December 11, 2010

ALL FIVE Private Zoo Upgrade Gift Links

The new Private Zoo property is difficult to upgrade because your Free Gift window only has 2 of the 5 upgrade parts. Thus, you end up with 23 Bird Cages, 21 Feeding Troughs, but no Aquariums, Big Cages, or Terrariums - making it harder to get complete upgrade sets (one of each part).

And you'll need 71 Private Zoo upgrade SETS - 355 pieces - to fully upgrade your property to its current highest level. What to do?

The links below let you send your Mafia EACH of the five Private Zoo upgrade parts. And then your Mafia can send the same part back to you. This way, you're not limited by your own Free Gift window to sending - and receiving back - a certain part.

These links work like the popular Terracotta Tile/Stone Column links and Italian Hardwood/Marble Slab links - they will send you into Mafia Wars to a screen where you can send the chosen Private Zoo upgrade to whatever Mafia members you select:

Give the links below a try and let us know how they work out for you!

Remember to use the Facebook/Zynga Double Free Gift Trick when you receive Private Zoo upgrades (or any Free Gift). Always accept the gift in your Mafia Wars envelope first, then follow the steps in the post linked above to get the same gift again, through Facebook.

Exotic Animal Feed, used for Levels 7-10 of the Private Zoo, appears in everyone's Free Gift window, so no link is needed.

Animal Feed - used for Animals from all 10 levels - is generated by your Private Zoo daily. Until we find a link for gifting Animal Feed, you can rob Private Zoos in New York...

...or you can be really efficient with your Stamina, and use Targetted Robbing to get unlimited quantities of Animal Feed.

Thanks to JP for the links

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  1. u r awesome dude!
    keep up the good work
    happy holiday

  2. any tip on which animals would be best for an offensive build? the warthog has the best offense but you get a +20 health bonus each time which i really feel... meh?!
    i'm at a level were i currently use the top 3 offensive animals.
    thanks and happy holidays!

  3. You can avoid all this...

    Just use link-a-nator..

    All this post is useless... Just advice to use the spockholm BM...

    lols @ you...