December 29, 2010

Steal the Ball Operation: New Years Resolution

Following on the heels of the Christmas-themed Secure Rudolph Operation, which drops the trade-able Jackal ATV once every 320 tries on occasion, Mafia Wars recently unveiled 
something I remember Zynga using in December 2009 the New Year's themed Steal the Ball Operation which I'm sure New Yorkers appreciated after the May 2010 bombing attempt in Times Square is fun.

Steal the Ball is an Easy operation, but don't be fooled.  It's difficult to find this Operation, either to lead or join. 

Jump in when you see this operation open.

The top Reward from Steal the Ball is an impressive Weapon: the New Years Resolution (69A/46D).  You can trade, gift, or Wish List the New Years Resolution.  

Get this item on your Wish List ASAP in the hopes that some idiot gifts it to you by accident Red Mystery Bags or excess Time Capsules start dropping New Year's Resolutions, as they do with other top Operations Loot items that can be gifted/traded/Wish Listed.

The other Rare reward from Steal the Ball is less impressive: the New Years Party Bus (42A/52D).  This is the stat level for an item you would expect to never use receive from an Easy Operation, which makes the New Years Resolution that much more interesting.

The Uncommon and Common rewards from Steal the Ball are worthless worth less than the New Year's Resolution, and are featured in other Operations.

False advertising, Zynga-style:
Only 1 of these 14 items is actually "great"

After searching and searching, I found an open spot in a Steal the Ball operation and won These Great Items:

Notice that you don't see a New Years Resolution there, though I enjoyed receiving Mugati Sport back in October 2009

As a recap, Mafia Wars now has SIX top-tier Operations Loot items that you can receive, gift, or trade:

Z17 Micro (69/45) (Transport Stolen Uranium)

Grim Reaper (67/51) (Transport Stolen Uranium)

Grip Gloves (41/66) (Truck Hijacking)

Coyote (37/64) (Truck Hijacking)

Jackal ATV (50/67) (Secure Rudolph)

New Year's Resolution (69/46) (Steal the Ball)

The governing trade ratios for Mafia Wars items value the Jackal ATV and New Year's Resolution nearly 1.5x higher than the Z17 Micro, Grim Reaper, and Grip Gloves.  (The Coyote is much less valuable than the other 5).  

Oddly, the New Year's Resolution and Z17 Micro are nearly identical in stats.  The New Year's Resolution is probably more valuable in trade because the Steal the Ball Operation - like the Secure Rudolph Operation - is hard to come by.  

By contrast, Transport Stolen Uranium (which drops the Z17 and the Grim Reaper) seems to constitute 50% of all Operations I get to join or lead. 

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  1. If you have the other nine operations expired or uncollected on your list, this one will drop for you more often

  2. add to wishlist new years resolution???? how????

  3. You can add the New Years Resolution to your Wishlist by finding it in your Mafia Wars Inventory (you can search for it by name) and then add it to your Wishlist from there.

  4. Joined 4 Steal the Ball operations and got 1 New Years resolution so far in my main account and for 2 Steal the Ball got 1 in my loot account. Have not come across anybody posting Truck Hijacking for quite sometime now, got Coyote twice as reward and once as mastery bonus from the Easy operation Bribe the contact. Was giving up on joining the Uranium missions bcos of the bad rewards that i keep getting but yesterday got a grim reaper and z17 in one day so hopefully the chance of getting them has gone up compared to before.