December 16, 2010

Farewell to Treasure Isle

I'd meant to report on this sad Mafia Wars development before it became reality... but you know how reality is sometimes too hard to deal with... even in a computer game?

**The Mafia Wars/Treasure Isle promo is OVER.**

(Pause to allow time for crying, acquisition of tissues, and shaking of head in despair)

Mafia Wars had announced this last week in its Release Notes Updates:

So, while you may still the inviting Treasure Isle Tiki Mask icon at the top of your Mafia Wars page...

And this tempting screen... WON'T see *this* happy screen - that appeared on your Mafia Wars home page each time you completed the Treasure Isle promo - anymore:

The Treasure Isle promo, with its full Stamina refill, was great. All you had to do was locate 3 treasures - a fairly easy task. You could do the promo every 18 hours, so if you don't sleep, that's twice a day.

Plus, Treasure Isle is a fairly enjoyable game - and somewhat addictive - I could see my wife leaving me if I added Treasure Isle session to my existing daily regimen of 23 hours of Mafia Wars (indeed, she once saw me completing the Treasure Isle promo - which took all of 3 minutes if you just wanted the treasures - and nearly threw out my computer).

Treasure Isle was my favorite Mafia Wars/Zynga cross-promotion since the Zynga Poker promo that gave you an Energy refill for winning three hands of poker. If you've completed Napoli and are waiting for Mafia Wars to release Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8, then a Stamina refill is probably more valuable than an Energy refill - you can get more Loot from fights than from jobs.

Speaking of things to say farewell to, isn't it time that Mafia Wars updated the Day 1 Daily Take reward from this... something a little more current? Even a Satchel of Lira would border on relevant. But a Rack of Chips? That's SOOOO July 2010! Why not hand out Cuban Pesos?

Given the Day 6 and 7 Daily Take rewards - a Gold Treasure Chest Key and some stat boost, I'd much rather take the Rack of Chips each weeks, than have Mafia Wars scrap the feature altogether.

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  1. Totally got bummed about this and glad you posted, I was wondering why I wasn't prompted to go back to MW after 3 treasures...

    In terms of Daily Take I agree there's a lot of crap but Lottery Tix, 10 Members (461, almost to 501!), 1 Item (not sure how chosen), and/or 1 Stat Point are still pretty cool.

    What really needs revamp is the stupid Crime Spree... but then again it's good for new players and doesn't do anything negative for me. Honestly kind of glad not to ever check that page anymore.

  2. Treasure Island, remove app, done with that game!

  3. I’ll miss the refill for sure, but I will NOT miss this silly game or the obsessed neighbors who filled my gift lists with crap I never wanted or needed...farewell, Treasure Isle! And here’s hoping the next stamina refill promotion is with a game I can stand (go back to Poker, for crying out least it fits the Mafia Wars motif...)