December 18, 2010

Top Operations Rewards & How to Get More

When the Mission Collection came out in November (now called the Operations Collection), the hard-to-find Collection Items were all the rage, with the Sniper Scope and Mook Jong being the hardest to find.  I saw a Scope trade for 50 Foo Fighters in its first weekend out.  While that Collection is almost a relic just weeks later, the Rewards from those "Missions" live on in your top 501 attack and defense items.

By the way - you can't really call these items "Mission Loot" anymore, since (i) Mafia Wars changed the name of these tasks to "Operations" and (ii) created something entirely different that is currently being rolled out - and called them "Missions" - where you do several assigned tasks (robbing, fighting, a job) to get a lot of XP and a reward.  (Wouldn't it have made more sense for Mafia Wars just to leave Missions as Missions, and name the NEW feature "Operations"???)

If you've finished the Mission Collection - and if you've finished Vegas and Italy and done a lot of fighting - you're probably at the point where some of the "Operations Loot" has the better stats than any Vehicle, Weapon, or Armor you can get elsewhere, without spending Reward Points, other than your daily Italy Village Port item or weekly Fight Club items if you're at Level 21.

There are four Operations Loot items that you can put on your Wishlist, trade, and gift - the Z-17 Micro, Coyote, Grim Reaper, and Grip Gloves.  (If you don't have any of these, check out this post and use the links to put them on your Wish List.  These four occasionally drop from Red Mystery Bags).

But there's a lot of other "Operations Loot" out there with better stats - some getting into the 70s on Attack or Defense - that you can't trade.   Why can you trade some Operations Loot items, but not others?

Anyway, here's a long-overdue guide of which Operations have the best Loot (defined as an item with Attack or Defense of 60 or higher), so you know what Operations to join as they become available.  The new Missions will soon be the hottest game in town, but Operations may continue to provide a reliable stream of top-tier items.

Legend: (*T*) - Reward that can be traded
(R) - Rare Reward
(U) - Uncommon Reward
(C) - Common Reward

Transport Stolen Uranium (Hard/6 jobs to fill)
Z17 Micro (69A/45D) (R - Weapon) (*T*)
Grim Reaper (67A/51D) (R - Vehicle) (*T*)

Steal a Dockyard Shipment (Hard, 4)
Inflitration Gear (72A/40D) (R - Armor)
Sleeper Shot (43A/73D) (R -Weapon)
Rogue CIA Agent (69A/30D) (U - Armor)
Turkey Vulture (62, 50) (U - Animal)
Death Dealer Minigun (48, 64) (C - Weapon)

Take Out of Rival Operation (Hard, 7)
Sumatra Tiger (60/30) (R)
Turkey Vulture (U)
Rogue CIA Agent (U)
Death Dealer Minigun (C)
(The other Rare Loot item is the Alpine, with meager 35A/57D stats)

Bribe a Contact (Easy, 3)
Grip Gloves (41A/66D) (R - Armor) (*T*)
Coyote (37/64) (R - Animal) (*T*)

Bribe a Government Official (Medium, 7)
Infighter (71/44) (R - Weapon)
Field Vest (42/70) (R - Armor)

Fight off a Rival Mafia (Medium, 4)
(No Rewards with stats at 60+)

Operation Selection Strategy:

Knowing where the best Rewards are will let you choose which Operations to join (Steal a Dockyard Shipment) and which to skip (Fight off a Rival Mafia).  But how do you choose which Operations to LEAD? It's better to lead an Operation than than join one, since you get four Rewards instead of three once the Operation is completed. You can lead 10 Operations and join 10 Operations apiece at any time.

As readers have noted, there is a trick to getting specific Operations to "fall" when you do jobs, so that you can lead the Operation of your choice - or at least narrow the choices. For example, Transport Stolen Uranium is by far the most common Operation. No complaint, as it has the Grim Reaper and Z17 Micro - 2 of the 4 trade-able Operation Loot items. But the common appearance of this Operation made the Stick Shift Grip the least valuable Operation Collection item on the trading boards.

Want to lead other Operation? Try this: Next time you "get" a Transport Stolen Uranium Operation, DON'T START IT. Just click the X in the upper right corner. It will stay in your Missions list, but won't be active - AND YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER ONE WHILE IT'S THERE. By keeping an inactive Transport Stolen Uranium Mission in "reserve", you can trigger the other Missions to "drop" from Jobs, and lead them.

Joining More Operations:

It's getting harder to join Operations.  When an invitation to join one posts on my Facebook feed, I often find that all spots are completely filled in 30 seconds.  

On the flip side, when you are lucky enough to find an open Operation, nothing is worse than joining in, spending your 200 Energy or Stamina to finish YOUR job, and watching three days go by with unfilled job slots.  (I don't know how this is possible, when most Operations I try to join are completely filled 14 seconds after they're posted!)

SOLUTION:  There's a new and growing Facebook Community page called Finish My Mafia Wars Operations, where Operations leaders OR members can post links to Operations that have open spots.   Go to this page and "Like" it - and share it with your Mafia by putting it on your Profile with an icon on the bottom left of the Community page.

You'll see lots and lots of partially-open Operations that you can join.  Be quick - these spots are also usually taken within a few minutes - but as more people join, there will be more posts, and more opportunities.  The Finish My Mafia Wars Operations page will also show you how to turn your open-spot Operations into simple links that YOU can post, and others can click on, to join and complete Operations... so that we can all get more of the great Rewards listed above.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about that facebook pg; it'll be very helpful.

    With regards to leading operations, they used to let you send a request to individual mafia members (eg your most active few who are most reliable) to alert them that you have an operation that needs doing (I'm recently getting a few such requests, but not sure how they're doing it). I haven't been able to get an operation completed since they got rid of that feature; not enough people visit my facebook wall. After failing my mafia twice, I just stopped leading operations.

  2. All you have to do is x out of the operation when it pops up while you're doing jobs. Then go to the operation and click on start it or whatever. It will give you the option to invite.

    And if you follow the directions he put forth up there, you won't ever have to worry about getting an operation completed again. I've been playing Mafia wars for almost a year and have never used a bookmarklet or anything like that. I figured that this would be hard to do but it's not. It's so easy and the operations get completed in minutes. It's crazy cool.

  3. @anon
    All I get now is
    It used to give me the option to invite below the "buy" button, but they have since removed that button. Without it, I can't figure out how to invite. That button on the upper right posts a request to my wall, but my mafia doesn't seem to care.

    This has nothing to do with bookmarklets.

  4. I always check my/friend's op status. if the time is running out, i take the inniatiative to look for the 'ask help' link on his wall, then i ask my online mafias (thorugh chat) to help by sending them the link. i saved couple of my mafias' op using this way.