010, rather than more Untraceable Cell Phones which were all the rage when President Obama was inaugurated, is a good move by Zynga to keep Daily Chance relevant.

In a similar vein, our friends might want to consider updating the Day 1 reward from Daily Take from a Rack of Chips (Vegas loot) to a Satchel of Lira... since Italy is the center of attention in Mafia Wars world.

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  1. What's the best way to use reward points without wasting them?

  2. This weekend, I'd recommend using them to restock stamina as needed as do as many fights as you can to take advantage of the 2x Fighting Loot Weekend. All of the top level Italy and Vegas loot items are dropping, as well as four other "Fight Loot" items, with stats that beat anything from Italy or Vegas. Your stats will cruise.

    Usually, however, I have the same question as you do... so I almost never use my Reward Points - I just save them up for... who knows what.

  3. Yeah, I'm stuck with 60 something points and counting. Thanks

  4. I'm saving my reward points so I can cruise through the upcoming Italy regions.