December 9, 2010

Governor's Run - LIVE!

I saw this screen pop up a few minutes ago, describing the Governor's Run event as detailed in this morning's preview.

Just a thought here: 9 of the 50 governors are female - and don't look like the person above. Any chance Zynga could shake things up a bit?

I asked for a few votes from the proposed Mafia members pictured under that graphic but remembered, from previous "social" Mafia Wars events, if you're not Facebook friends with a Mafia member, you can't post a request to him or her for Governor's Run.

When you ask a Mafia/friend for a vote, this comes up on both your Facebook feeds:

Your friends may think you are seeking actual elected office and offer large sums of cash to finance your campaign. Just go along with it.

I found some Mafia/friends and sent them ballots, clogging up my Facebook feed in the process:

But I want that 2nd Amendment weapon with its 80 Defense, so I'm willing to wreck my board and reveal to my other Facebook friends that I am a hopeless Mafia Wars addict. Oh.... they already knew, and deleted me.

Good luck on the campaign trail. Governor's Run ends on Sunday, but getting 9 votes shouldn't take that long.

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  1. Is the purpose of this exercise just to get us to click "Allow" so Zynga can post to our walls at will? This seems very gimmicky!

  2. mine is buggy. it says that i am already finished with it, even though i havent done anything, and that i got my reward, which i havent gotten yet. to me it looks like it still has the same people in it that accepted my request for the thanksgiving thing.

  3. after the first day, I can't send out any more "ballots". Guess I'll never get the darn bonus weapon since I won't get the necessary "votes". Another Zynga gimmick gone wrong!

  4. I have the same problem... I cant send any more invites and I need 2 more votes. What do I do???????

  5. Same here, it's not letting me send out any more votes? I send the max amount the first day and it's not letting me send them out again and it's been more then 24 hours... does anyone know a way around it?

  6. Great comment about Zynga perhaps making the Governor a female! AMEN!!

  7. A really smart person posted to the Wiki... there is a way around it and I just tried it, it works and I finished the event.
    (Find someone you posted to) "go to their wall to view the post, copy the URL from the post, then share this (or a tinyurl) on your own page so your mafia can CHOOSE to help rather than being spammed to do so. Furthermore, if you have all your mafia in a friend group, restrict the post to being viewed by that friend group only as well."