January 7, 2011

Free Gift Links Creators 2: NEW Group

A few weeks back, we introduced the Mafia Wars Free Gift Links Creators Group, a Facebook community page that allowed members to get dozens of Free Gifts a day from members of your Mafia (who were also members of the group) through the use of Tiny URL links and Link-a-Nator.

You could literally get over a hundred Mystery Bags, Armory Parts, special event items, or ANY Free Gift - EACH DAY - by joining the group, adding other group members to your Mafia, and posting and clicking on links.

The Free Gift Link Creators group skyrocketed from 500 to nearly 2,400 members during Christmas week.  Eventually, the Administrators stopped accepting new members.  This made sense: having that many Mafia Wars players in one group made it nearly impossible for some one to find his or her 50, 100, or 200 Mafia members' posts and links on the group's feed.

Fortunately, the Administrators have opened a sequel Facebook page: Mafia Wars Free Gift Link Creators 2.  I encourage those of you who did not get to join the original group to head there. 

Mafia Wars Free Gift Link Creators 2 has just over 300 members as I post this.  Let's see if you all can push it over 1,000 this weekend!

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  1. Weird. I've always thought they should do this, never brought it up. and now its LIVE!! I don't like the fact it costs RP to use. But for all of the high level MAFIOSOS out there with tons of old crap. There is now a PAWN SHOP! Trade in low level commons and get some new rares. I still don't see it exactly being completely worth it. But then again I have 433RP (earned, not purchased) that I've seen no reason to use. Any item purchased gets trumped in the next round of new Tiers or Cities. But for some I'm sure you'll see something worthwhile. You heard it from Lex first.

  2. or dear lex, i saw it myself.

  3. wtf ... ITS NOT WORKING ... every link i click says : ERROR ! What should i do now ?

  4. it must be a member of your family (a facebook friend) then it works