December 8, 2010

Governor's Run and Private Zoo - PREVIEW

Mafia Wars is unveiling two new features: a Social Event (think along the lines of the Thanksgiving Dinner) and - since you've been able to build Vehicles, Weapons, and Armor - a fourth Property in New York City where you can build(?)... you guessed it... ANIMALS.


No, not THAT Animals (the image above is the Pink Floyd album of the same name, for those of you under age 70) - I mean the Animals in Mafia Wars.


**Private Zoo**

This is a new Property in New York - the long-awaited, PETA-dreaded counterpart to your Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and Armory. What category of items is missing? ANIMALS. So naturally, we need to build them. Or, if your heart was set on playing a game where you raise animals, you could simply play Farmville.

The information from Zynga regarding the PRIVATE ZOO includes a motto sure to offend the worldwide Judeo-Christian community:

"Private Zoo... coming soon to New York City... Noah's Ark has nothing on this."

I hope the entirety of mankind is not about to wiped out in an act of God, as addressed to and carried out by Zynga... I need my computer to play Mafia Wars and it doesn't work well under flood waters.

The bottom line with the PRIVATE ZOO is that you collect building parts and special items to develop Animals. With the exception of one Animal listed below - these animals will not get on your top 501 on either attack or defense if you've been playing for awhile. Each animal, however, gives you a boost, in Attack, Defense, Skill Points, or Health.

There are 10 levels in the PRIVATE ZOO so you can enjoy spending the rest of forever collecting the necessary upgrades and parts. Here's an idea, Zynga: RELEASE THE OTHER REGIONS OF ITALY ALREADY!

Back to the Private Zoo - info from the Zynga 411:


50 Attack, 48 Defense, +3 Attack skill - has a reputation for eating anything. It also possesses the capability to take on large prey. (Hint - Fish)

45 Attack, 52 Defense, +1 Skill Point - If bitten, common symptoms for which to watch are rapid onset of dizziness, coughing or difficulty breathing, and erratic heartbeat. (Hint - Reptile)

48 Attack, 57 Defense, +3 Defense skill - have been known to scavenge dead animals. (Hint - Reptile)

62 Attack, 50 Defense, +20 Health skill - can inflict severe wounds on lions, sometimes ending with the lions bleeding to death. (Hint - Mammal)

Q: How Many Levels are in the Private Zoo?

A: There are 10 Levels of Private Zoo, each unlocking a new animal to craft

Q: What will I need to build the Private Zoo?

A: There are 5 Construction Materials named

Q: What will I need to craft animals?

A: There are 2 Materials are required to craft certain animals - 'Common' Feed and 'Rare' Feed

Q: How or where can I get all these items?

A: Construction Parts come from wall posts, Free Gifts, and can be purchased for 1 Reward Point each. 'Common' Feed comes from doing Jobs, Fighting, Robbing, and Collecting from your Private Zoo. 'Rare' Feed comes from wall posts and Free Gifts

Q: Which or these will be 'tradeable' (giftable from your inventory)?

A: Construction parts and both feeds are "tradeable" (Can be gifted from your inventory and added to wishlist)

Q: How often can I collect 'Common' Feed from the Private Zoo?

A: Every 18 hours, players can collection 'Common' Feed, which are used in crafting animals.

Q: How much 'Common' Feed can I collect from the Private Zoo?

A: The amount of 'Common' feed produced by the Private Zoo increases with level of the Private Zoo.

Q: How often can I craft animals?

A: Every 18 hours, players can craft an animal. You can speed up the timer by paying 1 RP per 2 hours left on the cooldown timer.

Q: What kind of animals will I be able to craft?

A: That's a secret until the Private Zoo is released, but we can say Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Arachnids are all represented."

Note: It looks like a zoologist studied that last list pretty well - but what about the arthropods and insects? Why omit them? What did they do to you??

The prospect of collecting 5 types of parts to work through 10 levels of the Private Zoo - in addition to finding the Common and Rare Feed - seems like too much bang for the buck, if the stats above are accurate. Other than the +20 Health Animal with 62A/50D stats (similar to the Meadow Viper dropping from Napoli), I don't see much in the Private Zoo making all the effort worthwhile.

Obligatory gripe from a New Yorker: Mafia Wars' creation of a Private Zoo in New York City will be a first. NYC features five lovely zoos - one in each borough (including the famous Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo) - as well as a couple of aquariums - ALL OF WHICH ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

You won't see this sign when you go to the zoo in New York City:

Mayor Bloomberg and the rest of New York want you to feel welcome, not excluded. (We can easily make you feel unwelcome and excluded with our world-famous New York rudeness).

The release of Private Zoo now, with all the work involved, has me pessimistic about seeing Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 anytime soon.


**Governor's Run**

The information on this "social" event - where you invite members of your Mafia to join you, and get a Loot item once enough do - comes from Zynga's 411 page. The bottom line is, you'll need 9 Mafia members to respond to your requests on your Facebook feed, and the reward is a Weapon known as the 2nd Amendment (52A/80D).

Pause here for legal observation - why would the Governor of a State be associated with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution? When was the last time you saw a *gubernatorial* candidate address that issue (as opposed to Presidential and Congressional candidates, and the federal Judiciary)? So many aspects of federalism and constitutional law offended at once! But this is a game, not law school.

Anyway, here is the FAQ from Zynga on Governor's Run, with more of my political-purity bitching inserted:

Ready to become a Governator and rise to power? Ask your mafia to vote for you in the Governor's Run by sending them personal feeds. When 9 friends give their support, you receive - 2nd Amendment (Weapon) - Attack 52, Defense 80

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Find 9 friends willing to support you by clicking on your feed post.

Q: Can I do this event more than once?

A: There is a one-term term limit, so you can only do this once.

(Guess how many states have a one-term limit for their governors? Exactly ONE. Thanks, Zynga, for disenfranchising the other 49 states and players from around the world!)

Q: Is the 2nd Amendment Mastery Item tradeable?

A: Our country's founders deemed this important enough to include in the Bill of Rights. Once you have it, it cannot be gifted away.

(First of all, people from around the world play Mafia Wars, so let's not exclude everyone outside the United States. And for us Americans - remember - our country's founders clearly didn't want the Second Amendment in the Constitution - which is why they let four years pass after it was ratified in 1787 before the first ten Amendments - the Bill of Rights - took effect.)

Q: When does this event start?

A: Governor's Run is scheduled to launch later this week

Q: When is this event scheduled to end?

A: An end date has not been set yet, but this event will last less than a week. Hurry and get your votes in!

Admittedly, the Governor's Run event - while I will enjoy getting a nice Weapon with nice Defense stats - triggers this reaction, especially in the wake of event after event after event INSTEAD OF MORE ITALY:

Now... time to wake up and collect those Private Zoo upgrade parts... just like the cattle that Zynga knows we are...

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  1. why would you need more content? whats the point? the skillpoints wont make an actual difference after youre lvl 500 or something, its impossible to farm 501 of each of the best loot items( in vegas and italy), its crazy hard upgrading anything, vegas and italy, as well as the new ny properties.
    so why would i want another one? or more content? its not like my lvl 700 account can even get through bangkok till next summer, if youre an energy account like me, youd have to rework your entire character to ever get through vegas and italy, and above all, its almost impossible to lvl contiusly, or at least a couple times a day.

    i shouldve stopped when facebook disabled my old lvl 3.8k energy account, and now its losing every last bit of appeal to me.

  2. You're obviously doing something wrong if you can't powerlevel repeatedly around level 700. You're dumping everything in energy, and getting lots of solar flares? Do you have quality top mafia? Did you finish NY?

    I once powerleveled ~ 300 levels in a week.

    Certain vegas missions on ruby mastery gives > 2xp/energy.
    Most stamina related activities are also > 2xp/stam.

    I currently am level ~1700, over 9000 energy, ~1400 stam. I could still powerlevel if I tried hard enough, but I'm too bored to care. I'm slowly going for the 999T achievement in NY.

    How'd you lose a facebook account? Added too many friends in one day?

  3. Anyone notice new fight algorithm change?

  4. @ anon 5:26

    my stats are:

    level 713 Maniac
    Attack: 400
    Defense: 218
    Health: 250
    Energy: 4588
    Stamina: 330

    my problem is, i dont wanna mass-do the new flash-jobs, cause i cant be botherred to wait all day to click some more, id rather have my old days back, when i just mass-clicked ny jobs or had my autoplayer do it for me.

    and fight jobs, with these att/deff-stats i win against 501 mafias, cause i lose. and then theres no xp. no brawler either, cause weak targets are hard to come by, and it would just take too long.

    i dunno, if i was 100% effiecient i could powerlvl. but its been pissing me off too much lately.

    and that account, i wanted to log in from a complete new computer at a friends, couldnt answer the security questions, and got locked out and then deleted. i mean, its a pure gaming account, 1.3k friends, random people from just about anywhere, how the fuck am i supposed to recognize 5 out of 7 from their profile picture. 1300 friends, like you could even do that if they were actual friends. bullshit.

  5. I doubt it was deleted, probably just deactivated. try getting on again from a computer you used before in location you were before? My mother had the same issue when logging on from a hotel computer when she was away from home. when she returned home her account was still there.