January 20, 2011

ITALY Regions 6, 7 & 8 - Boss + Loot PREVIEWS

Zynga is trickling out more news about Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8


Today there's information about the Bosses from each Region, and the reward for winning the Boss Fight at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby levels.   

Stats are very impressive.  I suspect fights will be tough, especially at the higher levels - so load up on the Warthog in the Private Zoo each day for +20 Health - you'll be glad you did.

So here is the cast of your future enemies, and the Loot you'll be picking up as you defeat them:

Region 6 - Calabria
BOSS:  Don Messino
Reward: Messino's Pistol
Bronze 115/85
Silver 135/96
Gold 155/107
Ruby 175/118

Region 7 - Citta del Vaticana
Boss:  Commandant Ebersold
Reward (Weapon)
Bronze 88/129
Silver 99/150
Gold 110/171
Ruby 121/192

Region 8 - The Eternal City
Boss - Don Rafael di Rossi
Reward (Armor) 
Bronze 114/94
Silver 166/104
Gold 188/114
Ruby 210/124

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hey MWG,
    mafia wars wiki have job names of all jobs in 6,7,8 regions....

    Also bossy don of topmafia.info have new loot images...



    The damage done by bosses is a PERCENTAGE of your total health. Having more total health does you no good. In fact, for boss fights, you're better off with 100 health, as then the health kits might actually heal more than a single attack's damage.

  4. I think raehl's advice is right; no matter what your HP's at, you're pretty much guaranteed to be curbstomped in two hits. The variations in the number of hits to be killed is changed only by Zynga when they decide the bosses hit too hard (i.e. when people complain about OHKO).
    On that note, we're best off demolishing bosses as soon as they come out, as they're usually underpowered to start with...

  5. @Vaibhav
    dude i've seen that bossy's post!! frankly it looks fake!! have u seen the names and art?? looks like a vampire wars crossover!! seriously i suggest ppl shud wait!! its atleast a mnth and half b4 italy gets giftable so wats the hurry with the factoids and crap!! i have just one wish for one thing from italy 678 that i get something to replace foo's!! rest have their successors!!

  6. @raehl -- is that true? If so it doesnt make sence. If that was true then amount of defense makes no difference either. Because if you had tons of defense the boss still hits a percentage of your health each time. There has to be some rational based on your stats. anyway to get to the bottom of this?