January 11, 2011

Join Even MORE Operations Now!

We recently highlighted three Facebook groups featuring Operations with available spots, that allow you to click on a link and join an Operation, or post Operations that you have joined but that have incomplete spots.  (Sadly, one of the groups has since retired).  

Today, I am proud to highlight - and recommend that you check out - a new Facebook Operations group, [MW] Operations Link Creators.

New group's logo
As the name suggests, this new group was created by the administrators who developed the popular Mafia Wars Free Gift Link Creators and - once that group quintupled in size in a week - the sequel, Mafia Wars Free Gift Link Creators 2 (hurry... this group went from 300 to 600+ members in the past 4 days)

The great thing about [MW] Operations Link Creators is that it CANNOT get too full or have too many members.  Instead, the hope is that thousands of Mafia Wars players will join the group and post their own Operations links. 

Finish My Mafia Wars Operations (Missions)This way, as with the previously-featured Finish My Mafia Wars Operations and another open-Operations group, 5 mins Missions, you will constantly have new Operations for you to join.  With three highly-active Facebook groups devoted to Operations, you can repeatedly join new ones and pile up Operations Loot.

The Rare version Operations Loot items feature some of the highest Attack and Defense stats that you can get without spending RPs (as you can in the new Pawn Shop or at the Marketplace).  

Until Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 are released, doing more and more Operations is your best way to stock up on these top-tier items - some of which you can trade or receive in Mystery Bags.

As of this post, [MW] Operations Link Creators has fewer than 100 members.  If history is any guide, that number will be over 1,000 by the end of January.  

If you need a refresher on how to post your own My Mafia Operations links to get them finished, review the end of THIS POST.

Good luck with the Operations Loot!

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