December 4, 2010

Mafia Wars - Atlantic City Chapter 2

In my earlier post about Mafia Wars: Atlantic City (Chapter 1), I griped about the boring nature of the jobs and the low XP:Energy ratio in Atlantic City (about 1.3 to 1.5).

One reader commented that, if you've finished all the other cities, you might as well complete Atlantic City's other chapter, since there are 24 Skill Points to earn there (6 jobs, 4 levels). And I thought, that's a great point. So I plowed headlong into Atlantic City -Chapter 2.

Again, the jobs have generic names, with Mastery dropping from 7% to 5% to 4% to 2% as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby. The XP:Stamina ratio is again brutal - 1.3 at worst, 1.6 at best.

And your only pit stops along the way, besides getting the Skill Point at the end of each job, is completing an entire level:

You still earn Vegas dollars and get Vegas items as drop loot. In Chapter 2, however, I noticed slightly better Loot dropping from jobs - the two standouts being the Goldsmobile (55D) and Range Finder Rifle (54D).

I also realized that the low XP:Energy ration isn't as much of a problem as I thought. After all, when you level up, your Energy and Stamina - even when used in the best ratio jobs and fights - cannot get you even close to the next level, especially as you get higher and higher in levels.

So instead of being 1,800 XP short of the next level and reluctantly cashing in a 6,300 Energy point pack - which drives me crazy since so much of it goes to waste, I found that Atlantic City jobs' low ratio - along with the low ratio from the tons of Missions out there - make my Energy use more efficient. I still can't level up in one shot, but I also don't leave 4,000 Energy wasted when I do level up.

Your other option is to keep doing jobs in Napoli or Hoover Dam or Area 51, trying to nail the few and far between top items there (Meadow Viper, Corpo Armatura, Ballista Missile Launcher, Bighorn, Foo Fighter). But the drop rate on ANY item is so low if you're at Ruby level in those Districts/Regions, to the point that you can spend 5,000+ Energy and get one Hopped Up Thug or one Cinghiale for your efforts.

In Atlantic City - Chapter 2, after spending some 70,000+ Energy points, you'll reach the finish line:

The Bullet 44 OET will be a standout in your Vehicle list on both Attack and Defense, and just LOOKS good:

One other neat feature about Atlantic City is your ability to upgrade your stats when you level up - you don't need to go back to Mafia Wars on Facebook to do this:

The best feature of Atlantic City is still the ability to collect from all of your Properties - in all 6 cities - while you're away from the computer.

So, thank you to the reader who made the comment about 48 free Skill Points.

Now I *really* have nothing to do with my Energy until Mafia Wars releases Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8, probably after the New Year.

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  1. 1 cool thing about Atlantic City is the fighting is a bit different. When i find a weaker opponent, I rarely ice them, but rather just keep fighting until i run out of health. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, the fights count for Fight Mastery (which takes forever to build up). It is pricey to health up in Atlantic City (uses Vegas money) but it is very easy to do.

  2. One thing I've noticed is a daily 100 Stamina Boost just for logging on. This might add some value to Atlantic City.

  3. Ya, seems like there is a daily login-bonus. just received 150 xp for logging on!

  4. My biggest problem with Atlantic City is it takes literally 3 seconds per click to do a job. IT is just so frustrating to have to deal with click, wait, wait, wait, click, wait, wait, wait, click, wait wait wait, 50 times in a row just to master one level on Ruby.

    70,000 energy would be much better spent on missions.

  5. if u didnt notice in italy and vegas there is a bubble with a ? that tells u wat kinda of loot the jobs of that tier drops

  6. Thanks so much for all your wisdom. I use the site constantly. I do have a request though. I'm almost done with Vegas, and I have quite a few casino parts yet to collect. Would it be possible to publish gifting links, similar to the ones you've done for Italy? I would appreciate it, and I think other might too. Thanks!

  7. just logged onto my Atlantic City and noticed, in chapter one, that my 3rd and 4th missions which I had previously completed have gone down to 50% mastery and the last mission, i was yet to complete, has shot up to 100%. Anyone else noticed this, or any other, change?

  8. The ratios aren't as bad as you think.

    The energy and XP shown on the Jobs page does not take into account Top Mafia bonuses.

    So that means 10% less energy per job and 10% more XP per job.

    It brings the Jobs on Ruby level to 1.8 - 1.9.

    Not bad at all!

  9. Yep, just discovered the same. The ratios shown are not what you really get/pay. In Chapter 1 Silver mastery 2nd job, it says "cost: 33 xp: 50" which results in 1:1,51 ratio. but it costs me 29 energy and gets me 55 so that makes a 1:1,89 ratio!

  10. it would appear, for no apparent reason, the loot you buy in the different cities in order to do jobs is giftable at the moment....

  11. where i can get supercharged vehicles?

  12. I have a US phone # but am out of the country. I have rubied the 1st Atlantic city on my computer but it won't let me advance to the 2nd. Can this be done by computer?