December 24, 2010

FrontierVille and Cafe World Promos: NEW Loot Items

Eight new items are available to collect through Mafia Wars cross-promotions with FrontierVille and Cafe World.

Your Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, Armory, and Private Zoo each now have two new items - one as part of the FrontierVille promo, the other from Cafe Word.  You can build one per day unless you want to spend Reward Points to speed up the clock.

The key to building each Weapon or Vehicle or Armor or Animal is getting a special part from the Zynga game associated with that particular item.   You don't need to play BOTH Frontierville and Cafe World to make an item, but you will if you want to make all 8.

For the 4 FrontierVille items, you need a Beaver Pelt... available by playing another Zynga game that I don't want to get addicted to, for fear of divorce, poverty, and growing old in front of a computer screen FrontierVille.

For Cafe World, you need a Doctored Invoice, which can be found in bills that lawyers send their clients Cafe World.  

The items will boost your Mafia Defense stats, and each come with a separate stat boost.  Here's what's available in each Mafia Wars Property:

Private Zoo
Giant Octopus (30A/72D) + 3 Stamina
Big Horn Sheep (30A/72D) +1 Defense

Notice, you don't need ANY Animal Feed to make these Animals - just the 1 Doctored Invoice (Cafe World) or 1 Beaver Pelt (FrontierVille).  

The graphics on the Giant Octopus are really neat, though the Big Horn Sheep looks like some one at Zynga was too lazy to do much more than cut and paste the icon - and name - from the existing Bighorn. 

Bearskin Cloak (30A/72D) +5 Health
Steel Apron (42A/75D) +2 Defense


The Steel Apron from FrontierVille is the only one of these eight items without the 30A/72D stats.  In fact, its 75 Defense makes it better than the top Fight Loot (Ottoman Krug - 64D), Italy Village Loot (Shoulder Pads - 71D), or Fight Club Loot (Hazard Gear - 71D).

Weapons Depot
Venture Axe (30A/72D) +2 Energy
Flambe Torch (30A/72D) +2 Energy

Chop Shop
Chisel Plow ATV (30A/72D) +3 Attack
Meat Truck (30A/72D) +1 Attack

Props to Lex the Assassin, a reader who noted that the FrontierVille item - the Beavered Pelt - is easier to get than the Doctored Invoice in Cafe Word.  Given that all of the items have the same stats (except for the Steel Apron in Cafe World), I'll probably try out the FrontierVille promo.

Greeting screen when you click on Beaver Pelt icon in MW

As a precaution, I'm going to add a new computer to my list for Santa, because my wife is going to take a baseball bat to this one if she sees me playing yet another Zynga game FrontierVille might require more RAM.

Here are some screen shots of my initial foray into FrontierVille and back to Mafia Wars.   Getting my first Beaver Pelt took maybe 10 minutes, most of which was spent figuring out what exactly I had to do (chop 15 pieces of wood, buy 2 fences, and clear 1 stump).

This screen pops up when you're done the jobs
needed to collect the Beaver Pelt for Mafia Wars.

Back in Mafia Wars, your New York Properties screen
indicates that you have a Beaver Pelt to use.

I'm sure this fur will protect me from the
spray of bullets from a Z17 Micro...

The Cafe World item - Doctored Invoice - took me a lot longer to get...

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  1. Thanks for the shout out bro. You do good work here. Agreed Frontierville is easier. Hopefully Zynga hasn't patched it. I just got in from last minute shopping. Bout to start again.

  2. I feel rather uneasy having to move over to Frontierville to get this crap.
    Trading a beaver pelt for Eomer? HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. LOL..I can't seem to get to the Cafe world promo, the frontierville works fine for me but nothing comes up when I open Cafe World, I tried going to
    but the address changes itself when the page loads back to
    any tips? Someone told me I'm supposed to see Chef Amelia

  4. I too have run into the same problem with the Cafe world promo not working. Tried variations on the link but no luck.

  5. same here, cafe world not working... i wrote zynga and waiting for response back

  6. Anyone have problems with not getting a pelt with mission completion if you have one in inventory already? I've cleared two stumps now and nada...

  7. i must admit. I'm completely clueless how to get these rotten pelts. I've played for an hour or so. is there a trick to this nonsense?

  8. d'oh. you just have to click get part from the place in mafia wars you want to build with it. hope that clears up any confusion for those who had the same issue I did.

  9. never have been able to get the cafe world one to work, frontier world works great... guess it don't matter since their same stats

  10. Cafe World promo doesn't work for me either... no promo pop-up or icon. I contacted support three times and their response each time was to send them a screenshot or am I still experiencing the problem and could I be more specific. Obvious pat answers and had no intention of investigating the problem. FrontierVille worked fine and I got a pelt.

  11. How do you get the second pelt?

  12. I can't get the doctored invoice? wtf!!!

  13. i play cafe world sometime, err often, cant load the page to get the mission, redirects every time

  14. Onsuccessful friend said start in mw at property click get part to cafe and bake three pies
    but I dont know which pies and cant figure it out.
    Frontier same route but make sure mw icon showing when trees are cleared then get stump wait for 2 award popups although most time I have to go back to mw to reclick part so mwII icon is there, then I claim. Totally worth it

  15. With the frontierville one - when the MW 'goal' icon is showing, the clearing a stump bit needs you to chop a whole tree and clear a stump (not just a stump laying around) which i figured out after about attempt 20.... if it doesnt work first time reload the game. I also have to wait until i reload the game to collect the pelt (mafia wars goal thing comes up with a II - it seems to work this way i can't get it when it first comes up)

    As for Cafe world, does anyone know what the stupid icon looks like or what the mission even is? can't see it anywhere on this one!

  16. Cafe World doesn't seem to work! It worked the very first time I went to do it... then it stoped ever since after that...bogus
    {OTSS}Only the Strong Survive

  17. 5 triple berry cheesecake at same timeworks to me, but once... I can't get another...

  18. This FV hook is great when it works. I think it fails about half the time for me (i.e. the last thing I need to do is clear a stump and when I do, no reward). They need to get their devs to fix the transitions -- I don't plan to spend any money on this one!!

  19. Now I can't see the "get Parts" icon in MW.....

    Any ideas anyone????