January 11, 2011

Bury the Mole

Bury the Mole is a Mafia Wars 3-tier collection challenge - you've seen them every time you log onto Facebook before with Hustlin' Wit Dre and Cake Jailbreak.  

This is exactly the type of challenge that you can fly through by joining a group like Free Gift Link Creators or Free Gift Link Creators 2.

But the challenge follows the familiar pattern, so I'm going to tell this story by pictures only...

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  1. The loot is ok, but besides the grand prize, the loot from the coffins is better. I would get your 5 coffins a day first, and then ask for the others

  2. they might have found the perfect solution to never ever release anything new again. just another one of these events every week. lame.

  3. Any point in repeating the game? I went though it twice so far and the grand prize didnt change. Does it change by doing it a 3rd time? or am I just wasting my items? should I save them in the hopes they become mystery bags after the fact?

    I got screwed with the Dr.Dre game because I didn't repeat it even though I had plenty of items. I didn't know there was a better, stronger grand prize by doing it again.

  4. So yeah, finished the event 3 times. No new prize. So kinda lame, but hey I got 3 of those cars.