December 12, 2010

Free Defense Point

I know you're not breaking out the champagne for 1 free Defense Point, but every bit helps. Didn't see this one on the Zynga board, but it appears to work:

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  1. You missed yesterdays one attack point...

  2. Off topic, but noteworthy. New Time Capsule gifts! 5 allowed per day. So far, I have received:

    Bone Carved Pistol 49/26
    Red Kangaroo 30/53
    Suit Up 100/125 (woo!)

  3. It would seem the loyalty program rewards have changed - mosst notably for me my favourite - 100 energy for 50LP. Always great for when you are so close to level and have an energy pack to use or similar. But no more. Or they have hidden it.....