December 1, 2010

Cake Jailbreak Challenge

Within minutes of the end of the Serial Assassins "collection" challenge, Mafia Wars debuted the Cake Jailbreak challenge. This is also a collection challenge, where you obtain items from your Mafia as free gifts and earn rewards at three different levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Same pattern as Serial Assassins and Rendezvous at the Pentagon.

The collection items here are the Birthday Cake, the Wedding Cake (available on Saturday), and the Cupcake (available next week). The Rewards look slightly lower in stats than those in Serial Assassins, but - at Silver and Gold level - certainly worth the effort:

The Grand Prize - for collecting all three Rewards at Gold level - is the Mug Shot (94A/136D). You need to collect 4, 8, and 16 of each cake to get Bronze, Silver, and Gold mastery - so 28 of each cake.

But don't stop there - Serial Assassins allowed you to complete the entire challenge three times - getting 3 Grand Prizes and 3 of each Gold Reward - 12 very nice Loot items. If Cake Jailbreak allows the same repeats, you'll need to collect 84 of each cake. Again, I urge everyone to study, practice, and master the Double Free Gift Trick for events like this.

One nice improvement with Cake Jailbreak over Serial Assassins is that the three Rewards and Grand Prize comprise one item apiece from the Weapon/Vehicle/Armor/Animal categories. Serial Assassins had 3 Armor items and a (very nice) Weapon:

Come to think of it, wouldn't the Gun Powdered Milk from Serial Assassins be (conceptually) a more appropriate Grand Prize for the Jailbreak Cake challenge? After obtaining 84 cakes each round, you'll be thirsty for a nice glass of milk.

But I digress. The Birthday Cake is out this morning, and available to send in your Free Gifts screen:

You will also see occasional free cakes on your Facebook news feed as Mafia members find them while doing jobs, so grab these when you can.

You can also send the cakes from your Home Screen, where the Cake Jailbreak banner has replaced the Serial Assassins banner. You can monitor your progress on each of the three collectibles. Once all three cakes are "live", you'll know which one to ask for and send more of.

Once all three Jailbreak Cakes go live, it's likely that the Italy Village upgrade parts will be squeezed off the Free Gift board, as they were during Serial Assassins. You can avoid this problem by using our links for Marble Slabs and Italian Hardwood anytime. And - even though they've never been available as Free Gifts - you can do the same with our links for Terracotta Tiles and Stone Columns. Finish that Village!

After collecting four Birthday Cakes, I received the Bronze level Lockdown (58A/34D) - roughly the same stats as an Amphiquad - so the real Rewards in Cake Jailbreak will start, for many, at Silver level.

8 more Birthday cakes and you've got the Silver level Lockdown:

16 Birthday Cakes later, the Gold Lockdown (74A/46D) leaves both the Phantasm (top Fight Loot item) and the Ballista Missile Launcher (Hoover Dam) in the dust, for attack Vehicles:

The second collectible cake is the Wedding Cake:

Collect 4 of them, and you'll have the Cake Jailbreak Reward associated with the Wedding Cake: a Bronze level Jailbird (37A/60D).

Collect 8 more Wedding Cakes and you'll get the Silver level Jailbird (42A/68D) - a superior defensive Animal to the Bighorn (Hoover Dam) and Nyala (a top Fight Loot item).

16 more Wedding Cakes from there, and you'll earn the Gold level Jailbird (47A/76D):

Remember, keep collecting Wedding Cakes once you get here - you'll want *56* more (and 56 more Birthday Cakes) to be able to complete this challenge three times, assuming this is modeled after Serial Assassins. The stats for the Gold level items and the Grand Prize - and the chance to get all 12 items - make them all worth the effort.


Of course, getting more Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes (to prepare for rounds 2 and 3) is harder with the release of the third collectible cake, the Cupcake:

The Reward for collecting 4 Cupcakes is the Bronze level Orange Peel (63A/26D), an Armor piece.

At Silver level, the Orange Peel has 71A/33D stats..

With an improvement to 79A/40D at Gold level:

Once you collect the Gold level Orange Peel, you'll also earn the Cake Jailbreak Grand Prize, the Mugshot - a Weapon with impressive 94A/136D stats:


As with Serial Assassins, once you're done, you're not done. You can replay the Cake Jailbreak event again (and presumably a third time):

So I hope you've saved up extras of each cake - you'll be asking for them until the event ends or you reach the final Grand Prize.

I've seen a good number of complaints about "challenges" like these that make players bombard their Mafia with Free Gift requests (aren't we already doing that with Missions to get the super-tough Mission Collection items and the top-tier Mission Loot?).

Others point out that their news feeds were clogged with Dead Bee requests for the past three weeks, only to be replaced with (the more palatable) Birthday Cake requests.

(Notice how the Facebook post above says "Send a Calling Card"? This was a specific part of the Serial Assassins plot - and has no relevance to the Cake Jailbreak challenge - I don't think a BUS leaves a BIRTHDAY CAKE as a calling card... but that's just me. Nice of Zynga to simply re-use the same posts and change the picture!)

As to the clutter and posts, think of them as an occupational hazard. If you play Mafia Wars regularly enough to read blogs that give you tips (and we appreciate you doing so!), then you're going to go for all the top Rewards from these challenges. I don't mind my Mafia asking me for Free Gifts - it's the nature of the game... and the nature of being in a Mafia!.

Hopefully, your non-Mafia Wars, real-life, Facebook friends (I think I still have 1 or 2) have learned to turn off the Mafia Wars notices rather than cancelling you altogether.

So look at the Cake Jailbreak challenge as a chance to get perhaps 12 top-tier Loot items to go into your arsenal and improve your stats. Yes, this is likely something Zynga is doing as it prepares for the eagerly-anticipated release of Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8... but I am glad Zynga is doing something to keep us busy rather than letting the game get stagnant. The hassle of this new collection challenge is preferable to the boredom of a game on pause.

Happy eating/collecting!


I'd also like to give a shout out to the author of the Top Mafia Wars Secrets site and blog for his collegiality and professionalism. There are a number of quality Mafia Wars blogs out there and I encourage our readers to check them out. Just like news, politics, and sports websites, you're best served reading a few different ones.

Recently, the Top Mafia Wars Secrets blog had an EXCELLENT piece on how to start collecting the DJ - the Italy upgrade part you will need for the future Disco/Nightclub property - pictured on the previous link and presumably opening when Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 go live.

You can check out how to collect the DJ - which is not available as a Free Gift - by visiting the Top Mafia Wars Secrets blog HERE.

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  1. It appears the gun barrel job is done. The question is, what should I do with all the gun barrels that I haven't claimed yet? Are they going to turn into mystery bags also? They are killing us with this gift crap. I have more gun parts, dead bees, clover and whatever else laying around.

  2. nothing happens when u do that for DJ!!but never mind when it comes live i will collect it then.
    Why u all complain about gift crap? if u have so many clovers or bees left that means u didnt collect all what u could. and u knew that gun barrel's mission will last for certain period of time...

  3. I didn't ignore any of the serial assassin gifts and I love how I had about sixty extra mystery bags this morning.

  4. just curious when we will se the final top eigh, it is supposed that mafia wars will end in episodes 6,7,8 of italy? i bet 7 and 8 will have the final 8 and also will be hard as hell to do.

  5. why not a hacksaw for the first reward? bus why? etc for the others.

  6. I just wanted to mention how I get around annoying my friends with all the posts. I've set up groups in Facebook. I have a Mafia Wars groups specifically for people I do not know in real life but play Mafia Wars with me and I have a group labeled "Mafia Friends". The latter has my real friends that play mafia wars but I also want them to see my status updates.

    So. . . I limit what my Mafia Wars group can see on my wall, photos or personal page to nothing (I make an exception of course when posting MW game posts). My mafia friends group can see everything and gets my MW posts. I just set any MW posts to custom on privacy and only have it post to these two groups. That way I don't scare off my real friends who don't play MW.

    BTW, I'm sick and tired of all these challenges and they are putting new ones out entirely too quickly. Let me catch up for heaven's sake. I'd like to at least finish upgrading all my businesses, but really once you are posting 5 different help requests a day, most of them get ignored at that point. Oh well. . .

  7. I can't believe I wasted 3 reward points just to increase mastery. From 0/16 → 1/16 What a rip off!