January 31, 2011

Calabria Boss Fights

Here are the screenshots and stats of the Boss Fights from Italy Region 6: Calabria

BOSS: Don Vittorio Messino

Bronze Mastery Level:

After completing the six Energy Path jobs, you can fight the Calabria Boss - Don Vittorio Messino.  

At Bronze level, this Boss is very easy to defeat.  You have a henchman; he does not.  It took one Shiv and one Attack to end the fight.


Once you defeat Don Vittorio Messino, you earn Messino's Pistol (115A/85D) at Bronze Level.  

Silver Mastery Level:

Don Vittorio Messino starts with 5,000 health...

Your new title for defeating Messino is Calabrian Forte

At Silver Level, Messino's Pistol has stats of (135A/96D) - an improvement of 20 attack and 11 defense points from Bronze Level.

Gold Level Mastery

Now, Don Vittorio Messino starts with 16,000 health.  You still have one henchman.  He has none.

Your title upon defeating the Gold Level Boss is Calabrian Potente.

At Gold level, Messino's Pistol has stats of (155/107) = another 20 attack and 11 defense better than the Silver Level reward.

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  1. hy Phil, Calabria ruby boss fight its impossible i was down at 8 000 boss health and it regenerated again to 30 000 k...when start fighting every 3rd hit it regenerates for 5000 up but i manage to go down to 8000 and after that i hit and it goes down for 2000 then again i hit and it goes up till it came again to 30 000...i think that u can manage this only if everybody help u with fight im so confused now...im out of consumables but anyway every 3rd use of consum. again boss H went up any suggestions??'

  2. ok me again lol i was just to give up on boss fight ruby level calabria cause after managing to come to 8k boss health, his health just keep going up and up after every second hit. Literary guys u hit and it goes down for 2300 , then u hit again and it goes up for 10000 ( my MA is 125K). It went up again till 42k from start and was impossible to come down more then to 30k. I wrote to Zynga as well lol so i was really desperate d but then i posted for 10th time link to our darlin MWFGL group and 5 strong players helped me and was done. so my opinion is that u have to let all friends that help to defeat him cause my hitting was useless( but maybe its some glitch). I saw many boss fights with boss health 100k and i manage to defeat them, what happened here i dnt know . I'm really interesting in ur impressions, cause i havent seen this in any boss fight till now
    This Messinos pistol 175/118 its now best offensive weapon well deserved

  3. This seems to be a common problem with multiple Italy bosses. I have the same issue with region 7 ruby level & region 8 gold level. I was able to beat region 6 with ease because I didn't get the error then. I submitted the issue to Zynga a few days ago.

    Let's hope they fix it soon!!

  4. lol im soo not looking forward to boss fights in regions 7 and 8 as i see it will be gambling again but maybe it is some bug and zynga will fix it eventually :))

  5. By the looks of it I got off lucky with my bosses; finished all three without inconstance. If you can manage it (i.e. no glitch), whack'em now before they scale back your attack damage to like 300 instead of 1500.
    It's too bad that I figured out this 8 hour energy pack deal so late.