January 20, 2011

NEW Italy Regions - Coming Soon!

We've been awaiting the release of Italy Regions 6, 7, and 8 for some time.  The picture above gives us hope that the wait is almost over...

Supposedly, the names for the 3 new regions are:

- Calabria 

- Citta del Vaticano

- The Eternal City

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  1. lol you know nothing...
    how lousy information you have always!!
    just go to this link...


    P.S. you are nowhere as good writer as your previous one...

  2. Dear Anonymous above,

    No need to be a cunt about it. This is a great blog. Douche. Phil, you do a brilliant job. Pay no attention to aforementioned douche. Informative, insightful and opinionated. Not just regurgitated crap. Come to think of it, why would you be looking at this blog and spending time commenting if it's so 'lousy'?


  3. Tom - Thanks - everyone is free to express their views - I am glad that you like the blog and support it, and I understand that it might not be the next person's cup of tea. It's all good. Thank you for the supportive post though - I appreciate it. Anyway, there's a compliment for Colin up there, so that's something positive about the anonymous post :-)

  4. do you know what items we will need for these new jobs? tons of smart phones? cooked nooks?
    thanksf or the info and congratulations for the blog, I got a lot of info from it and has proved to be really useful ;)

    Don Ciano

  5. Yeah you are doing a great job with this blog, ignore the first comment!

  6. There's a clear tone of Jealousy in that first post, besides clear indication of an Imbecile Seeking Attention and what happens when it's not Given !

    Phil you doing a good job man....

  7. @ Don Ciano

    Look at the link in the first comment, there is some info about items you need.

  8. That link was helpful and I will check it but only anonymous ignorants would post on a site they hate about how much they hate a site. Just don't read it.

  9. thanks for all your hard job and support bro. J.S

  10. final eight coming XD, thanks for the blog!!!

  11. I really appreciate this blog. I could just imagine how much time and effort is necessary to continue updating the blog with new articles. Thank you so much and hope this continues!!!

  12. ready for the new region haha....i have prepare all the item needed if they use the old item in old region as in Las Vegas.