December 22, 2010

Discrimination at the Zoo?

Come on, Mafia Wars - get into the 21st century already.   Discrimination in any form is so.... yesterday.

So why is there discrimination at the Private Zoo?

Notice how you can gift the totally useless very cute Level 1 Animal...

...but not the higher-level Animals...

In both the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot, you could gift every Vehicle and Weapon that were available in the initial 10 levels.  Even the Day Rider 2K - which was an expansion Vehicle from the original Chop Shop - could be gifted, traded, and put on your Wish List. 

This is why the Railgun, Plasma Rifle, Hunter Spy XS, Mugati Sport, and Day Riders remain on the trading boards -  they are the highest-stat items in those Properties that you can gift or trade.  Vehicles and Weapons that became available when the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot expanded to 15 levels (like the Extended Cab 640) were not - and still are not - available as gifts or trade items.

But with the Zoo - which you just sense will expand to higher levels at some point anyway - Mafia Wars has already prevented trading WITHIN the initial levels.   

This is gifting/trading discrimination at an all time high - reminiscent of the Mafia Wars Wishlist Police that I used to gripe about.  

This is hardly in the holiday spirit.

The Loot screenshots above are from the new Mafia Wars Inventory site - I've read mixed reviews, but will say this:  once you get the hang of finding WHERE your items are, the new Inventory is superior to the old if you do a lot of trading.  Now, you can instantly see how many of each item you own, and how many you're using - so you know how many you have free to trade.

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  1. From what I saw, it looked like you could gift anything with an ATT or DEF below 50, but that doesn't explain why you can gift the Day Rider and not the Tiger Shark.

  2. Dumb question...can someone explain "trading?" Is it basically "gifting?" Do you pre-arrange with the person or what? I would love to trade for some weapon depot or armory parts as I have not been playing all that long and am only at levels 7 and 8 on those properties.

  3. Trading's pre-arranged gifting, I think.

    Also, new Atlantic City Chapter 3 reveals interesting developments! From 2 mastery levels worth of jobs there, found Ground Hugger (V, 55/30) Frilled Lizard (anim, 26/57). Also, a new purchaseable armor, Pickpocket (25/58), for 7.8k V$. Beats out all but the Cooling Vest for a really cheap price, though I'm thinking the price is a typo, considering the prices for everything else.

  4. How do you buy Atlantic City loot?

    I play in my PC, not with a phone

    TY in advance