January 27, 2011

Italy Region 7: Citta Del Vaticano

After completing the Bronze level of Calabria, you can move on to Italy Region 7: Citta Del Vattiacano

Don't forget to grab the two free Reward Points being offered as a promo for the debut of the new Italy Regions.

Citta Del Vaticano will require more Gate Loot - Cooked Books *and* Smart Phones.  These are both found in Region 4: Milano


You will immediately need more Smart Phones for the first Energy Level job, 'Scale the Vatican Wall' 

That's not all - you will need plenty of Lira - and Hidden Charges - to complete the 4th and final job on the Energy Path, 'Locate the Secret Archive Vault.'  Each click on that job - 4% mastery at a time - requires L$32,000 and *2* Hidden Charges.

Hidden Charges are made/found in Napoli, but require you to have Cooked Books from Milano.  Use this Gate Loot flowchart as a reminder for where you can find each type of Gate Loot.   You can also buy Gate Loot in the Marketplace and in Citta Del Vaticano itself.

The good news is you only need to complete 4 Energy Path jobs to reach the Citta Del Vatticano Boss.  Along the way, here's what you'll find:

Citta Del Vaticano Job Loot

Templar Hammer (W) (42/61)

Popemobile (V) (30/62)

Finally a Job Loot Vehicle that tops the Foo Fighter on Defense!

Templar Shield (Ar) (62/42)

Pontiff-1 (V) (66/49)

Holy Hand Grenade (W) (71/57)

The Giove Velocita from Calabria also drops in Citta Del Vaticano.

Boss: Comandante Ebersold

While you can reach the Citta Del Vaticano Boss by completing the 4 Energy Path jobs, I recommend you finish the Social Path and Fight Path before taking him on, to make sure you have everything Bronze level has to offer.  

Comandante Ebersold (at Bronze level) is easy enough to defeat - you have one henchman, while he has none.  Your reward is Sword of St. Godfrey - (88A/129D).

Once you dispatch Ebersold, you can move on to Region 8: The Eternal City.

Note: (Skip this if you like Mafia Wars as a game, not a geography lesson)  Unlike the cities in Regions 1 through 6, Vatican City is NOT part of Italy, and has not been since 1929.  It IS geographically located within the borders of Italy - actually entirely inside Rome.  In this respect, it is similar to the country of Lesotho, an independent nation located entirely within the borders of South Africa.  Vatican City is also an independent nation, not subject to Italian law or government.  Vatican City has its own government led by, of course, the Pope, and an appointed legislative body of Cardinals.  Vatican City is one of only three countries in the world (along with Kosovo and Taiwan) that are not members of the United Nations.  
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  1. i really appreciate the information you share here and I enjoy reading those crossed-out words/sentences. ^^

  2. Off Subject ...

    Can someone please tell me how to get the "Long Odds, Earned by winning a tournament fighting bet of at least $1k with 10:1 odds or greater" achievement w/o selling everything I own :-)))

    The highest odd I ever get are 6:1

    TY in advance

  3. Long Odds Achievement--- bet on someone else with 10:1 odds or more. Bet on everyone who qualifies to get it over more quickly.

  4. can we get a post on the new Fight club loot? A LOT of new stuff plus the 1 per day limit is gone...

  5. What do u get for beating the boss?

  6. I don't know enough about Kosovo, but I know that Taiwan is not a country (in b4 hate/trolling).

  7. Taiwan is a de facto country. Most residents in Taiwan also recognize themselves as citizens of an independent country. Unfortunately, China (PRC) claims that Taiwan is their "rebellious province." As a result, many countries (including UN) do not acknowledge Taiwan’s statehood.

    Well, you will not become a monkey just because others “recognize” you as a monkey, will you?

  8. I knew that there would trolling the moment I mentioned the subject.

    The issue is not as clear cut as you may imagine. Their level of independence is comparable to Hong Kong. To a large extent, both have an independent law system, tax system, even currency. Taiwan has slightly more international reach, but that's about the only difference. I wouldn't call that enough for a "de facto country".

  9. The only thing Taiwan lacks is the wide-recognition from international society. That is why we can call it a state de facto, which means it has sovereignty over a territory but lack international recognition (this definition can be easily found in Wiki).
    There are some significant differences between Taiwan and Hong Kong in terms of statehood. First, Taiwan has an effective constitution and HK does not. The “Hong Kong Basic Law” is actually a domestic law of PRC. Second, Taiwan has its own military force which pledges to defend their constitution, HK does not have such a force at all.

    Another evidence is that: In order to enter HK, you need to go to Chinese embassy to get a visa. But you will never be able to get any entry permit to Taiwan from a Chinese embassy.

  10. The key issue is "sovereignty over a territory", which is probably better defined elsewhere.

    The constitution is a moot point, because PRC politics is not like western politics; from their perspective, it's better described as a "rule of thumb". Furthermore, some states (eg California) have a constitution, but that doesn't make them a country.

    The military issue is an interesting point that I forgot about. In case you care, there exists some South American country(ies) that have no military at all.

    Can't argue about visas.

  11. Yes, sovereignty is the key, which makes Taiwan fundamentally different from HK and a state in the US.

    All the states in the US have their own state constitutions, which are legally inferior to the Constitution of the US. The clauses of a state constitution can be negated (by either a state court or a federal court) if they violate or contradict the Constitution of the US. Thus the California constitution is not an evidence of (an independent country's) sovereignty. California is not a country.

    It's even clearer in the Hong Kong case. The HK Basic Law stipulates that everything in the Basic Law is authorized by The National People's Congress of China (PRC). This is called autonomy, not (an independent country's) sovereignty.

    The sovereignty, just like its literal meaning, cannot be negated or authorized by anyone else except God.

    On the other hand, Taiwanese can make, amend or modify their constitution and laws without authorization from anyone else. They can excise/enforce their constitution and laws which cannot be neglected by anyone else. This is the proof of sovereignty.

    Taiwan owns everything of an independent country except wide acknowledgement from international society. It has citizens, territory, sovereignty, constitution and a military force which effectively protects the territory and its sovereignty (that's why you cannot get a Taiwanese Visa from a Chinese embassy or any other embassy.) Well, there is no reason you cannot call it a country de facto.

  12. ok i just finished ruby level boss fight here and it wasnt so hard as in calabria. i posted help request and its important to get all help possible. i attacked couple of times and run away not to boss health regenerate and let my mafia do the rest. So they manage to get boss health to 10k ( 48k start) and with 10 stunt guns i defeated him very quickly. I dnt know how many times he regenerates but when i was fighting gold level he does every 3rd hit at the begining so good luck all...this Italy goes pretty fast and im still under impression here that maybe after this last region MW ends :(( hope not