December 22, 2010

Italy Loot Can Be Gifted/Traded (to the Needy)

Not sure when this started, but in reviewing the new Mafia Wars Inventory Page, I noticed the "gifting" symbol next to some drop Loot from... ITALY!

Nothing huge - you can't trade your Meadow Vipers or Corpo Armaturas yet - but here's what you CAN trade:

Everything from ROMA/Region 1 can be gifted or traded.  There wasn't much there worth collecting - the list of loot from Roma topped out with the Vachelli CP (42A/18D).

Similarly, it appears that everything you found in PALERMO/Region 2 can be gifted.  The top item there seems to have been the Cavalletta (43A/26D).

Some of the the Loot items from VENEZIA/Region 3 can be traded, while others cannot.  For example, you CAN gift or trade the Rapier (41A/35D) and the Man-O-War (12A/43D)...

...but not the Luxury Sailboat (27A/51D) or the Venetian Blinder (30A/52D) that are also found in VENEZIA.   

A reader noted that a 50+ stat is the cutoff - for now - in trading Animals from the Private Zoo.  This may be the rule in Italy as well for the time being.  

MILANO/Region 4 has a similar split: you can trade and gift your Eagle Owls (32A/46D) and your Marsican Brown Bears (48A/27D), but not much else.  These two items might fetch SOME trade value - the Eagle Owl is better than the Bighorn Ram (42D) from Vegas - but not as good as the Gila Monster (48D), while the Marsican Brown Bear is slightly weaker than the Bark Scorpion (50A) from Vegas, but stronger than the Chain Viper (46A) from Bangkok. 

 Animals with Attack or Defense stats in the high 40s can still find a home on many players' top 501 list.  Of course, the Diamondback (56A/48D) outshines all of them - and when the Meadow Viper (62A/37D) from NAPOLI/Region 5 goes live,  it will be the cream of the crop of City Loot Animals that can be gifted or traded.  

Nothing from NAPOLI appears to be giftable - the Goshawk is, but many readers reported that this dropped in earlier Italy Regions.

Of course, when Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 go live, all of these items will be garbage, much in the same way as most everything from the first five Las Vegas Districts were - with the notable exception of the Range Finder Rifle - once the final three Vegas Districts opened in September.

The best remaining Italy items not yet giftable are mostly found in NAPOLI and include:

Corpo Armatura (63/31)
Meadow Viper (62/37)
Pulcinella (45/56)
Avanti Tutta (44/56)
Diavollo Piccolo SMG (56/28) (Milano drop Loot)

I used the new Mafia Wars Inventory screen shots of the Eagle Owl and Marsican Brown Bear to note another development that Mafia Wars (hinted at in the hilariously-serious video that accompanied the new Inventory layout):  Certain items will have a Sub-Type, within the four main Types (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor, Animal).   The Eagle Owl is an Animal with a sub-type of "Bird" while the Marsican Brown Bear has no sub-type... yet.

I can only imagine where this organizational headache is leading...

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  1. I've also seen a couple of mastery items that are now giftable. This includes the ex-kgb bodyguard and the che's beret.