December 17, 2010

Hustlin' Wit Dre

Mafia Wars has a new social event up tonight called Hustlin' Wit Dre. You're familiar with these events, where you collect three items and get rewards at three tiers, and eventually a grand prize, and can do the event three times.

If this doesn't sound familiar, you either have a life or are new to Mafia Wars. Think of the recent Cake Jailbreak and Serial Assassins events. This is the same deal. You've probably missed collecting bees and cupcakes, so luckily we have another social event before you go into withdrawal.

Other than an interesting Dr. Dre video previewing a new song, the setup is the same as the other social events. These have come up so frequently lately that I bet I can give readers all the information necessary JUST by posting pictures. So I'm going to try:


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  1. lol I like your 'boycott' explanation.

    You might want to update for MISSIONS (Different from team OPERATIONS). Basically complete a set of tasks for Loyalty and Victory Points, sometimes including an item reward. I had Rob X Properties, Attack Y Players, Do Z Job W times... Kinda cool honestly. Now I have motivation to do random stuff I might do anyway. So far mine has centered around New York stuff (like robbing/jobs/attacking) and completing levels to Ruby mastery in Italy (I am finished with NY/Cuba/Moscow/LV, I only have the last mission of Bangkok and 2 missions and 2 bosses to complete mastery of Italy; I can't believe I finally am almost finished with missions!)

  2. In the last day it appears that they may have killed the double gifting feature, but only for this social event. I am still able to collect double on all other gifts, but when trying to collect twice for each of these gifts (both the Beats and Drs Orders) I only ever get one. I've certainly made good use of this feature for these events. It would be a shame if they closed this loophole.

  3. I also can't get my dr's orders from the "double dip", but what makes me mad is so many of the orders never showed up in my MW "envelope" to get the first time!

  4. Please tell how you double dip...I would/need love/take advantage of this....thx