January 26, 2011

Italy Region 6: CALABRIA

Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 are LIVE!  

Hope you saved up your LIRA as the first job in Calabria is expensive.  I also hope you saved some Smart Phones, because Gate Loot is needed in Calabria...

The first job on the Energy Path, 'Deal with the Dock Union' costs you L$25,000 per click.  At Silver Level, you get 4% Mastery at a time - much less than in previous Regions at Bronze Level.  The 2X Mastery Boosts would help...but I'd save them for later since Ruby will likely be 1% per click.

The first piece of Calabria loot I found (and the only one that dropped in 25 times of doing the first job) is the Italian Porcupine (56A/66D).   So far, this appears to be the best of the Calabria Loot.  It beats the Nyala (Fight Loot) by 1 point on defense.

The first Calabria Energy Path job requires L$625,000 (25 x L$25,000) to complete - after purchasing 2 Bribed Officials to start the job for additional $160,000 Lira. 

The Energy:XP ratio is about 1.6 on this job - pretty low.  It's a bit under 1.6 on the second Calabria job, 'Replace the Dock Workers'.  

The next job Loot I found was the Giove Velocita (65A/52D).  Doesn't beat the Phantasm so also not in top 501.  But a nice Vehicle.

The third Energy Route job, 'Smuggle Out the Contraband', gets 5% Mastery per click. Here I found the Rex Enterra (43/54):

Not an especially useful Vehicle, stats wise.

The fourth job - 'Rig the Vote for the Local Governor' - is a Social Job, so you can get help - 10% Mastery from each person who helps you.  

You get 5% Mastery at Bronze level doing the job yourself - not so bad.  However, this job requires Smart Phones...

You have to go back to MILANO (Region 4) and do the 'Free a Professional Assassin' job to get Smart Phones (for 105 Energy each if you were at Ruby level there), or you can buy them in Calabria for one RP each.

The next Calabria loot item I found was the Arrivederci 20 (55/45).  In the Energy Path jobs, the Calabria loot dropped at a 1:19 ratio. 

The Asconini 33 Vehicle (38/61) in interesting in that I didn't receive one through hundreds of jobs in Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels - found this when I started Ruby level - even though its stats are not so much higher than other Calabria loot.  

Calabria Job Loot (Summary)

Arrivederci 20 (W) (55/41)
Rex Enterra (V) (43/51)
Italian Porcupine (An) (56/66)
Giove Velocita (V) (65/52)
Ascanini 33 (V) (38/61)

You will need Smart Phones again for the sixth Energy Path job - and the Property Job - 'Set Up Your Nightclub'.  

You get a DJ - the unique Property upgrade part for the Nightclub - each time you do this job.

You still need the other four Property upgrade parts - Italian Wood, Marble Slabs, Stone Columns, and Terracotta Tiles - to upgrade your Nightclub.  (The Stone Column and Terracotta Tile links stopped working in December).  All four of these items drop randomly from jobs in Calabria.

Property: The Nightclub

When you finish this job, you'll get your Nightclub:

At first, your Nightclub will look like this:

Closer inspection reveals that your Level I Nightclub is named Antonio's...

...but once you upgrade to Level IV, your Nightclub is called Marcelo...  

...only to transform into Stefano's at Level VI.

If you have leftover upgrade parts from prior Italy jobs, you can move your Nightclub from Level I towards Level X quickly. 

Boss: Don Vittorio Messino

After completing the six Energy Path jobs, you can fight the Calabria Boss - Don Vittorio Messino.  

I finished all of the Fight Path jobs first, to truly "complete" Calabria - but it was not worth it - the loot drop rate in Fights was near zero.

At Bronze level, this Boss is very easy to defeat.  You have a henchman; he does not.  It took one Shiv and one Attack to end the fight.


Once you defeat him, you earn Messino's Pistol (115A/85D) at Bronze Level.  You will move to Silver level in Calabria... with Energy and Stamina costs rising for each job... BUT you can get to Region 7: Citta del Vatticano.  

Click here for a separate article on the Calabria Boss Fights, including the Silver, Gold, and Ruby levels as they are achieved.

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  1. Angelo Della Morte is also a weapon you get from Calabria. 35/56.

    Meadow Viper also drops, 62/37.

  2. I found some nice stuff while fighting
    Don't know if its new bud here it goes
    Car - Venomous 75A - 34D
    Golden Poison Frog 75D - 30A
    Tainted Blades 74D - 35A

  3. Also a Toxic Gas Scrubber (74D) in that group of what I think of as the NEW top 4 Fight Loot items... look for a feature article soon - and thanks for the note!

  4. did u notice how expensive new Italy regions are?? lol and if u want to farm DJ for upgrade u have to spend smart phones very interesting of Zynga here but im very satisfied with new items in fight club that u can buy and there are no timer anymoreand items ate all 70+ stats check it out :))

  5. Off Subject ...

    Can someone please tell me how to get the "Long Odds, Earned by winning a tournament fighting bet of at least $1k with 10:1 odds or greater" achievement w/o selling everything I own :-)))

    The highest odd I ever get are 6:1

    TY in advance

  6. calvin93, they are listed in every city from today. So are not bound to Italy in any way.

  7. to anonymous: the bet can be placed on any fighter, so everytime you enter a tournament place 1000V$ bet on every fighter with rating 10:1 or greater. It takes some time to get this achievement.

  8. I would just like to point out that Region 6 has iredeemably bad exp ratios for a ruby level region, on par with low tier regions like the 4th.
    i.e. ~1.85

  9. actually levelling up isnt always d only thing we need to look forward to..there's such thing as collecting awesome loots as well..focus on that..if u wanna level up, hoover dam jobs..u want great loots, eternal city..period =)

  10. i'm curious should i stay in calabria and just to the jobs over and over again to get loot? is ti worth it or better ones will appear in region 7-8 thanks or should i just move on?

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