January 6, 2011

Italy Regions 6 , 7, 8 -- NEW LOOT PREVIEW?


An anonymous source thank you Soni has provided the list of Job Loot and Fight Loot that *supposedly* will appear when Mafia Wars releases Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8.  Rumors are growing that the new Regions may go live any day.

(Some readers believe the items below are from recruiting and special events, so this is not a certainty).  The attack and defense stats on some of these items are incredible...

Items with an (RP) designation supposedly can be purchased in the Marketplace with Reward Points.  But there are so many good items that will be dropping, why waste your RPs?


Naughty Or Nice 90/32
Clear Skies 87/52
Flicker 82/43
Thermobaric Hand Grenade 81/50 (RP) 
Killing Time 81/37
Spear Storm 76/34
Double-Reign Bow 76/39
9mm Fury 72/49 (RP) 
Red XIV 69/51
Cold Embrace 67/47 (RP)
The Teacher v1 58/47
The Student v1 46/30
Sharks Bane 46/87
Silent Thunder 46/74
H9 Torque 41/89
Knuckle Knife 42/82
Turnabout 42/80
Bisect 40/72


HAWK Monocycle 89/92
Djinn Roadster 88/45
Plum Putter 82/42
Compression 80/37
Road Razor 77/35
N7 Tomahawk 71/28
Snarler         68/44 (RP)
Armored Empire 51/92
Rotero 2011 32/92
Thunderstorm 47/88
Hellbender 35/82
Hammer Hawk 52/82 (RP)
Stretch Classic 31/78
Grape Vine Bus 41/78
Shiner 46/74 (RP) 
White Knuckle Express 44/70
Lucella GTS 43/65 (RP)


Jackie Frost 91/40
Concealed Holster 88/47
Pair of Security Gloves 82/38
Prism Armored Vest 79/41
Rappelling Gear 76/36
Gear Belt 75/29
Blue Dragon Helm 75/52
Spinal Jacket 73/32
Climbing Claws 71/45 (RP) 
Tunnel Vision 44/90
Sleeved Armored Vest 37/81
Flame-Resistant Suit 53/79 (RP)
Carapace Jacket 48/76
Portable Road Block 33/75
Riding Hat 48/74 (RP) 
Phantom Body Armor 38/71
Gorget 38/63 (RP)
Pickpocket 25/58
Set of Z4 Infiltrator Gear 36/57


Persian Lion 91/30
Great Hammerhead 88/42
Ocelot 87/43
Army Ants 77/51 (RP) 
Copperhead 75/49
Pacific Manta 75/50 (RP) 
Black Bear 75/34
Grizzly Man-Eater 73/33
Moose 48/89
Striped Hyena 51/88
European Scorpion 40/82
Toco Toucan 35/81
King Penguin 42/76
Giraffe 41/72 (RP) 
Emperor Scorpion 45/68
Brown Pelican 35/64
Great Gray Owl 37/56

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  1. The Teacher v1 58/47
    The Student v1 46/30

    aren't new loot they r on (My mafia) page...we get them for completing a task....we have 2 get 8 players whose level is below 25....this is what it is written there...:::

    Recruit new players, help them level up and receive sweet rewards when they get to level 25
    The Teacher v1
    58 47
    The Student v1
    46 30

    Looking at these items, these overpower almost all the ultimates from all the cities before Vegas...

    Guess it's time to start stocking up on Lira and Italy Gate loot. Smart phones, AWAY

  3. they are not from italy 678...

    some are marketplace some are special event...

    lolz @ you......

  4. RP means marketplace right ?

  5. Most Probably Italy 678 will go Live as soon as the Dre Event is over. That will free up space for Italy Village building items in the free gift page, which would then be required. So the moment DRE goes, I guess Italy will go live.

    Also in the beginning of Dre they had mentioned event gets over on 7 jan, but that later disappeared, tomorrow is 7 jan ;-)

  6. I'll be quite happy when Dre is over. Waste of space. This is the longest they've allowed one of those to run, the good Dr. must've paid well. Some of the loot above is already available in the marketplace or shows up in inventory if you filter thru, there are several items in inventory that have no designation of how to earn them or the source of their availability. Seems Zynga updates that first before things go live.

    There is now a Green Hornet event live. Similar to those events reserved for Holidays, last seen for Halloween. Where you collect various items through fights and jobs, culminating with a grand prize for getting them all.

    Enjoy and good luck Mafiosos.

  7. if this list is italy 6 7 8( which i seriously doubt) it will b outrageous!!!!! items in 90?!!!
    who r u kidding??? :p

  8. I had first mailed Phil about the possible list, which could be Fight Loot, Job loot & Operations Rewards during the Italy 678 phase. Phil is blameless ;-)

    Immediately after sending him the mail, I checked RP options in Inventory and found out to my surprise, that quite a few of the items mentioned in the earlier list, I compiled, were actually REWARD POINT PURCHASES. I quickly compiled a new list (to preserve my integrity) and sent it to Phil. Luckily, he had not yet posted, consequently he posted the amended list only to which he has stuck, despite an amended posting. Please note many of the RP items above 70/AD actually cost 12-20 RP only, nowhere near 35 RP. Ergo Zynga is ripping off people currently, with items in the markletplace available today ;-)

    Now in terms of the values of the items posted, let me jog your memory, Loot Drops from OPERATIONS were always the highest, eg., SLEEPER SHOT 74D/W, FIELD VEST 70D/ARM, INFIGHTER 71A/W etc then came the 69A items Z17 MICROS, GRIM REAPERS, NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION etc etc. So basically it has been always a step up by Zynga in terms of the power of the items released at each stage. They have also cleverly broken up the release of each city into 2 stages, thereby preserving the limits of their creative content. Do you remember your pulse racing when you got your first sleeper shot/field vest ? So If the items listed as 90/91 A or D are there, it is because it may most probably come from NEW OPERATIONS planned, as Rare Items, since with the release of Italy 678, the current OPERATIONS will become almost redundant for the gung ho players.

    Today, we are at the stage, where your WAVA (WEAPONS/ARMOR/VEHICLE/ANIMAL) has to be at least 69 or 66 if you have to have hot shot items in your Inventory. As a perfectionist, I would put it as 70 minimum. But I don't blow money on mafia wars. Consequently, there will be an increase in the A/D strengths of items offered. Naturally the next level items offered will be in the 70's & 80's. Here none of us know, where it will come from JOBS/FIGHTS, however considering the emphasis on FIGHTS (think PHANTASMS 67A, NYALAS 65D, M45 OVERCAST 66A, OTTOMAN KRUG 64D), the best stuff will drop from FIGHTS and obviously a few from JOBS. Unless Zynga reverses their strategy from Fighting to Energy, which is impossible when you consider their current strategy.

    Finally, we come to the point of Special Events, Hornet Crest, kato's mask, Double barrelled Gun, Black Beauty Missiles, Hood Gun, Gas Gun, Chudnovsky's Gas Mask, Black beauty & katos's motorcycle (RP ITEM). These are all the items released today for the GREEN HORNET LOOT EVENT. None of these items are in the list I have provided. Ergo it proves what I have always known about Zynga, they use their IPR (intellectual property rights) and software programming for their convenience. Italy 678 has clearly been delayed for bug testing, meanwhile a few million people can bang away at jobs & fights to get items that have been created at a drop of a hat !

    Also note No New City has been announced or even the hint of a teaser, except for "look out for new chapters in atlantic city". ;-)

    I had also messaged my musings to Phil about XMAS TREE & what's gonna happen and I was proved 100% correct, except for the fact that you could go beyond 45 GIFTS. I collected on 205 before the 24 hour time period expired. 205 ? how did I do that ? when only 200 can be collected in a given 24 hour period. Hint..I never slept and I'm in India, PST Midnight was afternoon for me and I was comfortably nursing my recovery drink after the orgy of the previous night ;-)

    Italy 678 will be released most probably when DRE is DEAD. Zynga needs space in FREE GIFTS for the Village Items ;-)

    Cheers !

  9. The vast majority of the Italy loot from Regions 1-5 have Italian names, wheras only 1 or 2 of the items listed above appear to have Italian names.

  10. no news here , all this is is a list of items from the current inventory pages , some of these items are rewards from the slot machines. i'm betting AGAINST 6,7,8 being released soon. a zynga rep announced on the forum msg board that they would be released before the end of the 1st quarter of 2011 , that gives them until the end of March

  11. They're from Goh's Pawn shop suckas!

  12. Quite a bit of this loot is from the new Pawn Shop.

  13. I guess I'm 1 of the unfortunates who hasn't got the pop up for the pawn shop yet!

  14. Yeah the RP items mentioned in the list are from Goh's Pawn shop, which have to be purchased from the marketplace with RPs, with or without the trade-in. As for the rest of the items mentioned, we will have to wait and see. However, the integrity of the items on this list seems to be accurate.

  15. yahoooo ! DRE gets over in another 14 hours ! " NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes begins 6:00:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) December 17, 2010 and ends 11:59:59 PM PT on January 7, 2011."

  16. Two posts here deserve serious thought. First, the one about the Zynga rep saying, no Italy 678 before the end of the first quarter. This means it's gonna be a PRE-EASTER or POST-EASTER possiblity, considering that during Easter, there will always be an Event, most probably Easter/Playboy Bunny event ;-)

    The 2nd post is the one which correctly declares that "The vast majority of the Italy loot from Regions 1-5 have Italian names, whereas only 1 or 2 of the items listed above appear to have Italian names."

    If these 2 assertions prove to be correct, this would lead me to conclude that there are going to many events before the release of Italy 678. Moreover, it could also possible mean that Italy 678 will involve surprises for us, in terms of the execution of it's goals.

    All this must also be taken in conjecture with a possible Mafia wars 2 :p ;-) Hooo boy !

  17. All I want to know is which consumables to start accumulating.

  18. and what i want to know is when it is starting....lol... come on guys ...