December 23, 2010

Secure Rudolph Operation: the Jackal ATV

The only Rare Rewards you can trade/gift/Wish List from Operations - besides the Mission Collection items - are the Grim Reaper, Coyote, Z17 Micro, and Grip Gloves.

Ummm...December 21, 2010 wants its outdated Mafia Wars trivia back!  Ummm...1997 wants its sarcastic quip back!

These WERE the best four Attack or Defense items that you could gift or trade. (The Coyote is deemed less valuable than the others - its 64 Defense is the same as the Bighorn.  The other three items above regularly trade for 5-6 Foo Fighters or Ballista Missile Lauchers *each*.)

Now we have a 5th item to trade and gift, though it's hard to come by.

First, you need to find the Secure Rudolph Operation.  I haven't seen too many of these.  It's a Medium-level Operation with 5 slots.    

One of the two Rare Rewards in this Operation is the Jackal ATV (50A/67D) - a Vehicle that is nearly the statistical mirror of the Grim Reaper (67A/51D).

Going back to the new Mafia Wars Inventory page (which now has a search-by-name feature), you'll see that the Jackal ATV can be added to your Wish List and gifted.  Therefore, it can be traded - and will hopefully fall from Red Mystery bags like the Reaper, Grip Gloves, Coyote, and Z17 did.

Other Operations have Rewards with stats in the 60s and 70s... but you can't Wish List/gift/trade these items.  So hope for THIS result if you find the Secure Rudolph Operation:

Earlier this week, I ranted and raved about this inconsistency posted a helpful list of which Operations have which Rewards - and whether you can trade them or not.

Several completely useless items from Italy can now be gifted and traded.  But the ability to put the Jackal ATV on your Wish List is a major advance.

So when it comes to finding the Secure Rudolph Operation and this new item, happy hunting! (WOW that was a poor choice of words in a post about every child's favorite reindeer!) holidays!

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  1. They have some new items for sale in every shop. requiring some cross promotions items. Either beaver pelt from Frontierville or doctored invoice from Cafe World.

    I've never played either game so i'm starting fresh. here's the kicker. I haven't gotten anything to drop in CW the setup takes too long.

    But you can INSTANTLY jump into Frontierville and get the MW item and in fact you can keep bouncing back and forth, the only thing you need to redo is cut down a tree and clear the stump, I've already harvested 10 pelts in the past 20 minutes. Enjoy before Zynga closes the glitch.

  2. We love you too Phil :)

    Keep up the amazing work you do for our community.

    - MWBrall

  3. Anyone have a direct link to add the Jackal to my wishlist? I still have the old inventory and therefore cannot access the screen to add the item to my wishlist..

    Am I the only one still with the old inventory? I am level 1200..