January 7, 2011

Green Hornet Loot

It appears that all future Mafia Wars collections and challenges will be part of a corporate promotional tie in.  Hey, Zynga's got shareholders to please.  So we have Dr. Dre's new album, the TV show Southland, and now the Green Hornet movie.

Hurry - you only have 9 days to wrap this up.

The "challenge" - which took about 12 minutes of play to complete - is to get 7 items - some from fights, some from jobs, and some as free gifts.  The free gifts were really impressive if you're still at the Soldier level in New York.

With stats like these, your Mafia will be able to defeat any animal in Frontierville.

One problem - if your top 501 items in each category is pretty high - such that only Operations Loot can increase your attack and defense stats - the Green Hornet loot, for the most part, made me hope that the movie flops at the box office useless.

Here were items that I found from doing jobs:

The Double Barrel Gun is the only one of the three Job items that had value to me - my 501st defense weapon is a Range Finder Rifle (54D) - so I got 18 Mafia Defense points here.   

The Grand Mastery Prize for finding all 7 Green Hornet items is the Black Beauty - a Vehicle with (90/45) stats.  

I would love to get a fleet of these and show that cheerleader who blew me off in high school who is the king now since my 501st vehicle is a Phantasm (67A) - meaning I'd gain 23 Mafia Attack points with each new Black Beauty.

Can't say I was impressed with this one - no collection, no great loot, and I didn't even get to bombard my Facebook feed with requests.

If we can get the drop items and the Grand Mastery Prize repeatedly, that's a different story.

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  1. I've got the 7 items, but where on earth do you vault them to get the Black Beauty?

    I don't have any extra screens that you normally get with events?

  2. Black Beauty Missiles 59 29
    Quality: Uncommon
    Type: Weapons
    Sub-Types: Explosive
    Location: Special Event
    Active Items: 1 /

  3. ive read it automatically vaults , your lucky i think the drops are now very rare , im havent dropped any today and the last one published from my mafia friends was about 6 hrs ago :(

  4. I have not found a single item from jobs and fighting, and only got the first two from my mafia 39 times each. Are they giftable? Can someone send any to me?

  5. I completed this event collection before I even knew there was an event going. Given that they want this to be a promotional event, I'm sure whoever is marketing the Green Hornet can't be pleased with the six seconds of time most people give to the event.

  6. it took me about 5 minutes tops to get this done. but that was last night or something, ridiculous. maybe the didnt wanna pay good money for a promo that actually gave you nice items.
    but, they succeded. i wouldve never heard of this movie if it wasnt for mafia wars. not that i will watch it, though.....(and especially PAY to watch it)

  7. do you know how you can actually veiw what items you have and need as i only need one as it said i have 6 out of 7 last 1 i got but dont know how to check unless trawl through all the inventory