January 28, 2011

Italy Region 8: THE ETERNAL CITY

You've finished Citta Del Vaticano to reach the final Italy Region: The Eternal City.  At least 6 different job loot items here, including an Animal with better Attack stats than anything you can get in the Italy Port or through Fight Club.

To complete The Eternal City, you'll need Smart Phones galore - it's the required Gate Loot for one job apiece in the Energy Path, Fight Path, and Social Path.  Smart Phones drop from the 'Free a Professional Assassin' job in Milano.

You will also need Hidden Charges from Napoli as Gate Loot for the 'Smuggle In Explosives' job in the Energy Path...

...and the next two jobs in the Energy Path.  You need nearly 100 Hidden Charges just to complete Bronze Level.  In unrelated news, you can no longer purchase Gate Loot in the Marketplace with Loyalty Points.  Perhaps 'The Eternal City' refers to how long it will take players to compile enough Gate Loot to finish Ruby level?

Job Loot

Spaghetti Western (W) (39/65)

Marco Marino AF (V) (68/47)

Armatura Ramarro (Ar) (65/45)

Sea Eagle (An) (74/55)

Armatura Motocicletta (Ar) (40/66)

Roman Legion (W) (74/58)

Swiss Guard (Ar) (59/69)

Boss: Don Raffaele Di Rossi

The Energy and Fight Paths are longer in The Eternal City than in Calabria or Citta Del Vaticano.  When you finish one (or all) paths - or the Social Path - you will face Don Raffaele Di Rossi.  

You start with two henchmen, while he has none.  The Bronze level fight will be over quickly.

Your reward for winning is DiRossi's Assassin (144A/94D) and the title of Italiano Poco.

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  1. whatever zynga,i'm not starting italy region 6,7,8 unless you make gate loot giftable and i'll be able to gift them from my other account

  2. Nice! I'd just like to point out the possibility of new fight rewards, as I just got a Toxic Gas Scrubber from a tournament... Armor, 74/37.

  3. the smart phones are such a pain!
    but i gotta say, its better than just farming bangkok money to buy items.

  4. I went straight to Region 8, The Eternal City and got to Ruby to see how the new high ratio jobs would be. Wow, what a letdown... 1.89 is the best ratio. So much for energy accounts getting much gear from here.

  5. The ratio is so terrible that I have to go back to Vegas jobs to constantly level up.

  6. I think its a shame that you have to pay lira and 2 hiddens charges for that one job lvl 7!!! pay double..come on......I don't have milions of each.......

  7. i thought games are about playng and learning not doing repetetive useless and boring chores
    ok, never mind, there are millions of hardworkng peole tho ;)

  8. TAINTED BLADES Weapon (S) 35/74 Fight Loot ....

  9. The energy requirements can be handled, but the stamina can be killing when your dying to go for fight loot like the toxic / tainted items and more that will come along with the now precious V Coins.

    I have decided to not do Stamina Jobs, for Regions 678, I'll be giving them a Miss and foregoing the 32 Skill Points, which is no big deal these days. I'll be fighting 24/7.

    The return of the entitled energy refill choice is a show of good sense by zynga ...

  10. Hm... so Is it required that the target be alive and un-iced for us to get fight loot? That would kinda suck if it did...

  11. @above...now that's a dumb question

  12. @ anon 10:09

    ive been doing the same thing. i skip the fight jobs alltogether, they keep gettin worse and worse, i mean who has enough stamina or energy to get through the content in reasonable time? you cant have both?
    and then also the loot you get through fighting, how are we supposed to collect it all anytime this year??
    with the introduction of the flash-job-buttons, there is no way you can do jobs often enough to collect 501 of any new item!?

  13. i see that all complain ab consumables lol i dnt have that problem i followed Phil advice here and farmed smart phones before and all other but still i need hundreds of hidden charges ( u need 318 here). But have loads of energy so 1 day to take a break and farm that its not a problem and i think that italy consumables aswell as terracotta tiles and stone columns will never be giftable so u can wait for a very long time :(

  14. if only you sub-level 1000 people could stop putting all your skill points into atk and def, and start amping up your stamina and energy so that you can level up anytime you want to, then you will have more than enough stamina and energy to finish italy with absolutely no whining. Here are my stats just to show what it takes to have a good balance between strength in fights and the ability to perform countless jobs:
    level - 2834 (maniac)
    atk - 2000
    def - 1500
    health - 500
    energy - 14000
    stamina - 3700
    win percentage in fights - 93%
    jobs done per day - as many as I want to.
    hope it helps! :)

  15. To the anonymous who says stop putting sp into att/def and says he wins 93% what bs who you fighting little kiddies with 3500 combined your having a laugh !

  16. February 7, 2011 3:09 AM i talk to you whit many energy point if i want i will atack you so many time you will be afreit to enter in mafia wars my skills are doble but the enegy and stamina are 3000 each but is cool becouse i was take Brazil for 1 week!!! :D and im only level 1150!!! :P no paying for that game !!!

  17. @anonomous lvl 2384...Kicking your butt at lvl712 would not be a challenge....You energy guys must struggle a LOT when it comes to BOSS fights...That's when you ask for help from us guys strong in att and def,,,,much lower in lvls than you....you need us!!!!

  18. When doing level 8 I notice my Mastery of a job goes up 5 percent and then back three. Any ideas as to why?