January 17, 2011

Mission Loot Finally Pays Off

I've been doing all of the Missions as they come up, just to pass the time while slogging through Calabria, Citta Del Vaticano, and The Eternal City.

Missions are useful because completing them gives you enough extra XP to level up after using all of your Energy and Stamina.  I think of this as the "nerf offset."

Of course, sometimes it take a couple days to complete a Mission (unless you want to spend Reward Points), like when you have to buy two items from your Italy Port - something you can only do once a day.

The Mission Loot, to date, has been mostly items with stats in the high 50s.  This can be a nice addition to a newer player, but won't help you out if you've played for awhile.

But suddenly I found a Mission that not only gave a nice XP bump for leveling purposes, but also a piece of Mission Loot that actually made my top 501.  The job was "Burn Down Wong's Warehouse: Part 3."

The Fume Proof Mask, with its 69 Defense, was 5 points better than the Ottoman Krug, the highest scoring Fight Loot Armor, and currently my 501st defensive Armor piece.  

So I'm hopeful that the upcoming Missions will have more Mission Loot with stats in the high 60s and low 70s.  Maybe as I move up the Mission ladder (I'm assuming there's a sequence here), the Mission Loot will get better and better. 

"The Bell Tower's Secrets, Part 2" Mission had this nice reward:

The Yellow Sea Snake edges out the Meadow Viper (62A) as a nice attack Animal.

From the "Play Your Cards" Mission comes the Harpoon GT, a nice attack Vehicle:

The "Ransom Marco's Son, Part 2" Mission includes a Protective Shirt in the rewards:

Another decent Reward I encountered in several Missions:

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  1. I've stopped getting Missions. The Mission bar is present, but there are no new missions. Is it possible I've completed all of the available missions?

  2. Anonymous, I don't think that is possible because I have done some missions several times. I would try a different browser? I use Chrome and it works fine but if I use Safari it doesn't show the missions at all.

  3. Unfortunately there are 2 groups of players: 1) early players that had access to missions and 2) second round and so on players given access to missions. It appears the initial groups are stuck when they've completed the 60 or so missions. And this other group gets the missions repeated as often as they'd like.

    Also, the best loot is the Harpoon GT at 72 attack vehicle. It is nice because you get 1 every almost 70 missions!

  4. I think I have done Mission around 20 times and still going on

  5. I'm in the other group. yesterday was my last mission. smh they were fun while it lasted and sicne i've completed all cities and atlantic city guess i'll just farm gate loot in Italy waiting for 6 7 8

  6. I stopped getting Missions as well. I went into live chat with Zynga to see what was wrong. As it turns out, there was nothing wrong. I've completed all available missions.

    They are "working hard" to bring out more missions, so I'm just being a good lemming and participating in their other events. I have corpse mulch coming out of my ears.

  7. I've reached my cap on accepting gifts,i have to wait 13 hours before i can accept anything. I would farm some of the loot from A.C. however the drop rate is abysmal. Done all other content. The missions were the only thing keeping it fun. With all the operations groups out there its so hard to get into one from there.

  8. Phil....I've stopped getting Missions anymore. I went thru them lightning fast and now it's disappeared. I used to plan them with perfection, doing the most important task first thing in the morning, enabling oneself to do more missions during the day, getting the free buzz of massive xp ;-) While doing them, I got the following items :
    1. HARPOON GT - 72/43 V
    2. HARPER 12 - 41/71 W
    3. MACE - 30/49 W (the only one giftable) :p
    4. YETI SNOW CRUISER - 63/26 V ( from the zynga lotto days..remember? )
    5. CRYSTALLINE - 73/35 V
    6. CHIMNEY SWEEP - 67/32 W
    7. CAR CUTTER - 35/62 W
    11. PROTECTIVE SHIRT - 27/64 ARM
    12. TOASTER - 34/73 V
    13. WAKE BREAKER - 36/72 V
    14. YELLOW SEA SNAKE - 64/40 ANI
    15. RED SCORPION - 36/67 ANI

    besides the above you also get Condor, Carry All Defence Vest, Segmented Body Plate, Flack Dagger, Morning Star, Extended Cab 640, Bomb Suit, Rhinocerous, Red Back Spider & Plastiplate Jacket, Cobra G7, Buzzsaw, Box Jellyfish & Grizzly Bear you get during these Missions.

  9. A lot of the missions are tied to working through New York and Italy. So if you've already done that, you'll NEVER see those missions.

    I've been assuming I only get to do each mission once, so I've only been completing them when I need the EXP to level up. If I knew I could do them multiple times, I'd be doing them faster.

  10. For the Italy Missions, Palermo Nightmare, I can't seem to master "Survive Adriamo's Betrayal". I have ruby level mastery with that job and it doesn't register that I've completed it. I've tried doing the job a few more times and it doesn't help. Any suggestions?

  11. contact customer support to resolve it.

  12. Phil ...

    My Missions are back after a 7 day break. They've gotten tougher as you need upto 25 HDs or 25 Satchels for some missions, and 20 cases from Robbing in other cases. You often end up using an entire Energy or Stamina doing some of these Missions. Missions now also go back to Bangkok and Cuba too besides the other cities. It would be a good idea not to sell anything from any city once you complete it.

    MISSION LOOT so far :

    RAZORBACK 76A/38D ANI (got 2 for diff missions)
    STEEL PLATE JACKET 42A/70D (2nd time)
    HARPER 12 41/71 W (2nd time)

    Your India Connection ;-)

  13. I just got a Kelly M50 140A / 73D... wad up.