December 24, 2010

How to Protect Your Christmas Tree

If you're like me, you've been getting an error message when you try to add more Gift Protectors for the No Crime Like the Present event...

That's odd - I had *45* presents last night...

...and you're slowly losing Presents from under your Tree because of it.

I've read about two solutions to this problem, and want our readers to benefit from them - but the thanks go to various MW players who Zynga wants to kill deduced these solutions.

You don't have to pick one solution or the other - you can do both - but one is easier (yet leads to more clutter on your Facebook news feed) than the other.

Either way, you'll want to repeat these in the days leading to New Years to keep as many Gift Protectors - and Presents - as possible.

EASY & More FB News Feed Clutter

1. Start at your main Facebook Page (not in Mafia Wars)

2. Go to the Account menu at the top right of your Facebook home screen.

3. Click 'Privacy Settings'

4. Click 'Manage'

5. Find and click on the 'Applications and Websites' link on the bottom left of that page.

6. Click 'Edit Your Settings'

7. Find and click on 'Mafia Wars'

8. Look at the 'Post to My Wall' setting.  If you can click Remove, do that.

Once this is done, when you return to Mafia Wars, and go to the No Crime Like the Present screen, you should be again able to add Gift Protectors by clicking on 'Get Help' and seeing this screen:

CHALLENGING but Minimal News Feed Clutter

1. Go to the Wall Page for any Mafia member who is either (i) one of your still-active Gift Protectors, or (ii) some one you asked to be a Gift Protector, or (iii) a former Gift Protectors (you lose them from Robberies).

2. This is NOT on your Profile page.  You have to go to the Wall Page of some one in your Mafia meeting one of the three definitions above. (If you can't recall the Mafia members you asked, try Solution #1 and then follow these steps for a Mafia member you ask from that process).

3. Scroll down until your find YOUR request for Christmas Tree protection

This is NOT on your Profile page - go to your Mafia member's Wall

4. RIGHT-click on the words "Protect em" on the lower right of that request.

At this point, you're no longer playing Mafia Wars...
you might as well drop out of society
and write a blog
try another game.

5. Select 'Copy link address'

6. Open a new tab/window in your browser, and go to  

7. In the center of the screen, where you see the blank space under 'Enter a long URL to make tiny', either (i) LEFT click your mouse so that the cursor is there, and press Ctrl-V, or (ii) RIGHT click your mouse and select 'Paste'

8. Once you see the ten-trillion-character URL in the box, click 'Make TinyURL!'

9. Now copy the much-shorter URL that is generated.

Just copy and paste the TinyURL link, shaded in blue above.
(Don't open it - you can't protect your own tree)

10. Return to your Facebook home page.  Under Share (right at the top of your page), select Link, paste the TinyURL link, and click on Attach.  

11. You'll be give the option to comment on your Link.  Type something like "Please protect my  Christmas Tree!!" so that your non Mafia Wars friends think you are defending a home invasion Mafia knows to help.

12.  Press 'Share' and this message - and the link - will be published to your entire Mafia (or every Mafia member who you've kept as a Facebook friend).   

13. Anyone who clicks on that link will become a Gift Protector (and will receive a gift from you), until you have 6 protectors.

14.  Repeat this process each day that you see your Gift Protectors fall below 6.  Don't use the same link the next day - you NEED A NEW TinyURL LINK EACH DAY.

I know this is a lot of work - but given the Rewards you'll get from completing No Crime Like the Present, it's well worth the effort.  Good luck!

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  1. thx for the info!!

    another topic question: what is the best job now that doesn't use a consumable?

    the only one i can find that is any good is Nab A High Tech Prototype in LA. 321 xp for 176 energy. thats 1.82.

    anyone else know of a better job?

  2. once i remove the post feed do i have to readd it back in? or just leave it this way for now

  3. Thank you, option #1 worked great!

  4. i used option #1 and now I can't seem to send gifts to my mafia anymore. don't know if the two are related but does anyone know if there is a fix for this. my mafia players names aren't listed anymore when i try to send gifts.

  5. i used 1. method and it worked but that 2. method what u wrote about copying link from your last protectors doesn't work. You got the message that you are too late to protect that person....
    Im a bit fed up with that i collect 45 presents and all day is ok and when i come next morning ahhh 20 less...and liek that more 7 days lol


    How do you buy Atlantic City loot?

    I play in my PC, not with a phone

    TY in advance

  7. i think that about this annoying tree robbing it's the best solution like you said Phil collect presents without opening it all remaining days and then collect it at New Year's Eve. I have been robbed twice today and its getting worse lol. and did u noticed that terracotta tiles and stone columns are mystery bags for last 2 days it seems like Zynga got us and our new fantastic group :(

  8. Anonymous .. If you don't play on your phone.. you don't play in Atlantic City

  9. You can play Atlantic City by browsing to then hitting the facebook connect button. you get the same job options and bonuses.

    to the person who asked. AC uses the same stuff as Vegas.

  10. The reason your getting this too full message would be that you already have 6 protectors, this option 2 will only works as you lose protectors on your tree, you can only have a max of 6 at a time, If you leave the link up on your wall and let people know that if they fail to become a protector they can always come back tomorrow and try again, hope this helps some....

  11. no u cant, if u have link on ur wall and as expected people helped you using that link after you loose ur 6 protectors you cnt use that same link again , you got the message that you are to late to protect , u have to do it all over again every day and as i can see during the day im not robbed but when go and came next day they are always 15-20 gifts missing and im so mad about it so i will collect gifts that my friends send me but i will leave it in my envelope and feed till new years eve, theres no point in collecting 45 presents every day ( and i had it all ) and coming tomorrow and see that 20 are missing again. and if u continue collecting presents after you reach 45 you keep getting coal and tree ornaments instead of presents so any ideas?

  12. re:
    ***another topic question: what is the best job now that doesn't use a consumable?

    I just completed every city (yay, finally) and I was thinking the same thing. For me I've had a full bank in LV for quite some time so 'consumable' seems negligible when with Properties & Tournys I get way more every day...
    "Dig Up Links To Halloran And A Meth Ring" 165E 342XP
    Between that job and the Fight jobs in LV8, I no longer get as much loot per level but I can level like 10x a day instead of my standard 4-5. I was about to ask the same sort of question, so this is my answer. Any other thoughts?

  13. PROTECT PRESENTS POSTING - easy fix: Send a request to a MW family member. Go to their profile & highlight the "Help Protet Present", then right click & choose copy link address (about 500 letters, numbers 7 symbols) then go to Tiny URL & paste where it says, then choose make Tiny URL - copy that to your status & publish it. U probably need to do this every time U need to replace protectors. I 45 presents & 44 were stolen in 6 hours!! So I'm not going to start collecting those gifts again until Friday evening - 12/31

  14. Hey, I did option 1, and now nothing can post to my wall from MW. How do I undo option 1 after I removed that application option? I cannot find any FB help on this.

  15. you can do this with requests for help as well, when you don't get the response you were hoping for, (war help, send parts, etc.) go to the original post, copy link, and re-post in your status update.

  16. just thought i'd note - went to atlantic city this morning and there is a 3rd chapter. All the chapters now have names AND am finding new loot which I can only assume is atlantic city exclusive.

    Swamp Camo (armour, 48/27)
    Ground Hugger (vehicle, 55/30)
    Frilled Lizard (animal, 26/57)

    its a step in the right direction anyway

  17. I used option #1 and it worked, and I have no problem posting other items to my news feed.

    HOWEVER, I've noticed that my posts/requests for help no longer show up in the in-game player updates on my other account. Is this a side-effect? It sucks because MWAP won't help on my jobs now.

  18. Phil your post worked too well the gift link group got too big too fast. I almost doubled my mafia size to 4000+ and I'm still getting error's because people aren't in my mafia. Any plans to switch to a smaller closed group? the main one is just nuts.

  19. There is no way facebook could let these cheats working.letting these cheats in to the games looses their website integrity.some people would keep on trying looking ways to make it easy to manage mafia wars or farmville, but come to think of this,the only best cheat software ever made for facebook was Cheat Engine 5.5, and it worked couple of years back.Im sure someone has idea making it into next version Mafia Wars cheats

  20. I am looking for the same answer as others here I need a fix for option 1 on protecting tree I cant copy and post my ices and I need this option for a group I am in please help.